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Shin’en Discuss The Future Of Fast Racing Neo

Shin’en Multimedia’s futuristic racer has its first DLC pack coming at the end of this month. While the DLC features another helping of high speed races, Fast Racing Neo’s developers are taking it slow when deciding on the franchise’s future. In an interview with Nintendoomed, the company discussed why they are waiting till the DLC is released before they decide what to do next. According to the developers, they want to wait to see how many people are interested in the first DLC pack before they plan a second. However, one option they were prepared to deny were any plans to port the game to NX. What would you like to see from the franchise in the future? Tell us below.

Q: Can you tell us if you are thinking about developing other FAST Racing NEO DLCs in the near (or not) future?

A: We never did any DLC before so we first want to see how many people are interested in such additions before we make any further plans.

Q: What’s next for FAST Racing NEO since the only console it is playable on right now is supposedly going to be discontinued pretty soon? Could you decide to develop ports of this game for other platforms, like Nintendo’s very own NX (considering how much you feel close to this brand)? Or do you think that the game is better off left on the Wii U?

A: For the Wii U we think FAST + DLC is just perfect and certainly one of the best games you could get there. If we would do another FAST game on a new platform we would not simply do a port. We would try to look at the platform to see what could be done beyond the current game.


10 thoughts on “Shin’en Discuss The Future Of Fast Racing Neo”

  1. I’ll support this game as soon as I find out I can carry it over to my NX! That goes for all the other virtual console and eShop too!

    1. With any luck, many of the big name games released to Wii U like XCX & Fatal Frame 5 will get NX ports in the first year of it’s life if NX isn’t backwards compatible. If they don’t, looks like I’ll be missing out on games that hit Wii U at the end of 2014. Oh well. I refuse to buy games for a console that I’ll just lose when the damn thing breaks down & dies and is beyond repair.

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