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Video: FAST Racing NEO Future Pack DLC Trailer

Ready for some high-speed racing action? Well development wizards Shin’en have you covered with some blazingly fast footage from the forthcoming FAST Racing NEO Future Pack downloadable content. The highly anticipated DLC contains 8 exciting new race tracks, 10 brand-new vehicle profiles, 18 new audio tracks and 2 new cups. It will be available via the Wii U eShop on September 30th.

9 thoughts on “Video: FAST Racing NEO Future Pack DLC Trailer”

  1. When i first got this game i was disappointed that some levels had static images for a few things like trees and such, until I bought Forza 6 for the Xbone and realized that it had even more examples of this in that game. This game has better graphics than the latest Forza games (minus lower resolution) and that’s EXTREMELY impressive!

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