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North America: New Galaxy Style Nintendo 3DS Unveiled

New designs keep appearing for the Nintendo 3DS. Earlier today, Reggie announced a New 3DS XL with a special space design. Named the Galaxy Style, the new look for the 3DS will be crash landing in U.S stores this week for $199.99. Check out the trailer below.

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  1. So is the rest of it just black? I assume but there isn’t any good shots of it, the one picture they have looks blue but im pretty sure it’s just because it’s a render.

    1. I have asked myself the same thing. I tried to post a link to some pics of the system but it didn´t work. Probably a spam filter. Just google it again. There are new shots out now. It´s definitely blue inside, yeah.

  2. This will go GREAT with my new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 I bought on Friday.

    Oh wait a minute… it’s purple. And the Note 7 has no galaxy-styled designs. And it’s blue.


  3. Hummmm yea if it had better cameras, higher resolution OLED screen, gorilla glass over he screen, and better speakers.
    But otherwise …..why? Like it could have just bin a sticker or a cover.


  4. 1.) Great cover. I really hope it’s a launch option for NX, or if NX has plates that said design will be available down the line.
    2.) Oh man. The comments on every post of this video. It’s Salt City in the comments.

      1. Basically every single topic is “This isn’t NX news”/”The big announcement isn’t NX?”/”When are we going to hear about NX already”/”[insert expletive]”/etc.

  5. Looks like I’ll be replacing my current n3DS if I can get a hold of this sucker. Good bye, red color!

      1. The red color was nice when my main focus for having n3DS was for Xenoblade Chronicles since Zanza’s Monado was red. But my main focus now is the improved 3D effect & better performance. So it’s time for a color change.

  6. New Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy Style. mmmmmmmm…….. Galaxy……….. Galaxy………… OH! I GOT IT! THERE IS A NEW MARIO GAME FOR 3DS. GALAXY + SUPER MARIO = SUPER MARIO GALAXY 3D!

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