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Europe: Three Funky Coloured New Nintendo 3DS Consoles Coming November

Nintendo Europe has tweeted that three new coloured New Nintendo 3DS XL consoles are coming to Europe in November. The three colours are Orange and Black, Pearl White and Pink and White. You’ll be able to get your hands on these lovely New Nintendo 3DS XL consoles on November 11th.


  1. Funky? Normally colored gaming handhelds is more correct. Red, white and pink have been done to death.

    How about, green, yellow, purple, or orange ffs.

      1. Oh holy crap it is!!! Good call, I had to turn up the brightness of my phone to even notice it.

        Well damn, that’s a push for me to upgrade. My old one’s packed with content anyway.

  2. My brother just bought our niece a Hyrule Edition new 3DS XL. I just discovered tonight (after looking at hers) that the new 3DS XL has to be taken apart in order to get to the micro SD card. Well, that seals the deal on me never buying one myself. Dumbest thing I ever saw. How the heck is people supposed to transfer pictures etc. from the SD card to their computer?

    Before discovering this, I was hoping that a Super NES edition released in North America (since a Super Famicom edition released in Japan). But now, I don’t even care.

    1. Really? lol If you want to replace the battery, you have to take the back off to do that, too. Are you gonna swear off handhelds altogether because of that fact?

    2. Oh & it isn’t that hard to remove the back. The screws are safely held back by a piece of plastic so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Oh & the Micro SD Card slot is in the same place as the battery so you don’t have to “take it apart.”

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