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Rumours About The Future Of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess orchestra have been touring the world since the franchise’s 25th anniversary back in 2011. However, it doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. Go Nintendo has just reported various rumours that suggest the show will continue in 2019 after a break during 2018. While unconfirmed, all these rumours come from a fan who sat down with the tour’s creator. He also mentioned that a piece from Breath of the Wild will be added to the symphony in 2017. This is certainly exciting news for fans of the symphony as it gives them a reason to return next year.


12 thoughts on “Rumours About The Future Of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses”

    1. I went back in March or so of this year. It was a nice event (although, as I’ve seen other performances of this event through YouTube, the one I went to was a bit subpar in a few ways; I got a cool poster out of it though!).

      1. The problem is I’m pretty much the only one in my family interested in orchestra, let alone LoZ, so it’d be hard to find someone else to go.

        What was subpar about the one you went to?

        1. It was mainly just the local orchestra that performed it, which meant that some things weren’t quite high quality per se. For example they had a small-ish choir do the Song of Time, and it kind of sounded lackluster compared to other events I’ve seen on YouTube. It was still very nice though.

    2. I’ve been to 3 shows: Chicago (Original Season), Nashville, and St. Louis (both Master Quest). All the shows were a great time. They play a big video that synchs with the music. Do yourself a favor and get seats in the middle of the floor. They don’t have to be front row; anywhere center stage will do. I sat in a box seat in Chicago and couldn’t hear any of the solo instruments with the way their speakers were hooked up.

      At the Nashville show, we were a month out from getting Majora’s Mask 3D. They debuted a Majora’s Mask arrangement at that performance and showed some then-unseen footage of the game. That was super rad.

      My only gripe about the production is that at all 3 shows, the announcer that delivered the titles of the songs was painfully awkward. If I’m remembering correctly, it was someone different each time, so I think they use someone that works with the venue. Regardless, the announcer had no stage presence and mispronounced title after title. The dude in Nashville got so embarrassed that he laughed himself off stage. It was weird.

      1. About the announcer thing…
        I went to the show in Berlin about 3 or 4 years ago, and they had a translator live on stage, along with the announcer guy. The announcer was fine, but the translator very obviously wasn’t familiar with the Zelda franchise, which led to some ridiculous translations, like titles of some games getting translated very literally, and the guy just talking nonsense at some points. I’ve seen some people on the internet complain about it and all (there’s even a video of him on Youtube, actually, but it’s im German, naturally), but personally, I thought it was pretty funny, and it added to the unique experience the concert already delivered. Without that guy, it would have been a fantastic orchestra, but with the guy, it was a fantastic orchestra with some extra fun and laughter.
        That being said, I absolutely enjoyed the show, and I’m planning to go again in October, as they’ll be playing once again here in Berlin. :)

  1. I really want to go. They’ve been, and are coming to, Sweeden a couple of time, but it’s still an expensive trip. Would love for them to just one time come to Norway :/

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