Here’s How Nintendo Hardware Sales Have Performed In The Americas

Daniel Ahmad, who is a video game analyst at Niko Partners, has revealed (via Nintendo’s Historical Sales archive) how current and past Nintendo hardware has performed in the Americas. The results are fairly damming looking at past successes:

  • 34.00m – NES
  • 23.35m – SNES
  • 20.63m – N64
  • 12.93m – GCN
  • 48.64m – Wii
  • 6.29m -Wii U

Now it is time to look at how the handhelds have fared in the Americas. The Nintendo 3DS isn’t doing too badly considering the advent of mobile gaming which is now absolutely huge as seen by the figures achieved by the recently released Pokémon GO.

  • 44.06m -GB/C
  • 41.64m -GBA/SP
  • 59.93m -NDS Family
  • 20.11m -3DS Family

Nintendo will undoubtedly be looking to the Nintendo NX to change its fortunes as all the rumours and speculation point towards the system being a handheld console hybrid. Hopefully we will get some concrete information regarding the system sometime soon.

“It started off well. But sales dropped considerably in the last few years,” Ahmad said of the 3DS on Twitter. “The demand for dedicated portables isn’t there.”

“Portable dedicated consoles have been replaced by mobile gaming at a core and casual level.”

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  1. 48.64m Wii vs. 6.29m Wii U: Pachter was right.

    59.93m NDS Family vs. 20.11m 3DS Family: Pachter was super right.

    Nintendo managed to make a random fortuneteller absolutely right. Congratulations on that achievement, Nintendo!

          1. The Wii U didn’t catch the crowd at all — Nintendo failed big time in its project’s conception. Nowadays, only Nintendo ultra-elitists are defending it.

  2. “Portable dedicated consoles have been replaced by mobile gaming at a core and casual level.”

    I want to punch the guy for saying this lol

    At a casual level, sure, I could see dedicated handhelds falling off. Mobile gaming satisfies the urges of the everyday person

    However, a mobile device simply can’t match up to a dedicated handheld for someone who really cares about gaming. It’s not as powerful, and the device is literally built for gaming. It can be held for extended play sessions without being uncomfortable. It sports multiple buttons, control pads and sticks, AND a touch screen, whereas the phone is limited to only the touch screen. Developers can be more creative in developing for a dedicated handheld since they have so many more options even for just how to control it, rather than being restricted to various types of tapping.

    1. Please don’t punch me.

      There are mid core/core games out there on mobile. Many gamers are satisfied playing those.

      The market for dedicated handhelds has shrunk from 240m last gen to less than 80m this gen. That’s a huge drop.

      1. The core fans of handheld gaming area the reason the 3DS sold as much as it did. Casuals were more numerous and moved to phones.

    2. “It’s not as powerful” I want to punch the guy for saying this… lol

      The 3DS is not powerful at all, there are many smartphones that have way better hardware. Regarding the fact that the 3DS has buttons and therefore it’s more comfortable to play on it I agree to an extent, it depends on the genre tbh. Obviously something like MH would not work on smartphones (as it was proven by the horrid Freedom Unite IOS port) but some genres would work, like turn based RPG’s for example. I played Final Fantasy Tactics on my cellphone (not emulated, the official versions SE put out for Android) and it was fine.

    3. Some core games are just fine on a mobile device. In the first place the major reason for buying a portable was light entertainment when outside the house. This can be satisfied by mobile devices just fine, especially since the variety of experiences is not limited to gaming as it tends to be with gaming devices. Core gamers will do their gaming mostly on dedicated home systems and PC.

  3. “Portable dedicated consoles have been replaced by mobile gaming at a core and casual level.”

    Umm maybe for casuals. No compre gamer I know plays phone games. Theyre too low quality

  4. Who the fuck is this Ahmad & who the fuck let this guy anywhere near a computer with internet!? Dedicated handheld gaming has been replaced by mobile gaming on a core level my ass! If this guy is a Nintendo employee, just another case of another dumbass working at NintenD’OH! of ‘Murica! NoA seriously needs to be scrapped & replaced with a far more evolved American HQ.

    1. Regarding that, I would very much like to see a future where NOA does more than simply apply localized translations and censorship. The most modern game NOA has ever developed was Wave Race Blue Storm. Everything else has been an app or a puzzle game. I look forward to the day NOA creates more big budget games. And I hope that I may soon join the cause.

                    1. ||Unless it has the power of a star then I’m not interested…||

      1. ||You must try to change their civilian ways and turn it into a real stronghold if they recruit you to the Research Facilities…||

  5. In regards with the mobile replacing the dedicated handled console. Does one thought (like the wii u) that consumers didn’t see the value to buy a 3DS and sticked with the Nds like lot of people stick with the Wii? I didn’t buy a 3DS but I still play with my Nds or my PS vita. Why? cause I don’t see any value in the 3DS.

          1. I agree with the commander on this one. Having the ability to take my Super Nintendo, Nintendo and Game Boy games on the go is a big plus. Not to mention a ton of newer games, and two of the best Zelda remakes ever. Also Dragon Quest VII and soon IIX.

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