Nintendo Rep Advises Nintendo Is “Not Ready” To Discuss The NX In Recent Interview

There has been a lot of speculation regarding Nintendo’s upcoming console, the NX, but Nintendo has been extremely quiet on the subject. In a recent interview with GameSkinny, a Nintendo of Canada representative advised that if any questions were asked about the NX, they’d be cutting the interview short:


This was published on GameSkinny’s website, only to later be replaced with the below paragraph, after Nintendo of Canada asked the editor to remove that particular snippet of the interview:


It seems, not only did the rep not want to speak about the NX right now, Nintendo of Canada also didn’t want the part of the interview where the representative advised that they won’t be discussing the NX to be shown. Some may speculate reasons why the company would request this to be taken down, however the real reason is unknown.

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  1. Man, they better just delay the NX until summer or fall 2017 at this point. If they’re not ready to even mention it, they aren’t going to be announcing it soon, and if that’s the case and they kept the release date at March, they aren’t gonna get the hype they need for this thing to sell well. Their only choices are to announce it in the next couple weeks or delay the NX.

    1. i would have to agree, waiting one year for an nx news will most likely kill nintendo even if the nx turns out to be the best thing no matter the specs (even though specs do matter, not a whole lot but just a little bit). they at least better reveal it before the year is up.

    2. I’m sure we’ll get an announcement in mid-October or early-November, it’ll be a wild new concept (the hybrid portable/home console seems to be the logical step forward for Nintendo) and it’ll have tons of Nintendo games on Day 1. And we’ll get to buy it just 4-5 months later.
      Revealing it close to launch actually allows the hype to not die out as easily. That allows for less articles dissecting the NX’s internal hardware, less articles highlighting its “cons” when compared to the competition, and less time for the Nintendo-factor to wither.
      They’d be smart to reveal it in October and reveal a major launch (or launch-window) title every 3-4 weeks after that and until the NX’s launch.

  2. I think that the NX is a powerful console, and they’re dealing with some technical problems right now. They probably need to sort stuff out before making announcements.

        1. I totally agree, they’ll link the reveal of the NX with the launch of Super Mario Run. That’s gonna make people turn their eyes to Nintendo, ’cause out there there’s still people not knowing that there’s an upcoming console, and that’s the people that they also want to reach out with this revealing. So don’t expect that Nintendo Direct before december!.

      1. they should reveal it when they feel ready they don’t wanna make the wii us mistake the wii u was announced a year early they could reveal it in January and the news would be all over it and they could market the fuck outta their shit after its out look at xbox 1 S ps4 pro is coming out in 2 months so theres no issue when their confident enough to reveal it they will

  3. I hope they don’t mean have a direct RIGHT before launch or even 1-2 months before launch. If that’s the case I don’t have high hopes it will sell well.

    1. I agree. I need time to save up for things I know will be worth my while, and I’m sure many others do as well. I might not get it on launch if they keep waiting like this.

    2. Why is a more than 1-2 months needed for people to be ready to buy something? In some ways, the waiting is only adding to the hype which might very well drive sales. If people want something, they get it… they don’t need 6 months to think about it.

      1. Building up an audience, that’s why. I bet nobody but us gamers even know what an “NX” is. People barely even know what a Wii U is and that’s been here forever now. The Wii U is the prime example of what happens with no marketing and not a big enough audience.

        1. wii u was announced a year I advanced so time doesnt matter can bombard people with nx ads even after and look at apple the phone came a week after the event whats the difference and Nintendo has said they look up to apple millions of ppl know nx word of mouth spreads fast

      2. Not necessarily. Especially if it will cost 300-400 dollars, people need time to save and consider if they want it. I see you’re point about the hype being fresh but I think at its price point it’s less of an impulse buy and more of an investment. And when people look at how the Wii u did (not only in sales but droughts in games and the Gamepad being a costly gimmick that almost never got meaningful use), don’t you think they’ll be a little hesitant to just up and buy a new 300-400 dollar Nintendo machine?

        1. People won’t always look at what the wiiu did. The regular consumer is not focused on how a system’s previous iteration did commercially. If it is the best of what there is to offer in a particular industry, in this case video games or gaming, and its features are the newest and most attractive, then people will buy. For many the WiiU didn’t even exist, it wasn’t an option. People are fickle and that is good. Most wii owners probably didn’t realize there even was a gamecube. The WiiU owners that think the WiiU was not supported enough, or that the gamepad was a gimmick, well the thinking there is that most of those people will see the NX as something more desirable than the WiiU (this being Nintendo’s thinking) and therefore, because most WiiU owners are your more loyal Nintendo fans, that they will, in the vast majority, also support this system.

          Again, it is all up to the device. We can speculate all we want, but if it is the most attractive machine, based on numerous factors we both know perfectly well, then the machine will sell plenty at $400 and people will buy it happily. People my age with children, it is a great justification especially if the buzz is real.

          Mobile games are a great bridge to that and you see that is where the marketing focus is going. Pokemon Go and now Mario Run, they are putting Nintendo in the trending category, and when people play a mobile Nintendo game, they will want more and looking for the “real” experience. If the NX has that… If it is must have device. They can charge $400, no problem. It just has to really be something… if not, it will go the way of the wiiU, but worse, because as you said, those who felt the WiiU was a slight, will not take the bait again.

          1. I see your point. We’ll just have to see how it goes. Hopefully it’s a really great console and hopefully I’ll have the money for it too! Especially if I could take all of my console games on the go.

            1. Yes… If the system is unbelievable, the rest doesn’t matter. It gets 3rd party support, the game development that shifted from WiiU and 3Ds keeps a stream of first party games on tap consistently and that will be enough to push the system.

              IF THE NX SUCKS… then, it is dead in the water and we will see that very quickly.

              1. Agreed. Hopefully it doesn’t flip. Especially if it is indeed a hybrid it could be very costly to Nintendo, considering most of their profit comes from 3ds sales.

          2. The average consumer most certainly looks at prior systems dude. Wii turned off most Sony and Microsoft fans, and now the Wii u has more. Those same people are gonna be extra hard to impress

            1. I’m telling you, you are living in a gamer bubble. Regular folks, the people who drive consumer sales don’t look back like that… However, the people who set trends do, so in that capacity you are right. So if the system is deemed the most attractive system, the “best” as determined by the trendsetters, then people will line up and give there $400 no problem.

      3. But with the lack of Wii U games, it’s only a matter of time before that hype turns into frustration and that is NOT a good thing. In fact, it’s already happened for some of us as I’m one of the people no longer hyped about NX but frustrated.

        1. Exactly. And after Paper Mario comes out they’ll be nothing keeping me interested in Wii u or NX (unless they announce something between then and now.

          1. then play smash play splatoon start xenoblade over you have older games are those irrelevant a real gamer would play the ones they bought and not complain about new games not coming cuz they have an actual library unless u didn’t buy a single game since u got ur wii u

            1. Of course I’ve boughten games. I’m currently enjoying Yoshis Wolly World and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (thank god for that price drop.) and also Citizens of Earth. But I didn’t get into Xenoblade (and yes I did give it a fair chance I put a good 45 hours into it before I called it quits) Hyrule Warriors got old after awhile, I’ve already beaten Bayonetta countless times, Shovel Knight, WW, TWP, Mass Effect, etc. you can only play the same games so many times. I’m not saying I need a new game as soon as I beat the one I’m playing but going months at a time without any major releases downright sucks.

              1. How about star fox and Kirby? Pikmin 3? The Wii u has a rich AAA library (with very high replay ability value) that many people disregard.

              1. More like fanbitch logic. They apparently like bending over & taking it up the ass, without lube, from Nintendo. lol

                  1. There comes a point where fanboy isn’t a big enough of an insult, so I’ve been using the term fanbitch for awhile now to describe persistent fanboys that can’t fuck off with their defending & get the hint that my opinion isn’t going to change no matter how much they piss & moan & continue to defend their precious shit (literally) that they like to eat every day for some retarded reason. Why anyone would want to consume the feces of another is beyond me…

            1. Breath of the Wild will be coming to Wii U and NX simultaneously. Besides that there is literally no big games coming to Wii u this winter. 3ds has a big enough library to keep me occupied but since those are my only 2 system I’m bumming until NX.

        2. Well the lack of WiiU games is an issue. They are probably not that happy about that or anything to do with the WiiU in general and have been forced to make a tough choice… and that is to develop for the NX only… Although the 3Ds still has games but I also don’t know video game production in terms of development, completion and release timing (like I would for say a movie) but it could very well be they are slowing down there too, depending on what the NX is.

      4. Because people will buy either a PS4 or an XBox if they feel like they are ready for a new console, and Nintendo doesn’t show them anything. Especially during holidays. It’s already an uphill battle for Nintendo since people are quite entrenched in the other ecosystems.

      5. The average person needs time to save. Teens for instance. This waiting will bite them in the ass. And there’s no need to defend them, six months or less from launch to say anything is ridiculous.

        1. Teens? You mean people whose parents buy them things and have no responsibility? Give me a break. I don’t even have that much money and I can drop 400 on something I really want instantly.

          People find money for things they think they need and again, it depends on the system. People don’t need all kinds of time to figure out whether it is worth buying and most people are certainly not following gaming trends even half as much as we are.

          If you are right and this wait causes trouble, then I am perfectly fine being wrong. I say it depends on the system and stand by that. I just don’t think the landscape is the same as it was and it is ever evolving… and therefore so much time isn’t necessary.

          1. Did you forget? Teenagers can get part time jobs to save up money. Some could even babysit for money. They don’t always have to rely on mommy & daddy. Not to mention the teenagers that are 17, 18, & 19 that can get full time jobs. (I refuse to call the teens in those ages adults.)

            1. The way I see it, if you have a functional brain and can learn to think for yourself, you’re an adult. The only actual difference besides growing up (obviously) is that you can do more legally. I know plenty of adults that don’t even deserve to be called that. They act like they have no common sense. And compared to some kids, it would be an insult to call them children. Cause even some of them act with more sense.

            2. But they rely on mommy and daddy for everything else, so therefore, the rest of their money is expendable income. Parents also will help in part with products… not to mention, the fact remains that those kids’ parents are in their 30s and early 40s often, and are already primed to buy new electronics as it is.

              But that was more what I meant, that they buy all their necessities, and therefore, kids can buy whatever they like for the most part.

          2. $400 price tag is way too much money especially for handheld gamers back in 2011 the 3DS wasn’t selling at $250 so Nintendo had to lower the price to $179,99 you guys are delusional if you think the NX will sell like the PS4 at $400 or even at $300.

    3. we have known about it for 2 fucking years are u saying u wanna wait till they announce it to save up when u can save up now are you a dumbass as long as its good it don’t matter when its revealed the closer to launch they reveal it the fresher in our minds itll be and the less time we have to wait to buy it the iPhone came out a week after its presentation whats the big deal

      1. This isn’t an iPhone this is a whole new concept. If it’s a handheld/console hybrid I need to been shown how that’s going to benefit me; the player. And also why would I save up for something that I literally have no idea about what it is? I don’t have 3-400 dollars laying around to just blow. It’d be better spent buying games for my Wii u or 3ds. And as for the dumbass comment have you looked at your grammar lately?

        1. 1. my keyboard lags and 2. you save the money and then decide at the store or after u see it no one said send blindly again bombard us with advertisements wii u was announced a year early as u can see when its announced doesn’t matter they had a year it still failed maybe their thinking the less time we have the better we can market it they can market it after its out so again when it was announced is irrelevant nd the ps4 pro is coming out in 2 months and xbox 1 s came out like a month after e3 Nintendo has no problems

      2. Nobody knows jack shit about it, and people are sour after wii and wii u. Are you a dumbass who saves for something they know nothing about or just a sheepish fanboy who will buy regardless? Guessing the latter.

    1. ||But if one tiny little insignificant representative says something irrelevant, then everyone loses their minds…||

  4. “We won’t make the same mistakes we made with the Wii U”
    >Announces the NX with a single Direct before launch

    Let’s hope that’s not the case….

  5. Seriously, ust tell us what the dang thing is.
    You confirmed a March 2017 release with BotW as a launch title on April 27th of this year.
    And additionally, you stated that the NX wouldn’t be shown at E3 2016.
    This whole “keeping the lid tight” situation is the reason people are focusing so hard on unconfirmed rumors and speculation, and the reason most of us are skeptical on a day 1 purchase.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late.

    1. They did not announce that Breath of the Wild is a NX’s launch title. The only things they have said are:

      1. NX’s launch is in March.
      2. BotW’s launch is in 2017.
      3. BotW is going to launch simultaneously on Wii U and NX.

    2. well what are the odds. we are just here to wait for the NX news but instead they don’t want to talk more about it. i’m basically aware that nintendo will put the NX up to 400$ it will fail bad.

    1. This kind of behavior with regard to NX is not helping Nintendo as a whole, definitely. First, they lie on the Wii U first- and third-party support. Then, they lie on the console longevity, and end up ditching the Wii U prematurely.

      When they hide essential information from their consumers, hey are reassuring their arrogant, snob way to communicate with their fan base.

      1. they didn’t lie out anything maybe early on they said theyd support it longer but when it wasn’t seling plans changed your retarded how is hiding stuff being arrogant your stupid as shit they said they weren’t ready means hey weren’t ready and they announced thee wii u a year early look how that went do u want them to rush the nx fucking dumb fuck

      2. i agree and Nintendo is also pissing off 3rd party studios that are developing games for the NX like Ubisoft this is not how you build trust in the NX everyone will get dead tired of Nintendo.

  6. Nintendo ALWAYS does things to hype people up for their products. Usually it’s purposely shorting areas of stock or overtly hyping stuff.

    Of course they’re saying this, they want the reviel to come out of nowhere.

    1. Hell! I got a PS4 with a backlog of around 10 games or more & even I’m getting fed up with the silence from Nintendo on NX!

        1. I’ve seen enough of your comments to know you’re just a dumb, annoying, dick sucking NintenD’OH! fanbitch. As for your comment towards me, the only thing irrelevant to me is your opinions. Now run along, kid, before I start to feel like a bully picking on an inferior minded creature.

  7. Isn’t that just normal? People have been questioning any Nintendo person about the NX, since they haven’t announced yet, what can he tell? Nothing. He is probably just pissed off because EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW he gives people ask the same and he clearly can’t tell yet.

    1. well what are the odds. we are just here to wait for the NX news but instead they don’t want to talk more about it. i’m basically aware that nintendo will put the NX up to 400$ it will fail bad.

  8. All they said was a reveal this fall and fall just started. It sucks but we’ll have to wait…

    If winter comes and still no news then I’ll panic.

    1. well what are the odds. we are just here to wait for the NX news but instead they don’t want to talk more about it. i’m basically aware that nintendo will put the NX up to 400$ it will fail bad.

    2. There is a good chance it will not sell very well regardless of how it is revealed, the competition has a strong foothold and “next gen” backwards compatibility is confirmed, so those will be the natural evolution paths for most current gamers. Nintendo really needs to bring out something compelling, and/or cheap, so people can buy it as a secondary device for Nintendo games.

      Defeqel’s prediction for NX lifetime sales, in the case it’s a home console: 22 million units. In the case it’s a handheld: 50 million units. In the case it’s a hybrid (as shown by Eurogamer): 16 million units.


          It’s way too soon to say that. For all we know, the NX could be the next Wii U or Virtual Boy (total failures), not the next Wii which was mediocre at best, anyway. Besides, Wii consoles sold but most of it’s gaming library was full of hundreds of shitty shovelware with only around maybe 50 good games. That’s not a great console if you are looking at the bigger picture.

  9. I highly doubt this will release in March… more likely Nov 2017 …. as I predicted back when they ( yet again ) delayed the Zelda game on WiiU, to coincide wit the release of the NX ( screwing loyal WiiU owners , especially with hardly anything being released from Nintendo in 2016 ) … I love Nintendo games, but I’m tired of the way they treat their fans …

    1. treat their fans? cuz smash ballot isn’t a thing nor was Nintendo sending a Zelda package to a Zelda fan whose brother died how is not releasing games screwing us do u want them to give u shovelware every day they have games to make for nx don’t be a loser ignorant bitch


        Smash ballot was bias to promote their own games, (fire emblem) tho I do believe bayonetta was voted for, because I was one of them and Zelda was delayed multiple times with little to word on it besides it being open world. They did not support the wiiu look at the quality and library of its games compared to the Wii and even GameCube. It’s missing several games that should’ve been on it like fire emblem, a 3d Mario, and ext. there are only a few games they put effort into and others not so much.

        Fans asked for a full pledge animal crossing we get amiibo festival, ask for a Mario sports get a barely half naked Mario tennis game, ask for a Mario party game that is traditional ignore the fans in some ways similar to color splash. I’m questioning how you came up with the idea that Nintendo cares about the system if you look at the release dates for them you’d see you where wrong.

        Also smash was originally supposed to be on 3ds only if that didn’t say where Nintendo’s focus was then your clueless, and I’m sorry for saying that.

  10. “We’ll be cutting this interview short”


    What a clawn! Nobody has the rights to talk that way, specially being a representative.

    Typical Nintendo, blackmailing people whenever they get a chance to do so.

      1. There are corporate codes that need to followed and respected. Any organization is legally responsible to any of their employees’ acts; therefore, rules are established and codes of conduct are taught to death — haven’t you worked for a company yet? I’m sure you have. Employees are aware they need to strictly follow the rules — it’s a matter of corporate survival. If that obnoxious representative is giving a sh*t to what can be the consequences of their stupid words and behavior, it means the company he works for is also giving a sh*t to the industry and its consumers. So, no, no, no. Don’t wate your time with me, I’ll keep blaming Nintendo for that.

        Nintendo is full of clowns, and seems to be proud of it.

        1. ||You’re so blinded by rage that you are oblivious to facts, the last two times 2 so called representatives spat out nonsense, High Command got rid off them, I don’t have their names registered because they don’t matter…||

          1. Are you referring to Chris Pranger and Alison Rapp? Ultimately, the first one has done us a favor as he exposed the greedy and hidebound way Nintendo sees the market. The latter was fired under some controversy – – we’ll never know the real reason.

            1. ||Doesn’t matter what you people view it as, what matters is that they got banished…||

                1. ||The big picture, the amusing part of it is that none of you regardless of side can see the true picture…||

  11. Nintendo has actually been ready to reveal the NX for a month now. The only reason they haven’t done it yet is because they can’t decide what the final name of the system should be.

      1. Ew, no! Nintendo needs to distance themselves as far away from the Wii name as humanly possible! It’s got way too much negativity attached to it’s name to be used a third time.

  12. well what are the odds. we are just here to wait for the NX news but instead they don’t want to talk more about it. i’m basically aware that nintendo will put the NX up to 400$ it will fail bad.

  13. They got nothing. That’s why. I just can’t believe they’ve gone this long with no games. At this point Sega is more relevant than Nintendo.

    1. I didn’t meant that. I’m just bitter. Cuz I loved the Wii U. I think it’s awesome. I use the hell out of Off TV play. My only complaint is the gamepad battery doesn’t last nearly as long as I would like. but if that’s the only complaint that ain’t too bad.

      I’m bummed it didn’t get support and I’m bummed Nintendo was forced to drop support because it simply wasn’t selling.

      But now I’ve been waiting patiently and impatiently for what seems like a good 2 years for info on this NX. I’m thirsty Nintendo.
      I got a tall glass of NIntendo POWERaid and I need to drink this!

  14. They’re going with the Eric Cartman strategy: Not letting anyone see the product, then having everyone buying it!

  15. I get we want news on what the NX is. But I don’t think Nintendo needs 6 months of marketing the NX. The early adopters are us gamers and Nintendo fans. The big marketing will come next Holiday season for the NX. Nintendo is changing their strategy. This is the first console that won’t be released in November since the N64. Which was released in June. Only the original NES is the other home console not released in November but October. So Nintendo is releasing a console 3 months after Christmas. This could be bad or good. Its not a game for $60. Has changed the way Zelda will be played.

    If this is a home/hand held console Nintendo also has to think about the 3ds. Is the end of the hand held being a separate device for Nintendo? The GameCube was suppose to connect the handheld.

    As for the price, doesn’t bother me really. If the console is a home/handheld console then it might even play ds games. This could be the console that plays console games, ds games, and even mobile games. Nintendo I think even said all 3 platforms were going to be a part of the NX.

  16. Maybe it’s because the Nintendo rep came off as an asshole. If you guys at Nintendo are getting sick of people asking, reveal the damn thing already.

  17. If Nintendo has its reasons to wait, let them wait. People always expect quality, but want to rush things, that’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works.
    They need decent marketing, from the logo, to commercials, to … Can’t blame them that they want to make sure that everything is all set. Maybe they’re also waiting for more games to show during the first demo, wich means that every game studio that’s involved is working their asses off while we speak to get the job done. So be patient, it will come eventually. I’m also very curious and exited for the NX reveal, but I want a decent product that’s finished.

    1. I don’t care if it releases right away. I just wish they’d let us know something. ANYTHING (aside from the release date). I don’t remember Nintendo ever being THIS secretive about a console before. I’ve got a bad feeling that they’re having technical difficulties or something.

      1. Maybe they just want to protect their new technology. Everyone knows that Sony and Microsoft aren’t the most innovative players on the market. Look at the Wii, the moment Nintendo first showed it off, Sony and Microsoft started shamelessly copying them, before the Wii was on the market.
        So yeah, if I was Nintendo, and I came up with something new once again, I would wait long enough to show anything about the new technology as possible, they learned from the past… I hope.
        Technical issues could be possible, but maybe the’re just finetuning, making sure EVERYTHING works correctly before showing it to the world. And I rather see a full demo that shows the potential and possibilities of the new console, like they did with the Wii U, than just a picture of it.
        And don’t forget that a lot of parties are involved, it’s not just Nintendo. They also need to write text and discuss about what they want to tell the world and how the’re going to sell the new console. This isn’t a high school powerpoint presentation that’s full of memes pulled from the internet, there’s a lot more to it.

  18. Nintendo keeps screwing up. The NX had better be the most awesome thing ever because at the rate we’re going, it won’t even be relevant by the time they reveal it. PS4 Pro and PSVR are definitely about to drain some wallets. They better tell us what the damn thing does soon or hardly anyone is going to be able to afford it.

  19. I hope Nintendo realizes that all of this dodging and weaving through comments and keeping the NX under Top-Secret Government protection only makes the standards higher.

    For real, they say it should be out March or sometime around then. It is now September and they “arent ready to discuss it”. Really? There isn’t one single detail you can give out to possibly keep from a crash when you finally do release it? (you, know like the Wii U did) Not even a price? A price range? Especially with even more competition coming out? People already expect this thing to be strong and many show no interest in even thinking about purchasing it if it can’t even compete with PS4 and Xbox, now the Pro and Scorpio (makes it even worse). Nintendo says they want to go for a more casual approach while also dealing with the cores, yet they hardly see that was the reason the U flopped as hard as it did.

    I really want the NX to survive, but damn it, Nintendo needs to swallow the pride of them knowing better than the customer and listen to their audience… their MAIN audience… the ones that get them money. Make it a gimmick, whatever, but at least listen to what the people buying your machine want! More power, which will in turn solve another want that your consumers want… 3rd party support, cause let’s be honest, no one wanted to make games for the U cause it was as strong as dirt…

      1. actually, the devs did make an effort… the few that tried failed because of the limitations. This caused other devs to see the domino effect of bad sales and hard times for porting and turned their backs on the Wii U. I love my Wii U… this NX better not only be kickass to make some awesome games, but also get me some 3rd party stuff to play on there as well…. if it cant do either then it fails because the market is elsewhere

  20. Hey, I doubt that it’ll be delayed since they aren’t ready to show it. You guys forgot, a certain game being released on NX as well as Wii U? The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They won’t delay it with that game already with so many Wii U version preorders on Amazon, Best Buy and Game Stop. They’re probably getting it prepared for it’s big reveal, just working out some bugs and testing to see if it lags.

  21. It’s like they’re trying to get me to buy a PS4. The only reason I haven’t yet is because I waiting to see my options, but this ain’t a love story Nintendo and you ain’t a hot bitch. You ain’t thick. I ain’t gonna wait on your ass forever.

  22. Zombie has a point once the Nx is out Wii u games will be cheap as hell. obviously not all of them (breath of the wild)

  23. Seriously, Nintendo, this is getting annoying. What are you waiting for? Once it’s revealed you need time to hype and promote the system. You can’t cut it too close.

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