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There Is Now A Nintendo 64 Emulator On Xbox One

It was only last week that an NES emulator was seeking certification for the Xbox One. While that was never released, a different Nintendo emulator has actually managed to get on the console. Based on the PC release of Mupen64plus, Win64e10 means that Nintendo fans can enjoy N64 games on the Xbox. However, they will have to pay $9.99 for the privilege. It seems incredibly likely that Nintendo will intervene at this point.

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50 thoughts on “There Is Now A Nintendo 64 Emulator On Xbox One”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

      Microsoft needs Nintendo to thrive confirmed. Except I wont allow this. If the hungry wish to feast, they need only swear allegiance to the first order. Failing to do so is treason.

    2. Its not illiagal to emulate how ever. So nintedo would have to find a way around it. The games are not supplied by the app, so by defult it dues not effect their IP. Android, windows, ios all have emulatores.

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    1. In other words, unless the users need to manually sideload BIOS and stuff on the Xone for the thing to work, Nintendo completely can….

  2. Why do those idiots at M$ even green-light such a thing?! They removed the NES emulator because it was against their rules. Whoever green-lit the N64 emulator should get fired instantly, he certainly wasn’t doing his job.

  3. Yea, I seem to remember back in like, 99, a Playstation emulator called Bleem! was released in retail stores. Sony tried to have it pulled from shelves, but because it didn’t have any games, just the means of playing them, they couldn’t.
    Still, Microsoft has the right to remove anything they want from their store, and it’s likely in a show of goodwill towards Nintendo, if Nintendo requested it be taken down, they probably would.

  4. If it made it on the store it’s likely they didn’t see it as violating their terms of use or any laws. People assume emulation is illegal but it’s not if you’re not using illegal software or properties. I may check this out as both of my N64’s were lost in a flood, though the games were thankfully not. It’d be nice to play some of those games again.

    1. Your right, it’s not illegal or protected by law if they are not using any copywritten IP’s. That means no Mario Games, no Zelda Games… Nothing but classic Rare games that can already be played without the emulator. So what then would be the point of a 64 emulator.

      1. Armorines, Rogue squadron, pod racing, Battle tanks, Army Men Sages Hero’s, Castlevania, but I wonder how many have been emulated, and how they can be loaded… Hmmm

        1. I’m not real sure how the emulator on the xbox one would work, but if you have access to Nintendo games I would assume Nintendo would not allow the emulator to remain up very long. They are rabid defenders of their IP, and no way would they allow their games to be emulated on a competitors console. So maybe there are ways like you said to play Nintendo games, but rest assured it wont last long if thats the case.

    1. As long as no Nintendo IP’s are used, Nintendo can’t do anything about the emulator. I couldn’t imagine you’d have much fun on a 64 emulator without Nintendo games though…

  5. If I can get access to Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs, the first two Star Wars Rogue Squadron games, the original Star Wars Pod Racer game (Racer Revenge fucking sucks & is utter shit compared to the original since it was missing features from the original), Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage, etc along with the games I love that are on Rare Replay (Banjo & Kazooie 1, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Blast Corps, & Perfect Dark), I’ll buy an Xbox One in a fucking heartbeat!

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    1. There were, actually, if you played more than just a bunch of Nintendo games. Don’t let that pathetic library of N64 games on Wii & Wii U’s virtual console fool you.

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