Nintendo UK Store: Mario Party Star Rush And New Super Mario Amiibo Available To Pre-order With Goodies

The official Nintendo UK Store has announced that Mario Party Star Rush and also the new Super Mario themed amiibo are available for pre-order. If you decide to pre-order Mario Party Star Rush with the store then you can grab yourself a free notebook.

A new approach to Mario Party: quicker play and simultaneous turns! Team up with Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, and more in the most portable friendly Mario Party game to date.

A variety of game bundles are available, all of which come with a FREE Mario Party: Star Rush Notebook. New additions to the Super Mario Collection amiibo are also available and compatible with Mario Party: Star Rush.


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  1. I said it once & I’ll say it again. Fuck. This. Atrocity! Go back to Mario Party’s roots, no stupid car, no simultaneous turns as it’s meant to be a BOARD GAME simulator like Clue or Monopoly, or fuck off!

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