The Full Paper Mario Colour Splash Website Is Now Open For Business

If you’re eagerly anticipating the upcoming Paper Mario: Colour Splash then you might want to pay the newly opened official website a visit. The incredibly colourful and vibrant site contains a wealth of information for those of you who have put down your pre-orders or are genuinely curious about the game. There’s everything from rich multimedia to how to play the game. You can check out all the fun, right here.


  1. See, the Shy Guy isn’t sucking on the Toad’s dick at all. Nothing more than speculation from a bunch of dirty minded shits.

    This is why I don’t take Etika or Markiplier fanboys serious…

  2. Cue negative comments on the game below.

    But tbh the game isn’t bad. I believe most of the people never even played the past pm games. And are just hoping on the negative train.

    Reviews say the game is good and I’m looking forward to playing it. Let people enjoy things.

  3. I can give credit to the game at least being legit funnier than Sticker Star (that Chain Chomp scene with Huey definitely gave me a laugh). That I can say.

    But like with Federation Fart, I’m giving this game a miss since I’m not interested in playing it.

  4. I’ve decided to buy and really try to enjoy this. Not 100% sure if I’ll get it day 1 or used, etc. but I’m not gonna instantly hate it because it’s not exactly what I want.

    Though if it’s bad that’s 3 weaker entries in a row that could easily have been better if they weren’t so obsessed with making the franchise something it doesn’t need to be at all, and I’ll for sure be done unless they return to the slightly more RPG-focused setup.

      1. -Super Paper Mario was okay but IMO not as good as TTYD. I’ve actually been replaying it over the last couple of weeks, and while it’s better than the game that followed it, it’s my least favorite compared to the other console Paper Marios.

        -Sticker Sticker was a decent time killer for a handheld game but yet again not quite what I wanted from a Paper Mario game and not nearly as good as the game that came before it.

        -Color Splash could be good, and i’m hoping so. I hope that it’s at least as good as SPM, but like I said, if it’s bad that’d be 3 entries in a row that could’ve easily been better had they not been intent on making this franchise play more like all the other Mario adventure games.

        Instant accessibility for all does not equal fun, yet it seems too often they feel if they remove anything that’d turn away the extremely casual audience that the game will be a success. Unfortunately, that disappoints the core fans and doesn’t introduce new gamers to different genres and mechanics like they used to. It’s all run to the goal/flagpole, use the Thing to beat the boss easy, no strategy these days. If people want easy to jump in and do good at games they’ll find those cheaper and quicker on their phone so i’m dying to see if nerfing the core Nintendo franchises is helping out at all…


  5. That picture for the article reminds me of Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps. More specifically, this line here: “Nothing to see here, folks. This mutant is about to dissolve into liquid, and then the fat man is going to suck him through a straw.” Least something about this game has triggered a legitimate smile from my face.

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