World To The West May Be Coming To The Nintendo NX

World to the West is an upcoming indie game by Rain Games. While the game is slated for a Wii U release, a quote from the developer may suggest an NX version is on the cards. In a interview with Miketendo64, Ivar Rudi gave this very coy answer when questioned about the NX:

“As we mentioned earlier it’s very unlikely to come out on 3DS, but it will show up on additional platforms. Maybe even another Nintendo platform, but our lips are sealed though.”



            1. XD Throwing our differences aside, whats up with the NX? I haven’t been following Nintendo or the rest of the gaming industry the past couple of years and its impossible finding good info.

              1. ||That’s still classified information, but I can say that the NX will slowly but surely begin the demise of the foul Xbots…||

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