Nintendo On The Making Of Breath Of The Wild Images

A section from the book Hyrule Graphics, which will be published as The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts when it comes to the west, reveals a short Q and A with Takumi Wada, Satoru Takizawa and Eiji Aonuma on the images for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

Snippets of the dialogue, translated by Nintendo Everything can be found below:


“Q. This picture of Link from behind is also a composition that we haven’t seen much of before.

Wada: When it comes to each pose, I drew them while discussing with art director [Satoru] Takizawa, but I thought that drawing the back side would show the various equipment that is held on the back and seeing them would make everyone excited.

Q: The shield isn’t the regular one and various things are also hanging on the waist… Also, there isn’t a sword but rather a bow in these two sheets.

Takizawa: The bow is very important item this time around. You can use it from the start, it is also very convenient to use, and it was even used symbolically in the 2014 promotional video. Producer [Eiji] Aonuma has been screaming “I want to endorse the bow” from the initial stages of development (laughs), so we decided easily on the direction of making the bow appealing.

Q: This time the colour of clothing is also different and the familiar hat isn’t worn.

Takizawa: Not having Link’s iconic green clothes and triangular hat in the main illustration was a brave decision. But the concept that Link changes various clothes in this title was decided from the start, so this design first and foremost set about to show symbolically that “it is different every time”. However, there are also various types of swords, bows, shields and other arms, so it was hard to decide which equipment to use for the official illustration.

Q: In other words, you can also catch a glimpse of “revisiting the conventions of Zelda”, which is one development theme of this title, from the illustrations, right?

Takizawa: That’s right.”

You can check out the full translated section from the book here. The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts will be released in English in February 2017.


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