Here’s What’s Happening With The Wii U Port Of Bloodstained

IGN recently caught up with Koji Igarashi to discuss all things Bloodstained related. One of the things that cropped up was the Wii U version of the game. Igarashi says that the team are at a bit of a crossroads about this particular version as the Nintendo NX will be out by the time the game is released. As I’m sure you know the game was recently pushed back to 2018 so the team have a bit of a dilemma on their hands. Here’s what he had to say.

“Yeah, it’s a very complicated problem,” Iga said. “The reality is this: As timelines move on, certain pieces of hardware become irrelevant. Sometimes new pieces of hardware come out that make you think about what is the right strategy. And as a creator, usually you want to make stuff for the new hardware. That’s the reality.”

“However, this was a game that was backed by people, and we made promises to listen to them. They’re the people that gave us life so to speak. Any sort of change that we do or are considering that goes outside the scope of the promises we’ve made must be done with lots of explanation, must be done with lots of care, and must be done with lots of back and forth with them to see what options we have. We must listen to them at the end of the day, and we have made promises.”

“Unfortunately, some of those don’t make as much sense anymore as they did before, and that’s also reality. So you’re in a very difficult position, and at the end of the day, if you’re going to go in one certain direction, you want to make sure that you have support from them,” he explained.

“But so far we’ve, I think, been incredibly transparent through all the things that have happened with our backers, and they have been very supportive. So I’m hoping that if there is going to be a difficult decision some day, and we don’t know, that we’re able to have that conversation. If they say they don’t get it, well that’s where we’re at. And if they say they do get it, well then, we’ll be able to do things that are maybe more interesting. We’ll see.”



  1. It’s pretty safe to say that the development of this will be moved to the NX.
    They were having problems with Unreal Engine on the Wii U anyway, and the user base of the NX will (hopefully) be much bigger.
    I knew this would happen from the day they said it would launch in 2017. Now the release was pushed back to 2018. Where will the Wii U be in 2018? Its production has already stopped.

  2. In other words an NX version is being made instead of the Wii U version in which quite frankly I’m glad that the case….if proven to be true

  3. another moronic developer taking money for one thing and using it to deliver for something else. I for one will not be buying this game. There are too many games made by devs with integrity to waste money on this schmuck.

      1. Except they already sold the product.
        Wii U goal was at 3 million, they gathered 5.55 million.
        I would expect to see the Vita port as well, that was 3.5m goal.

      2. The point is, it’s not their money, it’s the peoples money and the people expect a Wii u port, even if the system is dead in 2018 and the NX is out the Wii U still should get it’s promised version for those who will inevitably still own a Wii U and may not get an NX. No one knows any true info on the NX but devs, for all we know the new system could be trash.

  4. Easy solution … Make a Wii U and NX version. Everybody wins. or he could ask the backers what they want cuz I’m pretty sure most of the people who backed this are the same crowd who will buy the NX anyway. I know I won’t mind at all :)

    1. Im starting to think these kickstarters make all their money so early in development they just say fuck it, and delay the game for years. Why do they care, they already got paid millions of dollars to make the game. It’s literally a win win for them. They have no money tied up in the project and on top of that they have already probably pocketed god knows how much. I will never support kickstarter, these developers cannot be trusted.

  5. I can understand the dilemma. The business decision would be to shift it to NX and not release it on Wii U. However, you’ve got people who pledged for a Wii U version and not doing so would at best be risky.

    I mean, it likely won’t be a problem for me because I see myself having an NX long before the game comes, but there are some who might not.

  6. If they were paid to do a specific thing then they should do that thing. They aren’t putting their own money into it so making money back SHOULD NOT BE A DECIDING FACTOR PERIOD. If they would like to make the a game for the NX then start another kickstarter and learn from your past mistakes. If people don’t give them money for the NX version because they lost the trust of their backers then that’s the result of their failure. If they cannot make the game for wii u then they better return the money. Come on guys! where’s your moral compass? As far as I’m concerned this is common sense. It’s not about if people would mind it’s about the principle. What about those few who won’t have an NX? Do what’s right… not what’s convenient.

  7. And again prime example why I don’t do kickstarters.
    Wii U stretch goal was at 3 million. They made round 5.55 million of the kickstarter campaign.

  8. They need to drop the support for WII U and just make an NX version, I mean how stupid would it look if they released it on the WiiU in 2018 while everyone has moved on to other platforms by that time!? The WiiU will definitely be dead by 2018, hell the xb1 and ps4 will be dead by that time, so yeah, they it’s an obvious choice to drop the WiiU portb and release it on the NX.

  9. Please don’t cancel wii u version of bloodstained: Ritual of the night. At least a digital version for Wii u. Igarashi San, listen and please Wii U backers!!

    Por lo que mas quieran no cancelen la version de Wii u de Bloodstained: Ritual of the night. Honrar la version de Wii u asi sea al menos en digital, seria un gesto para esta consola y los backers de esta consola!!! Igarashi San.

  10. Since I’m likely not getting an NX, this bothers me. But I’ll accept a 2.5M refund for all U backers.

    Not refunding that much?…Yeah… Thought so

  11. While it’d be easy to forsake the Wii U since, let’s face it, EVERYONE is doing it, INCLUDING Nintendo, it still wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Talk to your backers that donated money for a Wii U version. If a good 90% of them say they’d be okay with the Wii U version get canned & their money going to the NX version instead, just can the Wii U port & work on an NX port. As for the small 10% that don’t like this, just give them their money back & all is well. Just make sure the ones that didn’t back this know you aren’t screwing anyone over so they won’t forsake your game in some false bid to avenge the people they think you screwed over.

    Either way, you are going to have some group hate you. Whether that group is small or big is totally up to how you guys handle this.

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