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Pokémon Sun & Moon Take Up 26,214 Blocks Each On Your Nintendo 3DS

The official website for the upcoming Pokémon Sun & Moon has confirmed that the highly anticipated video game will take up 26,215 blocks (3.2GB) on your Nintendo 3DS SD Card if you download the game digitally. The actual demo, which is coming at a later date, is around 400MB. The official site warns consumers that you won’t be able to hold the main game and the demo with a 4GB card after system files are accounted for. So yeah, you might want to check your SD Card space.

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      1. I doubt higher quality music is making that kind of a dent in nearly doubling the size. Is the entire world going to be 3D? Or just the battles. I mean, I doubt it’s literally twice the game as X/Y.

        1. Not the audio alone, no, but you would be surprised. Audio makes up for a large portion of game data these days.

          Yes, the whole world is in 3D, and with much better geometry than XY. That along with all the in-battle models for new and old Pokémon (some of them are made out of +40.000 polygons, which is insane for a 3DS game) should take up most of the space in the cart.

    1. Probably because of laziness. It takes time and effort to compress the files down to a reasonable size. Nobody ever complains about large file sizes so devs know they can get away with it. Its gotten a lot worse in the last few years especially on PS4.

      1. ||Generation 7 is essentially generation 6 on mutagens, so no…||

          1. ||True, but then there is also the potential issue of the limited power from the 3DS itself…||

  1. I’mma need to upgrade my 16 GB to a 32 GB MicroSD card, just for the demo.

    Glad I already pre-ordered Pokémon Moon as a physical copy.

  2. Why the best games has to be so huge? I mean come on. It’s not like people wanted to buy the digital version of it with no any corrupted data. Yeah I think that’s a good way for people to get the digital version of the game with out any corrupted data so you don’t have to start over from the beginning. If I was you guys i will get another SD card just in case.

  3. People keep saying it’s better to go physical, but that 26k blocks is still only just past 3 GBs. Unless you’re using the baby SD card they give you with your 3DS, this really isn’t even something to worry about lol.

  4. I don’t buy any mainline Pokemon games digitally & neither should anyone else. Why? Because better versions will come out eventually in the form of a new gen with new Pokemon, new stories, & new features. Same goes for sports games like Madden & WWE 2k17 or games like Call of Duty. And it doesn’t take very long for a new game in these franchises to come out. So unless you know for a fact that you’ll love the story & never get bored of it and never feel the need to sell it, don’t ever buy a Pokemon game digitally.

    1. i hate to disagree because for people who actually love the games and are tired of either regretting of selling games and pay extra for it again or want to cherish the games to where it wont get lost are stolen and actually think that buying digital like me want to have memories while playing the game or games realize that going digital is smart and you dont pay taxes and they usually go on sale on e shop so really 3 gigs is not a big deal and if the games get corrupted you go to e shop and go to the game page and Nintendo repairs it for free and you dont trade it in so for those of you who want the actual copy go for it or if you want digital go for it. So stop complaining and enjoy either or i just want to say this comment because digital has its perks like the physical copy. take care guys :):):)

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