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Video: Introducing Pokémon Prism, A New Hacked Pokémon Game Based On GBC Games

Pokemon fans have unveiled their newest project, which is called Pokemon Prism. Pokemon Prism is a hacked Pokemon game that is based on games from the Game Boy Color. An official trailer for the game was released, and its description has more information on the game. The team says that “after almost 8 years of hard work by the legendary Koolboyman and a fantastic team of developers, artists, musicians and designers are finally ready to show you this incredible game. Pokémon Prism will debut on October 9th 2016 at 18.00 UTC on Twitch Plays Pokémon, with gameplay starting at 21.00, and will be available to download in December! Developed by Nsomniart and TPP Devs. Trailer by Kip, including footage captured by Deadinsky66. Soundtrack composed by pigdevil2010″. If you want to see the video yourself, we’ve linked it down below for you.



    1. Nintendo can’t give c&d’s to ROM hacks like this one. It’s just a file that you patch to the ROM of the original game, so it doesn’t fall into the same category as stuff like Pokemon Uranium, which was an entirely original game using Nintendo’s copyrighted content.

  1. The 60 FPS comment makes me think it’s not a hacked ROM, which might mean one of those delightful letters that NoA has been so happy to write lately, will be arriving on their doorstep very soon.

    1. It IS a ROM hack, though. The Game Boy Color ran natively at 60 FPS, so it’s only fitting that this does too.

      1. Uhh hello! i just buyed my self a game boy color off of I never had a game boy be4 so i am souper douper exsited! im just in luck two because Nintendo just anoused this new pokemon game Prism for such a old sistem. :) im glad Nintendo stil support game boy hardwore. so this game comes out after sun & moon? in December right? i cud ask Mother to get it 4 Mii four Christmiss! :)

    1. When will people learn that no matter how many “when will they learn” comments get left here, fan-made games aren’t going to stop. Ever.

      1. Right? I wish someone would fk with Digimon. I’ve always enjoyed that series more than Pokemon. Ash is a narb and completely ruined the tv show.

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