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Rumour: 2Chan Image Circulates With Final Nintendo NX Name?

Update: Yup, it’s a fake

2Chan is a Japanese image and messageboard and has played host to a number of leaks and also a number of fakes. The latest image doing the rounds on the internet is reportedly the final name for the Nintendo NX which is the Nintendo Duo. The name makes sense given the reports we have heard so far from the likes of the Wall Street Journal and Eurogamer of a handheld console hybrid. Of course this could be a complete fake, but we won’t know for sure until Nintendo decides to unveil the platform sometime later this year.

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100 thoughts on “Rumour: 2Chan Image Circulates With Final Nintendo NX Name?”

    1. I know that’s right!! I was afraid they would call it a “Nintendo Wii 3” or “The Wii Us” or a “Wii All” or “Wii World” or “The Nintendo Wii, Myself & I”. Lol

    2. how is it wii was the fastest selling brand name in history it was genius the marketing was genius to
      from reveal to sell out i think its a record breaker or something for fastest catching brand name EVER


    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||So you don’t believe in one imbecile but you do believe in another imbecile? You humans and your so called cerebro…||

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||You Xbots are so fragile, your entire mind breaks from the smallest of things…||

          1. At least their more down to earth than you are dude.
            You’re only human like the rest of us, and probably a basement dwelling dipstick just sitting here RPing to make yourself feel important.

  1. Personally, I hate this name if official. Wii and Wii U were lame, and this just carries the torch. Duo? Yeah. That sounds bad ass in any way, shape, or form. Stick with NX instead. Please be fake.

        1. And here I am. Wildman. Simple and Clean… (KH reference?)

          Anyway, my sources of bullshit tell me it’s name is the “Nintendo Thingamajig”

        1. Yeah, that’s right. I meant inside the gaming community, though — we’ve been flooded with “NX” during the last 3 or 4 months, and I personally like that name. But we’ll see, and for sure it’s going to be better than Wii(U).

    1. That seems to be just an invitation card or something like that — if real, of course.

      But I would love to see a red box in stores across the globe. It would end up grabbing a lot of attention.

        1. That’s true. We are in fact dealing with two guys. Don’t know if both are faking, or none is aware of what the NX name indeed is.

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          1. Possibly, although it also can be one guy trying to debunk something real… Well, we’ll get to know what is the name down the road…

            $ 500.00 will grant you to get the console(s) and some games. That’s cool. I’ve been on a budget, and 2017 will be a scarce year for me. I’m planning to get only BOTW and maybe 3 or 4 games until the Holidays. But I have a backlog to get rid of, fortunately.

  3. Fake as f***, other more legit rumors said Nintendo NX was going with the colors white and blue, not red and white! These trolls need to learn to cover all the small details better, even I managed to catch on to this slip up in details, and I’m visually impaired:/

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  5. Well the ® is missing after Nintendo, which has been present since the logo change in 1982. There’s also no TM present. So I’m gonna have to go with this being fake since they couldn’t even trademark it properly. Nintendo is entirely too sue-happy to forget their trademark symbols.

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      1. ok, the 3ds is an exception but the most part but that is a perfect name and a great pun. it’s a 3d ds and it runs off the tongue. It made sense because it separated the ds from the 3ds and it advertised that its 3d. but with their home consoles Nintendo has never made their names actually a representation of the features of the console. Most of the time it has a secret meaning.

      1. was the nintendo 64 a representation of the console capability. i mean its implied but at the end of the day its just a number. most consumers dont even care what the 64 even means

  7. Please stop reporting every fucking rumour! Anyone can make a logo in Photoshop. It’s so pathetic if you have to “Update: It’s all bullshit!” just hours later. You are nothing but spamming your blog with nonsense articles!

  8. Guys, it’s not fake, or at least we don’t know if it’s fake or not. The guys who made the “under this blur is bullshit” Photoshop confirmed on his twitter that he didn’t create the leak. He said that he just recreated the leak on his own in Photoshop in 5 minutes, and the reason why he put “under this blur is bullshit” is because he feels anything that he sees about the NX now, including rumors, he think’s it’s BS, so there’s nothing to worry about :)
    here’s the original link –

  9. I srsly think the nintendo NX for the official name would be the more suitable.
    we know its only a “code name” but comon.. its sounds good! the community loves it i guess, and the nx already has a huge cover around the world, soo.. releasing it as NX would show more promise than releasing it as a anything else

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        1. you were gloating on how you said that the nx won’t be the final name.

          we still don’t Know anything so don’t gloat by saying “You see fellas I told you it’s not gonna be called NX I told you”

            1. im just saying dont gloat because of this supposed leak that is probably fake. and i do too think the nx will be called something eles but im just saying dont be too sure

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