Nintendo Pokemon

CoroCoro Leaks And Shows New Alolan Pokémon

The latest edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro has found its way onto the internet. The Pokemon showcased is the Alolan Grimer who is Poison/Dark type. Popular Pokémon fan site Serebii is reporting that Jangmo-o’s evolution is showcased and is a Dragon/Fighting-type. Type: Null changes type based on items it holds and it evolves into a Pokémon called Shiruvuadi.





  1. I’m really sick of GF whoring gen 1 out; when mega evolutions came out the largest number was gen 1 pokemon (12) and we only ended up with more gen 3 megas (22) due to ORAS (And event then gen 1 was brought up to 16 while gen 5 only had 1 and gen 6 had none), and now all alolan forms are gen 1 pokemon because apparently people from Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos never took a pokemon to Alola.

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      1. These days? I just wanna have my games release soon. That and NX is just pissing people off to the mass!

        And trolling people with good music is cooling for me for some reason?


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