A Look Inside Nintendo’s Secret Storage Facility

Nintendo is renown for being extremely secretive, just look at the lack of NX news. However, the company has given us a brief glimpse at a very exciting room in Nintendo’s headquarters. While some other companies’ storage rooms are likely quite boring, Nintendo’s is full of its old consoles and accessories! Sadly, as part of a series of articles about the history of the Zelda series, we don’t get a full look at all the room has to offer. Instead, pictures show shelves full of mint condition Famicom consoles and peripherals. What else would you imagine Nintendo keeps in there? Tell us below.



  1. ||[Extremely secretive], you have no idea Sickr just how deep the darkling hole goes…||

    1. Don’t speak highly of the old underground base. Our s̹̹̯̭̄ͧ ͉̞͙̞̯̤̯͛̃̾͐̍ͣ͜p̛̮͇͓̒̌ͧ́ͭ͑ ͓̬̘̙̳͓̩̕à̞̝̲̟̮̑ ́̈ͨͪ̾҉c̆͂̐ͨͨ҉̯ ̝͍̘̬ͯͅe̷̖͙̩͋̿ͦ station is much better

  2. Screw diving for sunken treasure- THIS is where it’s really at! Imagine the goodies that could be found in there- vintage games in their original formats, the computer Super Mario Bros was coded on, several crates of rare amiibo withheld to create the hysteria behind getting them…

    1. xD I bet they even have amiibo in there we only WISH were being shipped out for consumers to buy. Still waiting on an amiibo of Ridley. No, wait. We can’t make an amiibo of Ridley. That would require shrinking him & we don’t want to piss off the people fighting to keep Ridley out of Smash as a playable character because “Ridley can’t be shrunk! It’s against his character! Blah-blah-bullshit!” xD

    2. Not to mention all of the stuff nobody even knows about. Prototypes of all the projects that never made it to the final phase. I mean look at that disk writer. Did anyone even know that thing existed until these pictures?

  3. It’s anyone’s guess at this point:

    1. Nintendo actually created the console wars, by creating the character Sonic the Hedgehog and secretly handing him over to SEGA.

    2. Nintendo has a time machine.

    3. Nintendo hold the secret to cold fusion, which is why they were able to develop Earthbound and the return to Kanto feature in GSC.

    4. Nintendo are also the true creators of Yo-kai Watch, and intentionally had only 69 new Pokemon in X/Y to coincide with that game’s release. The nature of the YW anime was to gewr viewers towards the Sun & Moon anime.

    5. Pokemon are actually a secret bio-life creation project in the making, which why there are limited event-only Pokemon, version-exclusive legendaries, and adamant attempts to block out cloning methods.

    6. Nintendo is more cryptic than the Pentagon.

    7. The original founder of Nintendo is STILL ALIVE.

    8. Nintendo had Activision introduce the concept of freemium, so they eventually introduce their brand of freemium games

    9. Nintendo has full voice-acting clips done by Charles Marinet, as part of their first mass voice replication device in development (in case he ever passes on).

    10. Nintendo has secret ties with Fox Entertainment.

    11. Nintendo shut down Nintendo Power so people could turn to Nintendo Directs for subliminal messages.

    12. The SSB Ballot Box was completely fake. It was actually an IP address census collector.

    13. Nintendo are behind Pontac & Graff writing and the overall concept of Sonic Boom (whatever its definative medium is).

    1. ||1. Denied
      2. Denied
      3. Denied
      4. Denied
      5. Denied
      6. Denied
      7. Denied
      8. Denied
      9. Denied
      10. Denied
      11. Denied
      12. Denied
      13. Denied…

  4. I have the Famicom AV console, but I’d LOVE to have a regular Famicom, and the Famicom Disk System. Although I don’t know if the Disk System had very many games that weren’t also on cartridges? Other than maybe Doki Doki Panic. I wonder if they still have copies of the unfinished, cancelled Earthbound 64?

  5. I imagine this is a climate controlled room with at least one of everything they’ve ever made. This room is behind eight different doors and requires multiple forms of identification to access. Most employees never even notice the secret location, which requires pulling multiple hidden levers and pressing a combination of secret buttons. Summon Iwata on the Ouija Board and see if he’ll disclose the details.

    1. That’s it! Use a Ouija Board to summon Iwata & have him reveal the NX to me! No, wait. Even in death, he’s probably as loyal as ever to Nintendo. RIP, Iwata. That & I don’t mess with that shit as I don’t want to summon the wrong….. person.

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