French Site Stokes The Nintendo NX Rumour Mill

French publication Game Blog claims to have insider information on Nintendo’s forthcoming NX platform. The site does have some credibility as it did reveal the PlayStation 4 Pro reveal date. However, some of the information contained below we’ve either heard elsewhere or it’s a little far fetched. Anyway read on for the latest rumours!

  •  He says he’s only sharing stuff multiple sources have confirmed
  • “Sure about 20 games in development”
  • Their sources are currently developing on the platform and have devkits
  • “You’ll be able to verify these leaks very soon” but not aware of the actual reveal date
  • Nintendo hasn’t shared all of the NX “gimmicks” with their dev yet
  • Hybrid confirmed but not the only “surprise”
  • He’s been confirmed there are detachable controllers
  • No real dock where you plug the handheld, but a wireless ‘dongle’ upscaling for the TV
  • Handheld game is the same as the “docked” game
  • Games look good on the handheld screen (780 – 900p), about PS4 level
  • Ports should be easy despite the different architecture
  • Very positive feedback on the dev tools
  • Breath of the Wild looks nicer on NX
  • Smartphone connectivity maybe possible
  • VR not out of the question but first tests aren’t satisfying.
  • Lots of remasters planned (Skyward Sword, MK8, Splatoon, Smash, N64 and Wii games)
  • FFXV and FFVII Remake are coming to NX
  • Platinum Games and Capcom are in
  • Ubisoft in (BG&E 2 discussed but not confirmed, Splinter Cell and a Yoshi / Rabbid Rabbits crossover being discussed too)

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    1. Capcom has released Monster Hunter on home consoles for the past 2 generations. The connectivity for Wii U and 3DS versions of MH3U was one of the most interesting uses of cross-multiplayer I’ve ever seen. I’m looking forward to this concept being explored further on the NX.

      Also Platinum is unpredictable. I’d like a follow up to Bayonetta 2, but I’m also wishing for RetroStudios to make good on the Metroid Prime game they never promised us.

      Also I’d like to point out that there were rumors the Wii U’s touch screen would be removable and be multi-touch. Consequently, I’m going to ignore all controller-related rumors from here on out.

        1. If you bought both the $60 Wii U version and the $40 3ds version, you could set your Wii U to local player, and play with friends or family. There was also an application you could download download on the Wii U eshop that allowed your 3DS to use your Wii U to play the 3DS version online if you didn’t want to buy the Wii U game. It was all very convoluted, but when you got it working, it was really amazing.

      1. believing rumors at this point is just, at least for me, is killing the hype when they show the console and feeling disapointed when everything they show is nothing new, everything has been leaked. anyway…

    1. If they really didn’t want to discuss it I would be fine with that but they didn’t have to tease it for a year (don’t worry, it’s coming, you’ll see, 2016, the fall, blah blah blah), they could have just, you know; not discussed it at all. I’m sure the rumormil wouldn’t be this rampant.

    2. Well in their defense, Nintendo didn’t really want to discuss it at first, but as soon as media found out the NX was in development, everyone went ape shit about what it was and what it could be, and the death of the Wii U. Which lead to everyone and their grandmother asking them to talk about it. They can only evade media for so long before having to say SOMETHING…

      1. That’s not how I remember it. They had the reveal that they were going to be working closely with DEna and as a way to say they weren’t going to be a mobile only company they said they are developing another dedicated gaming console named the NX. They also said that it would be alongside 3ds and the Wii U and that’s looking less and less likely since the wii u is all but dead. They could have just shut up about it but since they mentioned it they should talk about it and not just string us along. Such an anti consumer company but they do make the best games so there is that.

      2. Actually it was when they announced their mobile plans and were forced to talk about the NX early that all of these wheels startes turning. They said they wouldnt talk about it until 2016, and so since January people have been chomping at the bit. Maybe they should have said they would talk more about it in winter 2016, but then they wouldnt get the free hype

  1. “Handheld game is the same as the docked game” is the only thing I need to believe. Those “Handheld game is a form of the docked game” rumours are bullshit for me.

    1. The only way I see them being different is graphics. I could see the mobile mini game thing only being true for something like Just Dance. How else do you play that on the go?

  2. Four things that had me bounce for joy– Final Fantasy XV and VII Remake coming to the NX platform… and CAPCOM and Platinum Games are joining the Big N to deliver their games DIRECTLY to the Nintendo NeXt (I hope it’s Monster Hunter V Next and Bayonetta 3 ONLY on NX).

  3. Still not sure how I feel about detachable controllers. The rest sounds good if true. Final Fantasy XV and VII being confirmed for this console could ensure its success in Japan. They love handhelds. I think they should go for Kingdom Hearts III too and try to also get those collections that were PlayStation exclusive. Also for the past few days I’ve been thinking how cool it would be if Super Mario RPG got the Square Enix remake treatment. Could please a lot of people especially those who don’t like the new direction of Paper Mario. Maybe make it a new series if the remake is successful enough.

    If they’re remastering games I hope it’s handled outside Nintendo like with the Zelda remakes. Maybe OoT and MM 3D get upgraded to HD? Not sure if I would buy them again but it could be cool. Super Mario 64 could be another good one. I’d love an HD remaster of Metroid Prime Trilogy maybe including Hunters as well this time. I refuse to play it with touch screen aiming. If Skyward Sword comes hopefully they change it enough to not have the problems I’ve read about. Regarding Wii U I would probably just get games I don’t already have since I don’t plan on trading mine in.

      1. Can we let Mario galaxy (series) die?

        Not to be rude, but it honestly wasn’t that good. Compared to the others is was very linear. Could we get something new with actual exploration. You know that old sand box open world like gameplay from 64 and sunshine?

        1. Um, those games were fucking amazing to the point where the first game is considered by some major gaming sites as the best game of the whole 7th generation. Look it up.

            1. I was talking about HD remasters like what’s suggested in the article. I wouldn’t mind a third one though ;)

        2. They were really fun due to shaking up the Mario formula in such an extreme way. They have essentially become the Mario 64/Sunshine of the new generation. I agree with you though, but only because of the motion controls. :p

          1. Mario galaxy on wii, Mario galaxy 2 also on wii Mario galaxy on wiiu Mario galaxy 2 also on wiiu.

            We don’t need it again.

            I’d rather them make a better game and it be called a masterpiece. Can’t be a one trick pony love.. that thrick will get old… And in Mario galaxies case…. It’s a bit over done

            1. there’s only 2 in the series, you’re making it sound like Mario Party 10. it was innovative and different, and to be honest I don’t think there are much games around that have tried to copy it. Although i do agree i would like to see a new 3D Mario with that adventurous aspect. 3D World was a Mario game that kind of lost that in my opinion.

            2. That can apply to almost all of Nintendo’s major titles. Ocarina of time?
              Gamecube (twice)
              Wii U
              Super Mario Bros?
              Wii U

            1. You’re quite aggressive. I’m glad you’re the head of the Nintendo Space Division (Mushroom Kingdom Branch) The more radical minds we have among the elites, the better.

        3. I have to agree. Super Mario Galaxy is definitely not as much of a masterpiece as Super Mario 64 & Sunshine. In fact, I simply sighed when I heard about Super Mario Galaxy 2, even thought it was just the first one updated, because once was enough for me, but I’d be stoked if we were getting a true successor to 64 or Sunshine.

    1. Some high profile PS3/360 games got ported to PS4/XBONE as well but I do see where you’re coming from.

      1. I don’t really mind games getting ported or remastered as long if enough time has passed, but if it’s only like 2 or 3 years where a console loses everything I feel a little betrayed.

        1. Maybe they’re thinking that the NX will do better and that they should bring these games to a new audience. Who knows. Maybe there could be a special deal for Wii U owners. Again, who knows. It’s still just rumors though but after Yoshi and Mario Maker in 3DS I wouldn’t be surprised.

          1. I guess I’m still just salty over Hyrule Warriors getting a port to the 3DS with more content when I was still trying to unlock everything on the Wii U version. Didn’t help some of the paid DLC content was already installed either.

            1. Right? The new rewards program is disappointing with the lack of physical rewards and discounts on games the avid Nintendo fan most likely already bought. Porting all of the major Wii U games as if making the console was a mistake while doing nothing for their loyal customers shows they’re out of touch now.

              1. When your previous rewards program is 100% better than your new replacement there are some serious problems. I can’t believe that I miss filling out those surveys for coins. Somehow this new “rewards” program has made me miss club Nintendo and the possibility of getting some cool VC games every few months, even a calendar or another neat collectible

          2. I bought MK8 twice, first a physical and then I think it was one of the winter sales that I bought it digital because I was tired of putting of changing out the disc lol

            Honestly, I would probably buy it again for NX lol

        1. Nintendo has always ported games idiot. Where you been? If Wii U wasn’t successful, yet had a handful of great games… why would that not make sense? …..

            1. “Porting all of the major Wii U games as if making the console was a mistake while doing nothing for their loyal customers shows they’re out of touch now” just shows you have no idea at all what you’re talking about. Business…. it sells.

                1. Would you really have gone years without playing great games such as MK8,Smash and more knowing you’d save a couple hundred bucks? Get real, clearly not a true Nintendo fan then. No logic.

                  1. You talk as if it’s like waiting a decade. I am a fan, but I won’t get a console if all the games I want on it will be playable on something else in 2 years time. There’s a difference between a fan and an Nintendrone.

                    1. Regardless you’ll still be buying all the games buddy so i really don’t see your argument. Did the Wii U flop? Yupp, agreeable. Did we see it coming? Of course not, I support Nintendo and their innovative ideas. Anyone can say “If i would have seen this coming I wouldn’t have bought it” like a big baby, but you can’t see the future big guy so let’s just agree to disagree… Don’t forget you’re commenting on a Nintendo themed website here for fuck sakes…

                    2. I don’t understand what you’re so worked up on. I’ve just been explaining my views, just like how you are. Nothing I’ve been saying merits an insult.

                    3. so don’t comment back if you aren’t ready for a debate man. I’m not worked up in the slightest. My brain just hurts following that logic lol

                    4. Your insults give the impression that you’re annoyed, and I like debates as long if the other person is respectful with what the other person has to say. I just think it’s not worth $350 for a few titles that will be ported in such a small amount of time, I don’t get what’s so hard to understand about it.

    2. Then again, most people won’t get a Wii U, no matter what, and this is an easy and quick way to get games on the NX. Of course, these games weren’t enough to get people buying the Wii U, so they alone won’t be enough to get people to buy the NX.

      1. Indeed, I understand the mentality of letting others play the games from a console that hasn’t done so well, but on the other end it doesn’t seem like the person who bought the underperforming system to begin with got their money’s worth. I myself and multiple friends were rather frustrated to buy the system for $350 only to have some of them ported to the 3DS along and undoubtedly the NX. Others may be fine with it, but I don’t think spending several hundred dollars just for a few premium releases is worth it.

        1. We all had this problem. Not just you. You’ll never know if they will port a game in the future. Cause you can’t read the future. Understand? So depending or not if they do, you’ll still purchase the games :| :| Nintendo knows what they’re doing, pal. Of course i wanna relive great games like MK8 and Smash if the replay value is still worth it. Hell, I think it would be the perfect opportunity for a few extra characters/courses to persuade existing Wii U users to purchase it again. I’d be a sucker for that atleast.


    Not all that happy about wiiu ports of games from the wiiu, Mario kart especially. Meaning nd won’t have it’s own title. Mario kart 8 really isn’t the best with battle mode and the lack of actually choosing stages you want to race on.
    Splatoon =_= and a bunch of others.

    As a wiiu owner I’m not all that interested really, since it seems like most of the Nintendo games coming are just ports. They had time to make new games for the console ever since they first mumbled “nx” the lack of support and games proves this.

    But if this is true I don’t know if I will get it. I have a ps4 so I can get the final fantasy games there…. But hey… This is another rumor

  5. Yoshi/Rabbids crossover? Hell no. Unbelievable. They don’t fit at all. Actually, since Kamek fucked me in Color Splash, I’d like to see him in some Squidward grade torture porn with these things.

  6. Let’s imagine for a moment that this is true… or at least that the idea of porting Wii U games is.

    If so, the reason is pretty obvious and it doesn’t mean, by any stretch that this system won’t have its own Mario Kart or other “generational” titles.

    What it does mean however, is that with the low sales numbers, compared to Wii, that Nintendo must think that there are about 100 million or so people who didn’t play Mario Kart 8 because they didn’t buy the Wii U. Now, they can infuse the NX (or whatever it will be called) with more games at or near launch as well as giving people who didn’t get the Wii U a chance to play those, very very good titles.

    Now, one thing that is also a consideration, is that the Wii U’s left will be slashed in price dramatically and therefore, those people who are crying that they were gonna buy a wii U but don’t want to now, can still get it cheap as they save up for an NX if they can’t get that system at launch… or for those people that aren’t overly hyped by the next new thing.

    My only hope, is that they release the real info soon, because I love talking rumors, but I really love talking about the actual system

  7. “The site does have some credibility”

    Please be careful. Here in France this website is considered pure junk, clickbait, very very very bad journalism. It is well known but everyone makes fun of them, they are so bad it’s like a parody. They jump on every rumour and they even start some to gain some clicks.

    Regarding Nintendo, a few years back they announced a “Wii Hi-Fi”, from a “100% certified insider source”, got a lot of coverage / RT / links because of this, and of course it was pure bullshit.

    You shouldn’t trust them even if sometimes they might be right.

    1. “It is well known but everyone makes fun of them, they are so bad it’s like a parody”.
      you are pretty much describing mynintendonews

        1. Being a fan of vampire movies where the evil vampires get their comeuppance, it makes me sad the Volturi will never get theirs. *shrug* Probably just me, though.

  8. These rumors, I believe the one about Breath of the Wild. But the Yoshi/Raving Rabbids crossover? No thanks. Unless they throw in Rayman, no thanks. But, as for the remasters, Smash deserves one and with Shantae and Banjo & Kazooie as newcomers. But I want a Mario Kart 9, with Splatoon DLC! An Inkling, Callie and Marie, awesome additions!

    1. Yes! That’s what i’m talking about. Use the port to their advantage. Knowing Smash Bros tho, we’d get another Fire Emblem character over Banjo again :/ :/

  9. Id get Mario Galaxy remastered in a heart beat as well as Metroid Prime Trilogy and Skyward Sword though with Breath of the Wild I would hold off on Skyward Sword. Imagine them teasing Metroid Prime 4 or something and getting us all hype and then saying it’s coming 2018…… Bummer…. But then they say Metroid Prime Trilogy HD remaster will be out on launch to tie us over … I know I’d be pretty hyped :)

  10. What is confusing is the nomenclature used by each rumor.

    Some call it Handheld, some other call it Hybrid and some other call it Go Controller, but they all seem to be talking about the same thing.

    From what I’ve seen there is a difference between the Go Controller – which will have a screen, which might be the reason of the confusion – and the true handheld that is something else.

    It seems that the Go Controller is similar to the Wii U but it does have its own processor and GPU, so it can work independently but to work with full games it will need to be paired with the home console and the true Handheld won’t need the home console and that’s why some people are calling the handheld a hybrid.

  11. Well, it’s saying all the things I want to hear. Who knows about much if any is real.

    Some things I really like though, like Platinum Games being on board. I love them.

    And there certainly better be around 20 or so games in development. They need a big start to this thing.

  12. Jesus these roleplay accounts annoy me, it’s honestly suprising that I never see anyone else comment the same thing. In every single article I see The Rosalina, Quadraxis, and now Cereza? Noooot my cup of tea. Inb4*o you can just skip the comments exdee* comments LOL

    1. Damn it! I didn’t get a mention! I guess Baten Kaitos isn’t known well enough for someone to accuse me of role playing Kalas from the first game… *sigh*

        1. lol Actually, I prefer it be called golden blonde hair, like that of a Super Saiyan’s when they got their golden aura surrounding them. Anyway, it’s not blue because I’m not actually role playing Baten Kaitos’ Kalas. Although, my Kalas’ original hair color is actually a very light kind of purple, almost similar to the lilac color, & we all know purple can be made by introducing a certain amount of blue. So in a way, my Kalas does, in a sense, have blue hair. xD And if you’re wondering why his hair isn’t his original hair color, the reason his hair isn’t that color right now is because this is a powered up version of Kalas. Yeah… My character has inspirations from both Baten Kaitos & Dragon Ball.

    2. ||Prove that we have been on every article, otherwise silence human…||

  13. I’d be thrilled if a remastered Smash Bros. featured a story mode. That’s the reason I didn’t care for these newer games. Also, I’d love to see a remastered Luigi’s Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine. I tried playing a little of Sunshine last night, and the graphics looked like crap compared to what I remembered. Like, has my eyes really gotten so accustomed to HD graphics that even Gamecube games looks bad to me now?

    Though it could be because I connected the Gamecube to my DVD Recorder. Though my actual gameplay that I captured with my Elgato capture card doesn’t look very great either.

  14. I’m fine with remasters of Wii U games as long as they come out at least 3 years after the original game. Which means I’ll have to wait til 2018 for a port of Xenoblade Chronicles X & Fatal Frame 5. No, wait. Fatal Frame 5 originally released in japan in 2014, a year before it released in the west, so I could possibly only have to wait til next year itself. Heh…

    1. ||There won’t be any remasters of Smash Brothers or Mario Kart 8, that so called rumour is as useless as an Xbot…||

      1. I’m not talking about remasters of those 2. It’d be stupid to put a remaster on a new console before that console’s exclusive Smash & Mario Kart released.

  15. If they deliver Bayonetta 3, I need nothing else to sell this console for me.
    Even if it was Nokia N Gage 2.

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