The PlayStation VR’s Cinematic Mode Works On The Wii U

A user on Twitter recently tweeted out a video showing how you can make the Playstation VR’s cinematic mode work on the Wii U. The Playstation VR is set up in such a way that it can be plugged into  any HDMI device, allowing you to get a cinematic view in your headset. There is no head-tracking, but there is a personal viewing screen and the ability to play Wii U games privately. We’ve included the tweet and its video down below.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6


    1. It probably just means that instead of plugging the Wii U in your TV, You plug it in the VR. Nothing spectacular.

  1. That’s pretty cool. Wen I get my psvr I will definitely try this out. Probly won’t be using that function but still pretty nice to see it works

  2. How many of you can fall for this shit? Seeing too many here, this is fake unless we see it plugged to the Wii U the same bullshit happened with NX final name which we know Nintendo uses Capital ‘N’ not ‘n’

    1. ||And this human female is also some sort of programmer which makes it even easier to fool the primitive-minded…||

    1. I’m really glad you mentioned that because I honestly wasn’t thinking about the possibility of it being fake. I was just caught up in the “hype” of wow that’s neat but we don’t really need it.

      1. ||The problem with hype is that most of you are so caught up with it that many then resorts to blaming High Command for things they didn’t even do or say, since most things people blame them for are rumours that other imbeciles spit out left and right all the time…||

        ||The biggest disappointment comes from the humans themselves…||

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