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Paper Mario: Color Splash Gets A New “Time To Make A Splash” Trailer

Nintendo has unveiled a new trailer for Paper Mario: Color Splash, titled “Time to Make a Splash,” which highlights the theme of restoring Prism Island’s vanishing colors. Someone’s been draining the color from the land, and it’s up to Mario to find out who it is by solving puzzles and using the power of paint. Paper Mario: Color Splash is available now for Wii U in stores and on the Nintendo eShop. Check out its latest trailer below:

19 thoughts on “Paper Mario: Color Splash Gets A New “Time To Make A Splash” Trailer”

  1. So my last comment on here before I go back into the time eater that is my PS4 is to hate on this abomination? I can live with that.

    This game is utter garbage. It’s on the same level as FedshitForce, Mario Tennis: Ultra Trash, Animal Crossing amiibo Shittastival, & Mario Party: Star Crash!

    And with that, I’m off. I’ll probably be back in the next couple of days, though, to check my email for an Amazon email with the code to unlock Goldberg on my copy of WWE 2k17 that should be arriving in the next couple of days. Did I play the game before using Goldberg!? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai! xP *salutes & vanishes into the darkness*

      1. Nope. It’s just as bad. But I will give Color Splash credit for at least being something worth watching on Youtube. I don’t pay 60 bucks for movies. Even movies that last 15+ hours.

      1. }{ There is no shame in agreeing with me… I do not name PC’s to be best out of loyalty or slavery, but due to the benefits that come with them. I desire to have first party developers, such as Nintendo, throw off the shackles of console peasantry to focus on one universal system, that we all might benefit from it… }{

    1. All the more reason this game is better to just watch on Youtube for free than pay $60 for a game that’s only good as a more than 3 hour movie.

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