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RUMOR: Macquarie Group, An Investment Banking Firm, Says An NX Reveal Is Coming “Next Week”

Rumors for the NX, at this point, have been a common occurrance. However, the rumor mill has been churning at a larger rate this month. Now, another rumor have surfaced from an investment banking firm, known as Macquarie Group. The firm recently put out a report on Nintendo. According to the report, “Macquarie has downgraded Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) to Neutral, from its previous Outperform rating”. But that wasn’t all. “A long-in-the-works revamp to the company’s consoles — the NX, with reveal coming next week — is liable to come at a price that will result in a “major” disappointment for volume sales”. We’ll let you know of any further developments, but at this point, we’ll see if the developments are finally some news from Nintendo.


55 thoughts on “RUMOR: Macquarie Group, An Investment Banking Firm, Says An NX Reveal Is Coming “Next Week””

  1. Only if Nintendo says so. Sorry, but I’m not banking on this rumor unless it’s 100% confirmed by Nintendo themselves.

  2. People always hung up on price… all depends on what it is. The higher the price, to me, the cooler the end product will be, so whatever it is, higher the better to me. If it is good enough, people will buy…

    This is perhaps a better rumor because it comes form the business angle of things
    but still a rumor and nothing more

        1. Yeah I doubt it lol. I’m willing to throw down $500 for some super deluxe edition though, as long it’s really cool. Of all these rumors, I’m really hoping the projector on any surface patent is going to be used for the NX.

    1. People are worried if the NX might cost up to 400$ to 500$ depending on how powerful the console is. Nintendo did Imagine that the NX will be unless cheaper then they thought according to patcher.

  3. Seriously, just shut your giant fucking whore mouth. I’m sick of hearing rumours about imminent NX reveals. Will you ever learn? You just sound like a gullible idiot when you keep reporting on something that’s as likely to happen as Bernie Sanders winning the election when there’s no more reason for this to be true than any other fake rumours other idiots are spewing out of their mouths with zero credibility.

    1. Or how about you come to terms with the idea that rumors that have to do with Nintendo, while they should always be “untrue until proven true,” will always be reported here because that’s what this site does. It gets people talking. Are the amount of rumors starting to get annoying? Yes, but only because Nintendo won’t open up and show us the damn thing already and hopefully they realize this silence is starting to hurt more than help. Are thy going to stop posting about them? No, because, what if in the off chance they prove true?

      If you don’t like the rumor postings, don’t read them, don’t comment on them, don’t even acknowledge them. Your choice, not ours.

          1. Yeah, the one person who followed you on twitch. Now there’s no one again. And the reason that I posted that comment is because most people here are tired of these rumor posts. If you love reading about them, then you’re the one with the unpopular opinion. Maybe the blog writer should stop writing about things people are sick of.

            1. What you followed was my personal account- I have a sister channel I do with a friend which is what I do all of my/our stuff on, and is much bigger. Joke’s on you.

              Maybe most people are tired of these rumors, but it’s no reason to go around calling the article poster a fucking whore when he’s/she’s just doing their job. That’s where you really fucked up.

              1. Posting on fabrications isn’t doing a job right. I’m pretty sure if someone reported in The New York Times that they saw a unicorn with no evidence they’d be fired on the spot.

                1. Has this been proven a fabrication? No, it has not. Rumors are not the same as lies, and they should not be treated as such because, as you know, some rumors have been proven *correct* after some time goes by. Only by disproving them are they then confirmed as lies.

                  Same with things like cryptids such as Chupacabra- its existence is neither proven nor denied. Or the supposed Rayman in SSB4 leak about a year ago, which seemed true but was then confirmed a hoax.

                  And honestly, the NYT isn’t what it once was- I wouldn’t put it past someone to actually report what you conjured up what with the state of this planet.

                  1. The Smash Bros “leaks” were different. They were new and exciting each time. Someone ACTUALLY PUT EFFORT into making them. All of the NX reveal rumours are just different people making guesses about when they want it to be revealed, and they’re getting the attention and satisfaction they want whenever someone reports on their bullshit. For all we know it could just be a bunch of high-schoolers claiming they have inside info. Now, if there are several RELIABLE SOURCES telling us that there’s a reveal coming on an exact date, then sure, let’s believe it and report on THAT. Until it’s something that multiple reliable sources have claimed, it’s as unlikely to be true as all the others that have been reported on.

  4. And just think, there’s probably TONS of people out there who doesn’t even know that Nintendo is making a new console. SO many people keeps their heads in the ground like an ostrich. When keeping up to date on a daily basis with Nintendo news, and always knowing everything that’s going on, it’s hard to believe there’s still so many people who are completely clueless. Yet those same people knows everything that happens in the boring presidential debates etc.

    I hope Nintendo advertises the NX a LOT more than they did with the
    Wii U. Seeing as how they still haven’t revealed ANYTHING about the NX yet, it’s a bit concerning.

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