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Video: Luigi Outfit Worn By Creepy Clown

The Dartmouth Police Department of Massachusetts has collaborated on a brief skit to show both the silly and serious sides associated with the “creepy clowns” craze that’s been rampant in many cities across the U.S. In the skit, the clown is wearing a Luigi outfit as he is confronted by a police car and gets surrounded by multiple police officers. You can see it play out in the video below:

45 thoughts on “Video: Luigi Outfit Worn By Creepy Clown”

  1. Am I the only person who feel’s this is odd?

    Since when was Luigi associated with clowns or the clown craze that’s going on at the moment. I can’t believe I just wrote that…

    1. The first part is meant to be funny with a serious message in the second part to warn people dressing up as clowns to be careful. Nintendo knows how to have fun & how to crack jokes and also know how to be serious. Lighten up, bro.

  2. Things are just getting slower and slower without the NX, huh?…..A small town police force posts a PSA….about an overhyped ‘epidemic’ with these clowns….that had less than 200 views…that just happened to include a cheap Luigi costume…..and you call it news? Wouldn’t exactly be news unless the NYPD went a covered it. I have an odd feeling Alba is a local lol

  3. Shoot on sight, and this shit will stop in a wall.
    Kinda like blm terrorists stopped blocking traffic when few of them fools got ran over.
    What they gonna do? #CCLM?

      1. why not? though in Europe these ass hats are safe, because if you shoot one of these, you will end up in jail, even if he was coming at you with a knife.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||2-3 clowns were severaly beaten by some humans in Sweden so no they aren’t safe at all…||

            1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

              ||I couldn’t care less about your human problems, you are all weak in the end, it doesn’t matter what you stand for…||

            2. … So much hate for the left. You’re not one of those far right people, are you? Nothing wrong with being conservative as long as it’s in reasonable doses. Saying to shoot a clown that is only staring at people is a case of going overboard. If the clown is actually coming at you with an actual knife, it’s a totally different story.

              1. Well aren’t you a happy bundle of twigs.

                But anyways, when there has been actual assaults by these clowns, I’d say there’s nothing innocent participating in a fad like this, and any that I meet, will get their real nose very hurt.

                1. Did… did you just call me a faggot..? lol Well truth be told, I am a skinny guy so I got the stick part down. As for the happy part, no. I’m not very happy at all. If it isn’t Nintendo being assholes, it’s a bunch of far right & far left people with sticks up their asses sticking up for the worst presidential candidates in the history of presidential elections. Or I’m hearing about relations with China and/or Russia souring. So no. Not happy. But I do try to keep optimistic. But I digress.

  4. XD That was awesome! Awesomely funny! Nice touch with the serious ending, though. If you’re gonna dress as a clown & aren’t intending on harming anyone, I suggest you actually be careful with how you do it as you might mess up & pull that on the wrong person & get shot.

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