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Singapore Airport Announces Collaboration With Pokémon

Looks like Pokémon are coming to the Changi Airport later this year. Singapore’s Nintendo Facebook page has announced that the two companies will be collaborating before the end of 2016. However, the message is rather cryptic as there is no hint as to what the collab may entail. What do you think it might be? Tell us below.


    1. No. Not part of China in the slightest. It’s actually it’s own little country. It’s essentially a city-state.

  1. After seeing an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations on Singapore, I so want to visit that city one day. It sounds like a nice & awesome place to visit. Just don’t get caught with drugs or weed or it’ll be the LAST place you EVER see. They have 0 tolerance for that shit. Then again, if you have any of those things on you, you probably won’t even make it out of the airport to even see Singapore.

    1. Anyway, this is just one more reason to visit Singapore & another thing that will keep you at the airport for hours on end as I heard the airport itself is full of lots of things to do. You’ll never have one of those “I have nothing to do!” moments in Singapore.

  2. Shop and dine at Changi Airport to redeem Pokémon plushie, just like the Star Wars plushie last year.

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