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Breath Of Fire and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Coming To NA Virtual Console Tomorrow

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks will be coming to the North American Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow, along with Breath of Fire, which will be coming to the 3DS Virtual Console on the same day.

For the DS title, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, here’s the description on Nintendo’s website:

“Ride into adventure with Link and Princess Zelda.

Spirit Tracks have long protected the kingdom from evil. But when they start disappearing mysteriously, Link and Zelda must travel together to restore them and keep the dark forces at bay. Fight enemies and explore the world as you travel by train and take control of a hulking suit of armor!”

And for Breath of Fire, which originally released on the NES:

“Defeat the Dark Dragons, and bring back light to the world!

In a distant land, peace was maintained for thousands of years by the powerful Dragon Clan. One day, the goddess Tyr appeared to them and offered to fulfill their every wish. Greed split the clans into the Dark Dragons and the Light Dragons, who battled to win Tyr’s magic as she watched and encouraged their war. A warrior emerged from the Light Dragons, and with his seven companions, he sealed the goddess into another realm.

Centuries have passed, and the Dark Dragons are destroying villages in search of the goddess keys to release Tyr from her prison. A new warrior must arise to face this latest blight!

Join Ryu as he embarks on an adventure of a lifetime! He will need to rely on his companions if he is to rediscover the lost powers of the Light Dragons and save his sister, Sara, from the evil clutches of the Dark Dragons. Fight, and prove that the Warrior of the Dragon is not just a myth!”

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  1. I actually loved Spirit Tracks- I still have my physical DS copy. Say what you will about the story, but the dungeon design, music, and Zelda’s personality were brilliant.

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