Analyst Claims Nintendo Has “Golden Opportunity” With NX

Video game analysts are often quite harsh on Nintendo, seeing doom and gloom on their horizon. However, one analyst claims that Nintendo “has a golden opportunity” to enter untapped markets with the NX. David Cole, an analyst for DFC Intelligence claims we should be “cautiously optimistic” about Nintendo’s upcoming console. Hopefully he’s right.

“DFC forecasts Sony to continue to be a clear market leader for the next several years. However, the new forecasts are cautiously optimistic about the potential for a new system from Nintendo. “Nintendo has a golden opportunity to reach a game consumer that is currently not being well targeted by Sony or Microsoft systems.”



    1. It’s a platform– both home and handheld units. And both systems will share game cards and have cross gameplay compatibility… more advanced than the Wii U. The price tag… don’t worry about it. It will be announced later.

      1. From my gathering it is a single handheld with TV streaming capabilities and/or a dock… not 2 different devices.

        Basically a tablet type device.

  1. Video game analysts are often quite harsh on Nintendo,

    theres a differance between a anallitic studie and a firm shilling for the industry AS PACHTER has been for 10 years its even mentioed on the firm he works for web site and theres even disclaimers regarding what he says

    because he was payed to say it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    does it not strike you ODD that a 130 plus yr old company that profits so well and is ran so prudently and is so inventtive is some how always DOOMED

    yet third partys loosing milllions to billions are some how mythically in good shape

  2. Hell I don’t even care about the NX anymore. These rumours have got my hopes up to even buy the platform. As long as they keep going to produce online battles and such with the Wii U, I might pass on the NX for a few more years at least. If they consider remastering most of their games (Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros.) I might make up my mind if/when I have enough money. I’m still waiting for a Thousand Year-Door remake though…

    1. I think that Nintendo is trying very hard to distinguish Paper Mario from the Mario & Luigi-series. As much as I hate to admit it, the TYD remastered will not make sense for Nintendo to make at this point. Maybe a GameCube Virtual Console game if we ever get one.

      1. ||They need to make the battles skilled based again, not this civilian nonsense…||

        1. Lel, the next Paper Mario game should be set in a dystopian world where the RPG element was stolen from the game… It is up to Mario to restore the RPG element back the PaperWorld in an epic FirstPersonShooter!

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