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Pokémon Director Junichi Masuda Talked About Why Mega Evolutions Were Sidelined In Pokemon Sun & Moon

In an interview with Eurogamer, Pokemon Director Junichi Masuda explained why the focus went from the Mega Evolutions seen in Pokemon X/Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire to Z-moves in Pokemon Sun & Moon. He said that “this time around we’ve got various different things for people to enjoy in Pokémon Sun and Moon and one of these things is Z-moves. This is something every Pokémon can use. What we have now is a way for people to use the Pokémon they want to use, so their favourites types, their favourite Pokémon, even those which perhaps weren’t so popular before, now they can focus on their favourites in battle. That’s why we’ve focused on the Z-moves this time around. Previously, there were Pokémon that weren’t perhaps used too much in battle and they’re perhaps going to come to the fore a bit more like ‘ah, I can use this this way’, and perhaps make a different effect than was previously possible. Each time we make a new game, we think of particular theme and of particular elements that would work well with that game”. As for whether Mega Evolutions will return, Masuda says that “this time we have our Z-moves [but] if a game comes up in future that we think [Mega Evolutions] would work really well with, certainly we’ll look into it… But for the minute we don’t have any particular plans.”


22 thoughts on “Pokémon Director Junichi Masuda Talked About Why Mega Evolutions Were Sidelined In Pokemon Sun & Moon”

  1. Honestly i think mega evolve is stupid, it slows down battle, you can only mega evolve one pokemon per battle, and then they just go back to normal. It would be way cooler if they stayed that way and you could use more then one. The best part is type changing in mega form. But i rather have alternate forms like alolan versions because they stay that way and already have different typing. Imagine having 3 kinds of the same Pokemon, in a way its like eevee, but also different.

    1. Thats the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Megas power up your Pokemon, so why would they let you use multiple on a team? Multiple forms of the same Pokemon is unoriginal and lame. Alohan forms are suppose to be special.

  2. I wish Matsuda would tell us why there’s very few new Pokemon for TWO generations. He hasn’t told us jack about that!

    But hearing about Z-Crystals vs Mega Stones, makes me feel like its time to introduce the mechanic of holding TWO hold items.

    Of course, there wold be limits, such as:

    -You can’t hold two of the same item
    -You cannot hold more than one Mega Stone.

    But think about it, Mega Venusaur with Bloom Doom, or Mega Blastoise with Hydro Vortex.

    1. I haven’t tested this but in the demo the electric Z stone has “use” rather than “give” and says Greninja is incompatible much like with an evolution stone or TM, so it might be applied to the pokemon differently than by hold item thus allowing what you just described to happen.

    2. We don’t need 150+ new Pokemon each generation. They would become very hard to keep track of VERY quickly, and the quality of the designs would likely suffer.

      1. You’re right, we only need a MINIMUM of 100 each generation. It’s been that way for five generations.

        And if you can’t keep track of that many, then this franchise isn’t for you.

      2. Around 100+ is fine since there were at least 100 new Pokemon in every gen til X/Y. And why would the quality suffer exactly? It was never an issue before. Least from my perspective, anyway.

      1. Pikachu had it’s chance when Light Ball was made a thing, it still didn’t work, why would Z-Moves help it any more.

      2. Wait. When was Pikachu not a competitive Pokemon? I mean, it can learn some of the most powerful electric type moves. Not many unevolved Pokemon can learn some of the more powerful moves that their evolved forms can.

  3. wait, isnt the battle thing a mega? I was playing the demo and my greninja mega evolved outta nowhere in the middle of battle (Ash geninja is what it turned into)

    1. That wasn’t mega evolution, it was battle bond, something only that particular Greninja can do. It kinda is since it changes form and becomes stronger but other than that the means of unlocking it is completely different.Mega Evolutions are still in the game but people are mad because there aren’t any brand new mega evolutions.

  4. Mega evolution wasn’t amazing to begin with, but it bothers me that they just they away the concept so quickly.

  5. Hey Eurogamer next time you have an interview with a high executive involved with pokemon can you please ask them why they haven’t done any cross generation evolutions since Generation 4? (except Sylveon)? This is a question that has been bothering me for some time like we should have evolutions for Pseudowoodo and Mr. Mime by now and many others. So if you could ask them why they stopped adding new evolutions or preevolutions for already existing pokemon after Generation 4 that would be really appreciated.

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