Nintendo’s Market Value Soars After Announcing NX Reveal

The announcement of today’s NX reveal hasn’t just pleased Nintendo fans, but also their shareholders. In the hours since the reveal was announced, Nintendo’s market value has risen by more than $1 billion. So far they’ve had a 4.6% increase in share value. While it is currently unknown how the actual teaser will affect Nintendo’s shares, we don’t have long until we find out.


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  1. I’m just glad that my time zone is 2 hours earlier than the stated 10 a.m. Eastern time. Because I’m so darn tired that my eyes are killing me. I’ve been up all night (though that’s nothing new). For me, it starts at 8 a.m. After today, we should start finally hearing a LOT more about the NX on a regular basis. Including from third parties. I bet third party companies are just aching to talk about their NX games that are in the works. After watching this, I’ll go to sleep and feel like I dreamed it.

    1. If you want to believe Eurogamer’s attempt to cover their asses, it was supposed to be revealed last month of September but was delayed because of Mario.

  2. Does Nintendo’s site look all screwed up for anyone else? It’s like double layered. When I scroll it, the background and on screen text scrolls separately. If that’s not fixed before this trailer begins, I’m going to have lousy visibility.

    1. From what I heard, the stock dropped back down after the reveal. In fact, I think I heard it from a friend on Miiverse who actually sees news from MNN & saw an MNN article stating the drop in stock.

  3. ||To those who haven’t seen it yet, go to their twitter, best way to watch it…||

  4. Damn Nintendo’s site, crashing at the most important moment EVER! I had to watch it on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. I don’t know how much I missed before I finally got to YouTube and found the video? I’m SO stressed out! Literally, my face was getting hot from being so upset at their site crashing.

    1. You’d think Nintendo would have their site ready for a huge influx of traffic since they were going to reveal Switch that day. Then again, we are talking about the same company that sent out terrible stock of certain amiibo.

  5. So it’s just another wiiU but this time you can take the controller more than 10 feet away from the base? Where is the SCD? Im not buying this crap unless they actually reveal something new.

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