Nintendo Shows Off New Zelda Breath Of The Wild Footage

The Nintendo NX reveal takes place in just two hours time which is exciting enough, but Nintendo has also released three new videos of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild just to keep everyone hyped. The new footage from the Japanese website is from the Wii U version of the game and not the Nintendo NX version, but it certainly does look glorious! You can check it out below and above.



  1. It’s really hard not watch these vids, but I wanna start this game as fresh as possible. The E3 vids were more than enough

  2. The music in the first video (haven’t watched the other two yet) and the original trailer is nice, but I really hope that isn’t the Hyrule Field music of this game. I think it will get really old for me if I have to keep hearing it everywhere I explore. Hyrule Field music, I can listen to all day. This music. Not so much. Just my opinion.

    1. Typical of youtube videos on Nintendo games. I haven’t seen a superb quality Youtube video of Nintendo footage yet in the last 3-5 years.

    1. man you people just cant admit nintendo did a good job with the SWITCH can ya? lol stop being babies and grow up. if you really do hate the console use logical reasons why plz not just “ITZ STILL NINTYNDUH SO IT SUX”

  3. New footage of old footage is more like it since there isn’t anything brand new about these. In fact, these videos are set in the same fucking area we’ve been seeing for the past 3 years now. So either they don’t want to show off too much of the world (best case scenario) or this is the only area they have fully complete & are still stuck in the early stages of game development (worst case scenario.) Since the NX, now known as Switch, is on the horizon, I want to believe it’s the former but there is a part of me terrified of the latter, since Zelda games with a wide audience looking forward to it tend to get delayed numerous times even after they’ve claimed “We’re almost finished. Please wait a little bit longer.”

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