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Wall Street Journal Has Heard One Developer Is Moving PS4 Titles To Nintendo Switch

Wall Street Journal technology reporter Takashi Mochizuki is reporting that one third party developer has informed him that they’re moving their PlayStation 4 titles to the Nintendo Switch which is obviously encouraging news for Nintendo. This also means that the system must at least be on par with the PlayStation 4, although we have yet to get any official technical specifications from Nintendo.

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  1. It sounds to me that the Nvidia chip Nintendo is using is more modern than we think, don’t forget this guy also said that Nintendo is using “Industry Leading Chips” that you’d need a pretty beefy PC to run

    1. “Industry leading” is not a synonym for “high end”.
      A mid-tier (or any tier, for that matter) chip can be industry leading as well, if it’s among the best of its class.

  2. It’s probably a less known Japanese developer, whose games aren’t very demanding in the first place.

      1. The pro is only slightly better than the ps4, compared with the Scorpio which is a jump, but may be a bit of pain in the ass to make two games for xbox

  3. I liked the video they showed us from yesterday, but I personally don’t care one bit about the portable part. Even if more than 2 of my friends buy the console we still wont get together and play, cause this is the online age we live in. And we simply don’t have the time for it eather cause we got a job and a family. To become the nr1 console in my home it needs full third party support otherwise ill just buy it for 3-6 nintendo games. Wich is a waste if you ask me, but I gotta play those games. Great concept but i’m probally not the target audience. (The 8bit,snes,n64,gamecube was my thing)

    1. You have to take into account the popularity of the 3DS as well. The Switch will also be replacing the 3DS. The 3DS has a HUGE install base, and combined with the smaller Wii U user base, it’s back in the same level of users as PS4 or Xbox One easily. There were two reasons third party developers didn’t make many Wii U games. Install base was too low, and ports were too difficult because of the architecture of the Wii U, and in some cases, it’s power.

      With the Switch replacing the 3DS (which will be phased out slowly like the DS was and GBA before it) creating an instant much larger user base, and with NVIDIA structuring that makes it much more similar to PS4/Xbox One architecure and a similar power level, ports can be done with minimal effort, cost and risk, therefore increasing the odds of more multiplatform ports. Nintendo was smart to do this, because with Zelda, Mario, Remasters of the best Wii U games, and eventually the next standard Pokemon game? It’s going to sell like hotcakes, and 3rd parties won’t have a good reason to skip it this time.

      Who wouldn’t want to play the latest and greatest console games on the go, even if you don’t play with your friends in local multiplayer, it’s going to have online gaming. Couple that with no chances of software droughts once all the 3DS teams only make games for Switch? You will never run into a Wii U like game drought.

  4. @sjaakzwart5 – sure you might not play with others in a party settting, but you are telling me that you wouldn’t want to or like the idea that you can undock this thing and play it with you while you sit in a car/bus/plane/lunch break??

    I mean could you imagine if I could take my PS4 with me everywhere I went and play the same games at home or on the go?

    1. Sure I know what you mean but I won’t be using it allot, I would never play zelda on it when I can play it on a bigger screen at home cause I want to get the most out of the experience. It’s the same as watching Lord of the rings for the first time in IMAX movie theater vs your television at home for me.

      For games like Fifa and possibly Call of Duty sure why not. Also I don’t want gimmicks at the cost of Power just to keep the price lower. Aslong as it plays every third party game out there and Nintendo’s own first party I won’t complain though cause thats all I really want from a console.

  5. Ps4 title, good; but WHAT PS4 tittle? IT could be a 2D simple platform game. What we need to know is that a Batman, Battlefield or some resource intensive AAA game could run there, if some third party mention something about it, let me know. Meanwhile, i’ll take this as another rumor, because right now the NStablet is not powerful enough to match ps4 graphics, it will be less than that, that’s for sure; we don’t know How much less..

    1. You are aware that the Nintendo Switch has the possibility to be on par with the PlayStation 4. And if Nintendo releases the Supplemental Computing Device accessory for the Nintendo Switch, it will surpass the power of the PS4.

    2. It’s has nothing to do with graphics when it comes to the Switch. It’s about ease of development and that’s why the architecture of the NS will be so easy to port games to plus the dock is reported to give the tablet portion of the console extra processing power. I’m not saying it’s going to surpass the PS4 in raw power but it should be right in the ballpark of it maybe of little less but better than the Xbox One if they decided to go with a souped up Tegra X2. We’ll have to wait and see but to me the NS is looking very promising

  6. “This also means that the system must at least be on par with the PlayStation 4?”

    There are also PS4 and PS VITA versions of a game so the VITA is also on par with the PS4??????

  7. I doubt they’re “moving” the titles, probably just working on another version for the Switch. Regardless, if they’re getting games that the PS4 is running then this is good news overall. It means it’s on-par with the PS4, which is a fantastic system. It’s sounding like Nintendo is going to finally have a system that puts them in high regard again and I am SO incredibly happy for that. I can’t stand that the Wii and Wii U feel like children’s machines compared to the other two. Can’t wait to see what this console’s future holds.

  8. If it is anything like the third party games on the Wii…… The games will be chopped down versions of the original game for the PS/Xbox.

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