Video: The Nintendo Minute Duo Debate Issues In The Mushroom Kingdom This Week

A new Nintendo Minute video was uploaded this week. Debating was the focus of the video, as Kit and Krysta explained in the video description. They said that “we wanted to do a different type of debate today where we imagine ourselves as citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom and discuss a few topics that those who live there would find important. Pretty interesting to think about actually”. If you want to see the video for yourself, feel free to check it out down below.



  1. Every time I see Krysta, I keep wondering why she never has that mole removed between her eyes? I sure would if it was me (same goes for anyone with moles on the face). In fact, I’ve even cut some of my moles off myself. Particularly on my neck. Painful, but effective.

    1. What?! It’s a beauty mark! God gave it to her for added beauty! Why would you want to mutilate your face?!
      You should leave your moles. Plus when you cut them off. Sometimes they grow back. Bigger and badder.

    2. You know instead of all that cutting crap, you can take Tea Tree oil and soak a cloth or soak the actual soft bandaid area with the oil and it will slowly remove it.

    3. Hey now. Moles in the right places on a woman’s face can be pretty fucking hot. I fucking love the fact they gave Samus a mole on her face! Oh & when Sarah Jessica Parker was hotter, that mole added to her looks.

  2. So are these two worse or better than Trump & Hillary? I’d watch to find out but meh. It’s nearly 4 am & I should really go to bed now so I can fall asleep before 5 am. That & I don’t much care for Nintendo Minute as I’d rather have that Nintendo show from the Wii instead. One of the few things I fondly remember about the Wii.

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