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You Won’t Be Able To Use The Nintendo Switch As A Second Gameplay Screen In Your Home

It seems that Nintendo is trying to distance the Switch from the Wii U so much, even the dual-gaming-screen feature that the Wii U had will not carry over to the Switch. According to Nintendo, “Nintendo Switch is dedicated to deliver a single-screen experience, on whatever screen you might choose”. You can play the console in its handheld form, or you hook it up to the TV and play it there. However, you won’t be able to have both. Nintendo has been very picky about what it talks about in interviews, so whatever information we hear about the Nintendo Switch will be few and far between, if we even get anything else this year at all.



  1. I mean this was always going to be true, being as the computing power of the console is this time in the portable element. For a Wii U-like mode to work, they’d have to also do wireless streaming of video from the portable to the dock, and that would use up a lot of valuable space in a portable unit that is undoubtedly crammed as it is – all for a feature which failed as a selling point of the system.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how Splatoon deals with it – looking at the map and squid jumping are clearly going to be less seamless – if even in the game at all.

    1. I guess there will be an on screen map with Splatoon, but I have no idea how the squid super jump will work, I hope they don’t get rid of it, it’s one of my favorite parts of the gameplay.

      1. My guess is there would be a button dedicated to switch the screen instantly when you hold it down or press it once and maybe there would be a button each for your team mates so you could press 2 buttons and have it started already. That’s all I got on how to replace it..

    2. I think it’s more than that. The dock might add extra hardware to the Switch, like an external harddrive.

        1. Thankfully, only NoA has stated this. Since I think they are shit, I’ll believe it when Nintendo of Japan states it. Otherwise, screw anything NoA says. Besides, it’s ran by Reggie who has lied before. Many times, in fact.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. Going back to cards makes sense so what if they have proprietary SSD attachments to upgrade storage? It would lower the cost of the console, and for those that would be interested to add that experience to the device just buy it as an add on. Making it that way does not drive up the price for those who are not interested in that Upgrade because not everyone would want or need it.
        Also: What if you could attach a camera lens to the side? You could turn the switch into a camera! You could take pics on the go, use it to webcam since it sits at your TV.
        Edit Again: With the Joy-Con taken off the side making way for the Camera lens attachment, it would free it up controller to snap the pictures!

    3. do you guys remember this patent?

      What if the pro controller and the grip accessory for the joy cons utilize this tech?

      It could be one of the surprises they are yet to reveal. There’s seems to be something oddly plain and missing from the controllers shown, especially that grip accessory, that big grey rectangle in the middle just looks like something is supposed to be there. It would be a great way to solve the Splatoon problem. I’m probably wrong, but you never know…

      1. I agree and hope that you are NOT wrong. It looks very much to me too that there is more to be revealed regarding the controller hardware, that this is not all that is shown. This I base on their statement about software presented in the reveal:

        And to add to it, the exact same thing puzzled me as well – the grey plate in the middle, used for nothing. It HAS to be something else. Also the recent reveal that Joy-Cons will probably be like Wiimotes, so supporting motion controls in some fashion.

      1. No it is a step down, they are taking away stuff that was better on a Wii U after playing Xenoblade X I always wanna to have a map on its own screen its so much better that way.

        You dont need to pause the game open op the menu, scroll and press A to see the map, you just look down and thats it

        1. Nope it’s a step up could have just had a mini map on the screen that’s why the wii u failed barley any developers cared about the damn thing.

          1. No, it was poor/no marketing effort from Nintendo. Asymmetric 2nd screen gameplay is one of the most fantastic new additions to modern playstyle. Take ZombiU, Splatoon, Fatal Frame, all unprecedented experiences not possible on other regular platforms. I truly hope Nintendo changes its mind and adds support for 2nd screen by the time of launch. It wouldn’t hurt.

        2. It was good for some games, but catastrophic for others. Miyamoto was under the impression that he HAD to implement the second screen in Star Fox, and what happened? He essentially ruined the game. I blame that not so much on Miyamoto but on the Wii U’s second screen. I think there were too many times Nintendo felt obligated to implement the second screen. They had to force it into games that didn’t need a second screen. I like the Wii U, but i’m actually relieved the Switch is a single screen console. Now they can focus on the actual GAME development and not be hindered or bothered about implementing a use for a second screen.

    1. Go tell that to Sony and Microsoft too as they aren’t either other than the ones that have been updated to the PS4 and the ones that have been added to the backwards compatibility of the One (very few and after 2+ years).

      You can still keep your Wii U games and play them all you like. Nobody says that you have to sell it. Nintendo has said many times now that this was not a direct replacement for Wii U or 3DS, so there is no reason to believe that games for those systems would work on the Switch.

  2. I think it a great idea that Nintendo is trying to keep always from the wii u, otherwise it will just be a better wii u version if the switch has backwards. And remember the wii u it had a lot of problems,and i think Nintendo want to target older fan and move away from kids for awhile because Nintendo have an image of being only targeting kids and that why the wii u didnt sale. What they can do is a remaster version 4/5 wii u games for the switch, that make sense. Remember guys this is a new system, so lets have new games, ip, and hardcore games like gta v and forward.

    1. The first and biggest problem that the Wii U had was fanboys from other camps constantly slamming it for being “under powered” even well before it was released. While it had less power than the PS4 and Xbox One, it was capable of playing great games and had several features that I really enjoyed.

      I’m not sure why some people feel so threatened by what someone else owns that they have to act that way. It’s also funny that they brag about the “power” of their system when it is itself way under powered compared to a good gaming computer.

    1. Don’t say never. It would be very easy to have a companion app on a smart phone or tablet that acts as a touch screen controller for the Switch while it’s docked. Remember when there were rumors about possible interaction with smart phones…..

      1. Now THAT would be over the top. Needing to use smartphone on top of owning a mobile screen unit and a TV with a docking station. I just hope the Switch DOES support 2nd screen asymmetric play on the gamepad screen.

  3. Good. The dual screens worked well in some Wii U games but a lot of people were turned off by the game pad. Nintendo needs to distance this from the Wii line and make it seem like a “traditional” console as much as possible.

    This is the first time that I’m actually glad backwards compatibility won’t exist. I want Nintendo to start fresh. If I want to play Wii U games, I still have my Wii U. Same for 3DS.

    1. I agree with you, but at the same time would love if Switch at least optionally still supported dual screens and Joy-Cons to be like Wiimote and Nunchuck.

    2. Then there is the possibility of ports with some touchscreen features reconfigured to work with buttons instead of a touch screen. Star Fox Zero is the only real issue I can think of when it comes to a Switch port, though.

  4. Not really surprised anyway. who cares about a dual screen gimmick anyway.

    1. The dual screen on the Wii U was not a gimmick by any means. One of it’s best features next to off screen play was the two player games that were made with no split screen. I play a lot of local multiplayer games and having the full screen to yourself during local multiplayer was awesome! The Switch will be able to do something similar, but will require each person to have their own Switch and their own copy of the game (unless they implement download play which would be nice).

      1. 2 YEARS later and your still using my doxxed information. you guys are very sad. damn man people change for the better not worst lol.

        1. ||Actually, humans always change for the worse in a collective sense…||

        2. If you don’t get a warm welcome from anyone on here even if you have changed for the better, you have the Church of Sasori loser to blame for that since he, or she, kept your negative image alive. So have fun. If you aren’t attached to the name, I suggest you ditch the sasori moniker like Nintendo is ditching the Wii brand. Or just be like Quadraxis & ignore the people that have beef with him. It works for him, after all.

          1. Actually it is not ditching the Wii brand. Remember, you cannot pronounce ‘Switch’ without the ‘Wii’ :)
            In other news, Ubisoft mentioned that Joy-Cons WILL support IR motion controls just like Wiimote, and I am extremely happy because of this. Now just for the dual screen gameplay support…*crossing fingers**

          2. i changed my ways and realized how stupid i was at the time. i wounder what happened to valve aldrime glados and that nintendo is my blood guy. i hope i didn’t mindf**k chruch of sasori guy with my trolling and baiting. the fact that he still dedicates his life into this after 2 years is pretty sad and scary.

  5. Nintendo pretty much confirming that Wii U was a failure, lol. Very good that they’re focusing on moving forward.

      1. It’s funny because Nintendo did absolutely NOTHING to fix it. Instead, they just made the hole deeper by revealing the NX years before it was fully ready, effectively killing any chance of fixing the console’s issues.

  6. I thought the preview video demonstrated that pretty clearly.

    I am a little curious how some Splatoon mechanics will work without the touch screen though (in terms of the rocketing ability, and placing those ink nukes or whatever they were called). It was so easy to just tap on the touch screen map to do those things, so hopefully their workaround doesn’t feel clunky in comparison. But, oh well. Just gonna have to get used to it.

  7. I keep forgetting about Pikmin 4. I can’t wait to see footage of that game. I just hope we don’t have to wait until E3 2017 to see it. Miyamoto already said it was near finished long ago. So I don’t see why they would wait until E3? I hope it’s a much bigger game than Pikmin 3 was. That game felt like only 1/3 of the game it should have been. I also hope it’s more like Pikmin 2 with the treasures and underground parts.

    1. This has been confusing me. People are expecting a new Pikmin game to be revealed, but Nintendo already showed a new game coming to 3DS. A lot of people say that it’s not the same game Miyamoto talked about.

      I seem to remember Miyamoto only saying that the next Pikmin game was done, and then Nintendo revealed the Pikmin 3DS game.

      Am I misremembering or something?

  8. This makes sense and shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing given its purpose. It also gives more of a reason for people to feel good about owning a Wii U and a Switch.

  9. This is ok. If I’m going to play multiplayer, I would rather do it with the regular controller. It was always so much of a bother to me when somebody was required to use the damn Gamepad. Lol.

    1. You mean the one where any video requiring you to use the latest adobe flash player wouldn’t work cause nintendo never thought about updating? The one that made browsing facebook a mess? Lol besides that though I won’t lie it was good for browsing other sites. I didn’t like that you couldn’t edit what the buttons did either. Couldn’t stand the fact that the two back shoulder buttons were used at all, they get hit so easily and make you switch tabs without meaning to. If it’s meant for ease and comfort while browsing, I shouldn’t have to have the controller in the perfect position to avoid the back triggers constantly getting hit.

      1. Configuring the button lay out would be awesome. And I always used the mobile Facebook version which worked fine and i like that it does not support flash. It will help to kill flash. And there are a lot of html5 players out there. No flash support is not that big of a deal. But i love that browser. 5000 hours +

    2. Don’t worry. It will most likely have an internet browser of it’s own. As long as the Switch has USB ports like the Wii U, you can hook up a keyboard for your internet, or even Miiverse, needs. Besides, I won’t miss the Wii U’s version of the internet browser at all since flash player centric sites were near impossible to use if they didn’t have an HTML 5 code to them.

      1. The wii u browser is awesome. I like that they did not include flash. Time to kill that thing. HTML 5 all way. And which site only supports flash nowadays?

        And the nx will most likely not support touchscreen navigation :(
        And no digital keyboard :(

        1. Actually if you follow certain Miiverse accounts closely, a guy that works in specific studio that recieved a demo tech of Switch confirmed that not only the Switch screen has touch capability, but also multi-touch, which makes me believe it is a capacitive screen. However he pointed out that tech demo hardware might significally change by the time the real launch version arrives, cause of adjusting the tech to the price cuts and such.

  10. Coming through! Oh look. there’s people hating the Nintendo switch because it won’t be backward compatible meanwhile, a lot of people loved Snes and Nes and they only had one screen and it didn’t had backward compatible. you guys makes me sad!

  11. Backwards compatibility through a VC. It could happen, depending on the architecture.

    What if, and this is a big what if, what if the gamepad is somehow compatible with the Switch??


  12. The wii u is an amazing console just such a shame it didn’t get the AAA titles it needed the switch has these confirmed already but it is a shame to lose the dual screens it’s a great feature I cannot wait to get the switch next year

  13. OMG you know what one reason why I love this is the fact Nintendo is sticking to one control scheme no bullshit wii remotes than all the sudden nun chucks oh but now you NEED a pro controller. this is honestly ok with me!

  14. I’m not sure why this is news, but I suppose I clicked it. There seem to be a lot of trepidation around this system, but I have faith in Nintendo to revolutionize gaming again.

    1. Yep. You clicked, commented, and used an uncommonly complex word. Guess this was really news! Glad I clicked, commented and mitigated your concern of whether this was news! Augment your mindset!

      1. Yeah, “trepidation” is such a neat word in that context!

        Drybones, speaking of augmenting, have you already jumped into Human Revolution? Glad to see you sir around.

          1. We both should, definitely. I’m still on a budget; hope I manage to save some money to buy Human Revolution, ReCore, Bioshock The Collection and… And Dragon Quest VII until the end of this year.

            Yeah, I will put my dormant 3DS to work again. :)

  15. Wait a minute… How can there be ports of Wii U games like Splatoon and Xenoblade Chronicles X, two games that heavily use the gamepad, cannot work without the second screen?

    I think that alone debunks the port rumors.

    1. Like some people said above, maybe there will be a button to quickly visualize the map, or even we can have the map as a part of the HUD. Also, we can imagine a wired or even wireless adapter to stream the second screen to a tablet or to a smartphone… Remember the Mario Kart game we saw during the Switch video? That multiplayer was split screen, showing that Nintendo is probably willing to distance the Switch from the Wii U and the 3DS. Note that I can be totally wrong, though.

  16. Not too much of big deal for me.
    Honestly, I prefer playing my games with actual controllers.
    Gamepad was unique, but was waaaaaaay too huge and barely utilized its touchscreen functionalities with most games which I found to be a tad bit disappointing.

  17. I really liked having two screens for games that had maps or inventory such as Xenoblade X and now having to go without the second screen is going to take some getting used to. I really hope that dock adds a decent amount of power to the system while the screen is docked. Otherwise I don’t really see the point in a dock at all. So far many of the rumors have been pretty accurate so I’m fairly sure it will. Also hope the screen is still a touchscreen which I heard that it is. Backwards compatibility is not a deal breaker for me at all. Nintendo will likely beef up the virtual console and maybe offer games at a large discount if we already own a particular game and just want it digital. Also, I’m really hoping the little detachable controllers don’t feel too cheap. I would like them to have a little weight to them so I won’t feel like they can be easily broken. All in all I am really excited for the Switch and Nintendo already said their are some surprises that are yet to be announced about the system so it’s looking good.

  18. I think something we haven’t talk or mention as far i know, is the HEADPHONES. HAVE YOU SEE THEM? The guy in the plane has some headphones that doesn’t seems like a normal random headphones you could buy everywhere. Look at the color palette, it’s the same from the console. Black/Greyish, it seems like an accessory and maybe if it is, does it have a Microphone?? Can we play with those Joy-Cons + Headphones + NSwitch on a plane killing noobs in COD? Can we?

      1. Well if it has an option to be wireless could be awesome, but that doesn’t worry me; in the trailer they show us the guy connect the 3.5mm headphone, so that “confirms” it’s a cable accessory, but as other companies they could have a cable one and a wireless one, too; who knows. But those headphones are something, simple not ugly design, medium size, and love the color hehe.
        will see.

        1. Ah, there is a wire… Didn’t notice that.

          That’s fine, I’m ok with one or another (or both) solution(s). But since Nintendo and Apple are now best friends forever, if the headphone jack was dropped from the Switch, I wouldn’t be that surprised! LOL!

          And, yes, the grey-ish, clean style of the headphones is pretty cool.

  19. Off-TV Play was the main thing I wanted to carry over from the Wii U Gamepad. They seem to have designed the entire system around that, taking it to the next level by giving the idea unrestricted mobility, so I’m content.

    1. Exactly, off-TV play is neat. Asymmetric game play apparently did not sit well with a bunch of people, myself included.

    1. I’m not worried about Pikmin 4 since Pikmin worked fine before Wii U & it’s Gamepad ever existed.

  20. The Wii U has about a third of the power of the X1 and PS4 and funky architecture. That’s why third parties didn’t support it. They had moved onto the more powerful hardware. And it didn’t sell.

    The gamepad was a very small factor. Third parties could have just slapped a logo on the screen, made the game pro controller compatible and called it a day. The power and architecture were the main factors.

  21. GOOD!!! Its better this way having NO GAMEPAD & using a controller. The Wii U was great but the in many cases the touch screen was barely used or just plain “senseless” with certain games.

    Hell, i might as well go on record & say the gamepad was a whole lot more gimmicky than the Wiimote & nunchucks.

  22. Wind Waker, Nintendo Land, and Splatoon were the only 3 games that I got use out of the gamepad with. Besides those 3 games, the I would just occasionally use the gamepad as my main screen as I will be able to with the NX

    1. Nah man there are plenty others, CoD, Watch Dogs, Need for Speed, ZombiU, Fatal Frame (Project zero), Mario Maker, and I am just naming a few.

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