Earthbound Fan Puts His Entire Collection On eBay For $10,000

Earthbound is a series that has a lot of dedicated fans. However, this collector must be one of the franchise’s biggest lovers. Over the years, LucasTizma has acrewed this massive collection of rare Earthbound merchandise. His set includes both official Nintendo merchandise and collectables from Fangamer. However, LucasTizma has decided to part with his collection for the princely sum of $10,000. You can check out his eBay auction right here.

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  1. He/She could be doing it for charity? And if that’s the case I think it’s very justified for a price like that.

  2. While some of us can’t afford this, I’m sure there is some avid, rich collector out there who can. He, or she, in turn will eventually sell it themselves for more than what they bought it for some many years later like the guy he bought the stuff from is doing now. Eventually, this shit will one day be worth millions to the right fucking person! @.@ ESPECIALLY if they are able to add even more new shit to the already extensive collection over the years they kept it.

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