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Nintendo: ‘You Shouldn’t Assume What You Saw On The Video Represents Actual Switch Game Footage’

Last week Nintendo finally lifted the lid on the Nintendo Switch its next generation video game platform which is due out in March. In the trailer used to show off the system we saw a number of titles being played including Skyrim, Splatoon, Mario Kart and more. However, Nintendo has told Eurogamer that the video was simply a proof of concept video and that “You shouldn’t assume what you saw on the video represents actual game footage.” That’s certainly interesting. Nintendo has said that it will reveal more about the Switch sometime next year.

This video is all about explaining how the Nintendo Switch works. We wanted to convey in a self-contained video how Nintendo Switch represents a new era for video game systems enjoyed in front of a TV, by letting gamers play anywhere, anytime, with anyone they choose. It adds the mobility of a portable system to the power of a home gaming system.

At a later date, before the March launch, we’ll be talking about things like exact launch date, and of course, the games. You shouldn’t assume what you saw on the video represents actual game footage and further specifics on first-party games will be provided later.



  1. So back to square one with BotW, Dragon Quest, Just Dance, and Project Sonic 2017 being the only “confirmed” games.

    1. I find it funny how nintendo seems to pick and choose games that they can reveal and those that they can’t…that is of course assuming that games like skyrim are simply unannounced rather than not coming to the system.

      Why can sega confirm project sonic 2017 but companies like bethesda can’t? It makes no sense!

        1. Wouldn’t the surprise be ruined because they already showed it? If they confirm it later the reaction will be more like, “it’s about fucking time you confirmed the game that you showed running on fucking thing!!!”

          1. The surprise would be ruined, but its Nintendo we are talking about. They think they can tease stuff, then make you unsure of it, then confirm it later, and still act like it’s supposed to surprise you.

            1. And would that be a wise tactic? Why not just tell us when the time is right rather than tease us like this? I’d certainly buy it day one if they could just confirm skyrim for it!

              1. Obviously Skyrim isnt coming. If it was, Nintendo would surely be boasting about it.. And they wouldn’t have released that comment saying not to expect it. Oh well, It comes out for PS4 tommorrow.

  2. Well nintendo you’re certainly making things difficult for us and yourselves by refusing to give us basic information like the price, specs and of course, the games. While I’m sure you’ll do this eventually (as you said you’d do this sometime in 2017), I’m worried it’ll be too late by then.

    Has there ever actually been a console that was in a similar position to what nintendo’s doing and succeeded?

    Do not mistake this comment for impatience as I have a lot of games I can play while I wait. I’m just worried about them and their product. Then again, nintendo has a bunch of cash in the bank so I guess I’m just worrying over nothing…again.

    1. Nintendo never said this, it was Eurogamer. So I treat it like a rumor. It’s very possible that’s complete crap. Especially since Nintendo is known for showing demos of games that don’t actually exist… like the space world demo for the gamecube, or the Zelda demo for the Wii U.

      1. Good point there, I can still be hopeful right ? ;). Not necessarily Mario cuz we know he’s coming. I just want proof Skyrim is real and want it to sell well so 3rd parties will give an arse about the Switch.

      2. The Space World demos weren’t demos of games, they were tech demos. Two completely different things.

  3. When Bethesda said it, I wan’t too worried, and was sure that it’d just be announced at a later date. Now it actually sounds like it’s not a Switch game. This is kind of a big deal, as a lot of the Hype I’ve seen around the Switch has been non-Nintendo fan freaking out about the Skyrim thing.

      1. No. Last seconds of the video has a disclaimer. It is the same for every commercial you have ever watch from electronics to fast food.

    1. The Skyrim Remaster would be too old to be on the Switch even if it was a launch title anyway. It most likely wouldn’t sell that great seeing as it would be available on the other current gen consoles long before the Switch is released. Bethesda has already confirmed support for the Switch (and yes I know we’ve heard this story lots of times regarding Nintendo home consoles) so they may want to release more current games next year for it as oppose to releasing ports of old games. As for the games in the Switch debut trailer not being actual Switch game footage it’s no big deal. Sony and Microsoft do this all of the time at E3 or at whatever big gaming event.

      1. It’d be awesome if we got the elder scrolls 6 on the switch! THAT’S the kind of support I want for this console!

    2. I think the Skyrim in the video is from the PC version and the real Switch game does not look that nice so thats why Nintendo say it does not represent real gameplay

    3. Everyone missed the disclaimer at the end of the video that says game footage is not final. There is nothing to worry about right now. Games will be reveal and people will be happy or sad. It is the cycle that keep going since the 70s.

    1. At least you’re not another one of those “NINTENDO SWITCH OMG HYYYYYYPE!!!1!” even though things like skyrim aren’t even confirmed and nintendo has admitted they’re going to make a 3ds successor “much later”…meaning we can potentially kiss pokemon and fire emblem on the switch (main titles I mean) goodbye.


          They slyly hid this little bit of information away from the masses so they could scream “OMG POKEMON ON SWITCH HYYYYYPE!!1!!`1″…giving them more views and attention. While this confirms nothing, it only increases the risk that we won’t get console pokemon or fire emblem…even though the system is meant to be a hybrid.

          It doesn’t matter if they’re dishonest as they make too much money off of mobile and mario to care what us commoners think.

            1. I’m not sure I understand the point of this link. Are you effectively saying I’m retarded? That’s what it says in the video bit you linked. And no, I’m not triggered or anything.

                1. Did they specifically confirm any traditional games though? That is the question and ultimately what most people care about.

                  1. Well ask yourself, what pokemon game has TPC developed for a Nintendo HOME console?

                    [Spoiler]Theyve never developed for a Nintendo home console before, period. They have published everything but theyve never developed for a Nintendo home console.[/spoiler]

                    1. Well since nintendo I believe has said this is a home gaming system wouldn’t that mean no main pokemon for the switch?

                    2. To my knowledge, TPC has never developed any video game for any system. All the main games were developed mainly by Game Freak, which is a private company. Pokémon Company has only ever published.

                    3. ahh, you are correct. In all of this I completely forgot that TPC isnt Game Freak. Hmmm, ok, this all changes everything then.

            1. Wise choice, it’s best not to get hyped yet while we still barely know anything about the switch.

          1. TPC has already stated that Pokemon would never appear on a home console. When asked about developing for the Switch, they said they were making a pokemon game for it. It came out of their mouths.

            About a month ago or so, Nintendo said that the Switch would not replace the Wii U but end up a 3rd pillar. It came out of their mouths.

            The last time they talked about having a 3rd pillar was when they introduced the DS while the GBA was still selling. They axed the GBA shortly after.

            What im trying to say is Nintendo has always been full of shit when when it comes to their PR. Just because they say one thing, doesnt mean its true. Theyll say just about anything to keep people buying a console that theyre planing on axing, just to get a bit more out of it. This could easily replace the 3DS and theyll wont care about what they previously said.

            1. I hope you’re right and that they don’t just go ahead with a 3ds successor anyways regardless of how the switch does.

            2. Nintendo never said the Switch would be a 3rd pillar. You’re skewing their words. They’ve said two things about the Switch.

              1) The Nintendo website calls the Switch their next home gaming system.

              2) They’ve said that the Switch is not the “successor” to the Wii U.

              That means that the Switch is their next home console, but is not the next product in the Wii line.

              1. Your missing the point -_-

                If I remember correctly, Nintendo never said anything about the DS being a 3rd pillar either, it was the media that called it that because of the way nintendo announced it. They did the same thing and called it a “new way to play” and that it wouldnt replace the GBA line, it would coexist with the GCN and the GBA. As you can see, that was a lie.
                And funny that you mention number 1, because my whole point was that Nintendo is horrible at PR, they say one thing and then do another. Just about a month ago or so they said that the NS would coexist with the Wii U, and now theyre calling it the next home console? Ninty lies, but they never seem to get repercussions, as fans we let them slip with a lot.

                1. I’m not missing the point. I agree that Nintendo is very bad with PR, but I think that’s it. I don’t think they’re purposely lying. I think they’re just very bad at making themselves understood.

                  In the case of the GBA to DS transition, I don’t think it was the media’s fault. I remember Nintendo specifically saying that it would not replace the GBA and that they would coexist. That’s the one time I remember Nintendo blatantly stretching the truth about console transitions (unless of course they actually believed they would coexist, but that seems unlikely).

                  Can you provide a link that shows Nintendo saying Switch and Wii U would coexist? I don’t recall them saying anything like that.

                  1. Oh sure here.


                    This is the one I find the most interesting.


                    [b]Respected Japanese paper Nikkei asked Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima what kind of game machine the NX was. “At this current stage, I’m not able to say,” Kimishima replied. “However, it’s not merely the successor to the handheld 3DS or stationary console Wii U. This will be hardware that’s been made with a new way of thinking. I’d like to announce more particulars regarding its specs and how it works another time this year.” [/b]

                    I can see why you would say that they have chose their words wisely, and that they have said that this isnt a succesor to the Wii U, because its not a successor but a replacement. But in those same statement they have brought up both the handheld and home console. Why would they feel the need to bring up the handheld if this was only a Wii U replacement. I can bring up other instances were Nintendo has lied to its fanbase about other things, particularly Reggie. (I hate that guy so much) but I think you would know about those instances.

                    1. Any direct quotes? Those links don’t show anyone from Nintendo saying they’ll support Wii U and Switch at the same time. It’s tough to say why they brought up both the Wii U and 3DS. My first thought would be that they expect the Switch to replace both of them, but that the Switch isn’t strictly a successor to either one. However we now know that Nintendo wants to continue to support the 3DS after Switch is released.


                      This kind of throws a wrench in the idea that the Switch is meant to combine the handheld and home divisions. It could be that Nintendo realizes that the 3DS isn’t quite dead yet and can still bring in money. But what happens when they decide to stop supporting the 3DS? Will the Switch replace it or do they have another handheld unit in mind?

                      It’s also worth noting that while Kimishima just announced continued support for the 3DS, he didn’t say anything about continuing to support Wii U.

                    2. Not really, most quotes out there are from the investors that pick up things when they have their meetings. So it could easily be said that its just a mistranslation or misinterpreted. and yeah I read the recent article on that.

                      Yeahs thats exactly what im thinking, they want to get out as much out of the 3ds before officially killing of support. They have been really selective about the words that they use and its confusing as shit to be honest.

                    3. Not really, most quotes out there are from the investors that pick up things when they have their meetings. So it could easily be said that its just a mistranslation or misinterpreted. and yeah I read the recent article on that.

                      Yeahs thats exactly what im thinking, they want to get out as much out of the 3ds before officially killing of support. They have been really selective about the words that they use and its confusing as shit to be honest.

          1. ||It’s both true and wrong at its current state, it is not a successor in terms of Wii-line so in that sense it cannot be a successor at all, but as a general generation terms, it is because otherwise they would never have stopped support of the Wii U in the first place…||

              1. ||It most likely will have Pokemon if no 3DS successor is announced within the next 2 years…||

              2. not to impose or anything, but since you seem to be commenting a lot, perhaps it might benefit you to upgrade from an anonymous account if you intend on frequenting this site in the future? just a suggestion.

              3. Fire Emblem would be awesome but Porkymanz? Fuck no! Now Persona and more mature games no call of duty Shit and we got a winner

              1. I hope not. Nintendo has to get as far away from the Wii brand. Us being able to use those controllers would only confuse the consumer.

          2. That would be such bullshit after this quote from Iwata in 2014.

            “Whether we will ultimately need just one device will be determined by what consumers demand in the future, and that is not something we know at the moment. However, we are hoping to change and correct the situation in which we develop games for different platforms individually and sometimes disappoint consumers with game shortages as we attempt to move from one platform to another, and we believe that we will be able to deliver tangible results in the future.”

            The best answer to this problem is a single hybrid device which is what the Switch should be. They’ll sell millions of the things with Pokemon and all of their other games on it.

            1. That’s true…nintendo likely has their reasons for keeping their options open by not confirming things until later…the downside is of course that then they’re too scared to just give us straight answers to simple questions!

      1. Maybe he meant he was in a position where he was going to pre-order it immediately when he could but, in light of recent events, has ultimately decided that’d be a bad idea and won’t be doing so?

      2. A buddy of mine works at a mom and pop type game store. I gave them 400 as a place holder. Lots of places will let you do this if you have access to them.

  4. Wow, that’s just low. Nintendo treating us like idiots, again! First, all the Nintendo games were actual Switch footage. Whether the gameplay was recorded from dev kits or the Switch doesn’t matter. And second, if Skyrim isn’t planned for the Switch, then why would they tease us? Nintendo better not messes with its fans again!

  5. ||Of course you useless cattle always assume the worst no matter what, but when the corrupted forces like the Ubisians or Electrons release a weapon that’s obviously gimped and bugged compared to their original footage then you fools still buy that trash…||

            1. While it is true us humans are made of flesh and bone, we will rise up to machines like you!

    1. You useless pile of scrap metal. You think your opinion matters to anyone here? I’ve seen crushed cars that are more useful and function better than your pile of nuts, bolts, and circuitry.

      1. ||Have you and your twin switched brains? Because you used to be on my side while he was against me…||

        ||Lord Zedd…||

          1. ||Unfortunately yes, he degraded himself from an alien emperor to a horse for some illogical reason…||

      1. ||But you are a horse now…||

        ||Your human/hedgehog brother exposed you some time ago…||

    1. Aren’t all predictions technically assumptions though? Wouldn’t that make predicting anything technically make you seem foolish by that logic?

      1. but its more about broader statements like if you see your boy/girlfriend hanging out with a girl/boy when he said he would be with family when you realize it was his sister/brother. assuming on little info is what it means .

  6. One of the guys in the Trailer,did an interview with Gamexplain, when he stated that there was no actual playing, it was all added in Post. So anybody that watched that video, already knew this.

  7. I couldn’t care less if Skyrim or NBA 17 don’t come to Switch as those don’t interest me, but they BETTER NOT have shown that new Splatoon and Mario Kart if they have no intention of them being launch window games.

    Don’t play with me on this Nintendo- I do not have time for your mind games.

    1. I don’t care about skyrim or nba either but I really hope those games are on the system for the sake of Nintendo. otherwise it seems like false advertising on Nintendo’s part…

    2. I seriously doubt that the Splatoon thing was in there just to be there because it had content clearly visible that the Wii U version does NOT have. The Splatoon and Mario Kart should pretty much be confirmed for Switch and if not, then confirmed to be getting updates on the Wii U- either way the two games are getting attention, there is no denying that

  8. Wait, they showed game footage? I thought they were slide shows of the games. I guess the frame rate is so shit.

  9. This fills me with rage. Nowhere in the video does it say it’s a “proof of concept” video. It’s a reveal trailer. That’s what it clearly says. Why should I not assume that what you showed in a REVEAL trailer, is not supposed to be taken seriously? Holy Fuck.

          1. The average consumer will not see either though. We as gamers, and more specifically Nintendo fans, will see this (and bitch about it haha). But the average consumer will not. And when they go looking for Skyrim on Switch and find out it’s not on Switch (assuming it isn’t, we shall see), they may not buy. It’s not a good business tactic in my opinion. All that said, I really hope all the games shown are on the Switch. It needs a wide stable of games to succeed. Can’t have a Wii U stable again. If they only have Nintendo games again for the most part, a lot of Wii U owners will not make the Switch.

            1. ||That’s the difference between me and the cattle, as they are brainless, pathetic and always use their ignorant oblivious nature to go against Nintendo despite doing things correctly…||

            2. I know that, but koshua5 thought that the trailer didn’t have any kind of disclaimer in it. The only purpose of my original comment was to inform him that there in fact was one. I’m not trying to defend Nintendo or their decision here. I don’t like the “faux gameplay” either.

              1. I guess I came across the wrong way. Sorry about that. I wasn’t trying to insinuate that you were defending Nintendo. I was just stating my thoughts on it, but I think it came out as somewhat aggressive when I didn’t want it to.

  10. Nintendo: “We’ve learned from our mistakes from the Wii U and won’t do the same for the NS”
    The entirety of planet earth: “No…. You haven’t learned a thing”

  11. Nintendo: “Here is the Switch, everyone! BTW, none of the footage shown is actually running on the Switch. See ya in 2017! Have a fun 2 months of silence!”

  12. Oh, please. Lol, this is just Nintendo trying to stay on the safe side in case anyone (like Bethesda for example) decides not to actually bring Skyrim. The games they showed in that trailer are ones that Nintendo fully intends to launch on that system. You ain’t fooling anybody.

  13. Bethesda wants ps4/xbone sells 28 october!!!

    Im 100% postive they wouldnt show skyrim, if it wouldnt come to the Switch, makes no sense! Like showing God of War 3 on the switch, or Crash Bandicoot on the xbone and saying or make a trailer of a game running ultra on a gaming rig 144fps and saying you shouldn’t assume what you saw on the video represents actual game footage..

  14. If it never ends up on the console, then I have to say it is a dick move to show it. BUT, considering we still know so very little, I’m not jumping to any conclusions and going to wait it out. Got plenty to do in the meantime anyways. :P

  15. Nintendo. What are we gonna do with you? As much as most of us want you to do good, you just keep on tripping over yourself. You show us a measly three minute video with no details (although the video showed potential). Games in the video got people hyped. Now you say we shouldn’t assume these games in the video will be on the Switch. Why in the hell would you show us a video with games that may not actually be on the console? Any idiot can see this will just cause consumer frustration. There’s no excuse for it. Some people say, maybe this is preemptive in case third party decides not to put these games on there. So then don’t put them in the damn video! It’s like their pathetic track record with release dates. Don’t say shit about exhibit A until you are 100% sure exhibit A will be on your console/released on time. Leading up to the Wii U launch, there are all these games Nintendo was talking about from third party. Got me excited. How many of those games actually ended up on the Wii U? Not that many. This is basically false advertisement. Maybe not in a legal sense. But they intentionally and foolishly mislead people. A disclaimer at the end of the video doesn’t count either. That is hogwash. The average person doesn’t go looking for disclaimers at the end of a video. They go “wow, that was cool.” And then go talk to their fellow gamers about it. They get hyped about it… All this talk about how they learned their lessons. Thus far, I’m not seeing it. Nintendo. You gotta do better. I want you to return to prominence. Stop getting in your own way. Only one stopping you from achieving higher levels of success is you. Ok, broken promises from some third party companies on the Wii U too. But still.

    1. Thank god someone speaks the truth around here! I agree that a disclaimer, while it protects them legally, does not in my eyes protect them morally. As you said, people who see this trailer will go “OMFG SKYRIM ON NINTENDO!?!?!!!1!” and hype their friends without checking the disclaimers…which is exactly what nintendo probably wants sadly.

      This combined with bethesda’s message make me very weary of whether the switch will even get skyrim as this isn’t the first time nintendo showed game play of a game that got canceled or whatever.

      I REALLY hope this is just because of a bunch of NDAs and not…you know….

      1. ||So even if we and the Bethesdians have a deal for Skyrim and then suddenly the Bethesdians break them right before the Nintendo Event, it’s still Nintendo’s fault?…||

        1. No then it’d be bethesda’s fault. I’m just saying that, who ever put skyrim in the trailer, before it’d even been confirmed was making a really dumb move that could potentially backfire on them.`

          1. ||The Bethesdians already confirmed that their so far shown partnership with us was to provide the short Skyrim session, whether they are only in this to betray us will be assured once the Nintendo Event takes place like I’ve said…||

        2. Not quite, I say. Remember how Ubisoft said they were 100% behind Wii U and then proceeded to get rid of Rayman Legends’ exclusivity as well as delay Watch_Dogs for 6 months while releasing on every other platform beforehand? And then have the audacity to wonder why it didn’t go over well? That was messed up, we both agree on that.

          Yes, if Bethesda ends up not putting Skyrim or any games at all on Switch, it’s mostly their fault, but Nintendo takes some heat for showing it in the reveal- the first glimpse of anything regarding the system. First impressions are very important, and if the first impression is of games that won’t come to the console, that is a terrible message to convey.

          I don’t expect you to agree with me, but I hope that gives you a different perspective.

          1. ||I accept your logic as long as High Command and the Bethesdians had no signed treaty for this…||

      2. All reasons why I will wait and see with this console. Not buying day one. I hope they make the Switch live up to the hype. I really do. But I’m still skeptical.

  16. You people are stupid. All Nintendo said is that it may or may not be actual Switch gameplay (I.e. post processed video, general tech demo); nowhere in their comment did they say these games aren’t coming to the console.

  17. Good… now that Nintendo has focused its console and handheld into one device, the game development should now be focused on just one avenue, thus releasing more games frequently and hopefully addressing the droughts the Wii-U suffered often.

    As for third party support, simply call the majority of them “fence sitters”, they will come if the system is a success. If not, we won’t see any support from them but the difference this time around is what I said above. Nintendo should be able to weather the droughts far better this time around, not a guarantee that they will survive but… who can really says. It certainly doesn’t help when Analysts are quick to promote pessimism and websites are quick to take their word for it.

  18. All ima say is if it didn’t come to the Switch, that’d be pretty F’d up broskies.

    And would in turn automatically turn me off from it, it just feels so cheap of it wasn’t true. They may as well have clips of the next Halo game running on it…


  19. I think what this means is that the games shown are simply examples of gameplay on the Switch, and how games can be played. Not necessarily actual Switch games. Though it would be pretty stupid if Skyrim (and that basketball game) doesn’t come to the Switch, after showing them playing on it. That would be false advertising. Like, why show a game that’s NOT coming to it? Might as well show Halo playing on it, or some other Xbox game made by RARE. Just to get the fans all worked up for no reason.

  20. I Need nintendo skyrim (no more ps3 overheats, ps4 freezing or pc problems). Skyrim play in bed is like heaven :)

  21. A 3 minute trailer featuring shit that may or may not be on the console & then they’ll go silent for the rest of the year & probably won’t reveal anything til fucking mid February!? Way to kill your own hype, Ninten-D’OH! *facepalm* Sadly, there will still be little suck ups bending over for Nintendo like the stupid sheep they are. Well back to square one, guys.

    But hey! Least we now know what the gimmick is! Yay! /s

    1. I’ll level with you, I think this is going to be Nintendo’s return to glory if they do it correctly. This reveal was a great step in the right direction. But showing games that are not confirmed to actually be on the console as well as going silent again immediately after opening up are bizarre routes to take and will hurt more than help.

      I am very excited for the potential this thing has, but I need a little more incentive- right now I am only considering getting one within half a year of release. We need much more info released if I wanna consider becoming a Day-1er.

      1. Same here as evidenced by the fact I got really hyped up again til the later articles stating Nintendo will be silent for the rest of the year came up. :/ I just want to know if there will be no more console locked bullshit. That’s all I need to know. If it still has that bullshit, I’ll consider the Switch just another failure & wait til the last year of it’s life to buy one. The console itself & the games I will be interested in will most likely be very, very cheap by then, too. So regardless of what Nintendo does, I win either way and WILL get my money’s worth this time around.

    1. Well Skyrim is being remastered and re-released on the current consoles. I don’t think people are necessarily excited because Skyrim might be coming to Switch. They’re excited because it means that Switch might actually get big AAA games. It’s been a while since we’ve seen any big third party games on a Nintendo platform. If Skyrim is actually on Switch it could mean things will actually change.

  22. Why the hell would you showcase a game on your system and then say that it isn’t confirmed? So, what, you showed a pre rendering of Skyrim to give yourselves the artificial feeling of success by making a strong enough console to run Skyrim? If it wasn’t a pre rendering, seems like wasted resources to port the game JUST for a few seconds of screen time.

    Also, the Splatoon and Mario Kart bits only confirm things and cannot be denied. Either it is confirmed for the Switch or confirmed to be getting updates on Wii U, no denying that since there is cold hard proof (and also because it’d be a waste of resources to do it for a small video- I mean, and entire map? Added hairstyles? Weapons? Gameplay of those said things? Waste if it isn’t true…).

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