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Nintendo UK Store: You Can Now Register Your Interest In The Nintendo Switch

The official Nintendo UK store is now offering customers a chance to register their interest in the recently unveiled Nintendo Switch platform. If you decide to do it then you will be alerted when the console is available for pre-order and any bundles that will become available with the system before it launches in March 2017. Also you could be in for a chance of winning one if you answer the simple question provided which is, Which of these Nintendo Switch system features are you most looking forward to?

Be the first to hear about store offers and when pre-orders are open for Nintendo’s new home gaming system, Nintendo Switch.


Thanks to Richard A for the tip!


  1. We need this in America. I absolutely want to be alerted as soon as a bundle is available for pre-order. Especially if it is that fabled Luigi’s Mansion 3 bundle…

  2. I would like to be alerted when Nintendo do decides to tell us what the fuck is inside the system and what games it will launch with. X.x Until then, we don’t really know what we are showing interest in.

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