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Nintendo President Says The Nintendo Switch Won’t Fully Replace The 3DS

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has made it clear that the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform won’t fully replace the long-standing Nintendo 3DS system. Takashi Mochizuki, the technology reporter over at the Wall Street Journal, says that Mr. Kimishima said they will continue to support the Nintendo 3DS platform and make games for it.


          1. The production rumor was of the console units themselves. Games are a different story. I doubt that they have many if any more first party Wii U games coming out this year.

            1. That was not rumor, even staff said if you want one you should buy one now.

              Also orders in some countries have already stopped.
              The device (with the exception of the next Zelda) well have no more new games, unless they are possibly duel release switch/wii U.
              That said, NX is a family a devices, not just the switch. Most likely a Wii U/3DS handheld well be released. It’s very clear (like honestly it’s very obvious) that switch is taking over for the shield tablet.
              This hypothetical handheld well provably be a 200$ handheld that takes the place of the shield handheld but could (like vita TV) be used on a tv (like Wii U)

              That said I dont think the NX, platform would even be exclusive to those two devices (the switch, and a possible handheld only) …..but no the Wii U is already over.

  1. Who’s to say though.

    Nintendo might run the risk of having it’s own systems competing against each other. Sure, the Switch is primarily a home console but it still has portability as a huge selling point like the 3DS.

        1. The dock does not “improve” resolution and graphics of the Switch. It’s just a dock to allow USB, HDMI and power connections. Now, it is believed that the power connection through the dock to the Switch “may” allow the Switch to “boost” the processors speed since the system wont be in battery power savings mode. That would allow the Switch to display a slightly higher resolution on the TV over the build in screen. The dock does not however have any additional cpu/gpu processors.

                1. Do you not live in America? And if you do, how were you able to avoid it? I’m inundated with political crap on a daily basis from both sides. My Facebook feed is full of it. Perhaps you don’t have Facebook? Or watch the news? Either way, lucky you haha.

                  1. Yeah, I do. I just stroll through Facebook. I don’t watch the news during election time. People don’t talk politics with me because I never have been a side picker.

      1. It is a home console and it’s supposed to work the way you’d usually expect a console to. Hook it up and play it on the TV. The part that looks like a handheld is the Switch console itself. That’s why it doesn’t show on the TV when you take it off the dock. Because you’re literally taking the console with you. It’s a portable console.

  2. PLEASE don’t make another console alongside the switch! PLEASE give us that sweet pokemon and fire emblem for the switch! PLEASE NITNENDO!!!

      1. Pikmin for 3ds? I think they will slowly stopping to publish games while the time goes, they will not stop the games so suddenly. Having anounced games for the upcoming year makes people believe that they will continue to support it and makes people, that not have a 3ds yet, still wanting to buy one. Or it will occur the same for Wiiu, in our mind Wiiu has already stopped, but not the same case for 3DS. Well, just my opinion there.

  3. I hope they continue doing the themes for Switch, like they did for 3DS, I love them. I wish I could design my own them though, but ok. ^^

  4. So basically, until they see sales, they aren’t sure whether this is a GBA/DS situation, or a Gameboy/Virtualboy situation. I’m sure they have well-placed faith that it’s the former, but they’re hedging their bets in case it’s the latter.

    That or they just want lots of people to buy a 3DS when Pokemon comes out, which they’re less likely to do if they think the device is pretty much dead at this point.

  5. Yeah, if by support they mean Mario Sports and Pikmin 3ds. Then it’ll be dead. Just the same way Nintendo said there were many Wii U title coming this year, and it was just Paper Mario.

  6. The Nintendo 3DS still fills the role of dual screen gameplay which the Wii U also had but the Switch is replacing the Wii U. Nintendo wont abandon one of their most popular innovations in the last decade so easily.

  7. I don’t know whether to believe it or not. I can imagine it’s meant as a placeholder response until they see how well the Switch does. I mean, the 3DS is getting quite old now, and should realistically only have a couple of years left in it, so it will be replaced eventually. It would make sense to rely on the old system of pushing two different platforms at once, since it obviously makes more money. On the other hand, would it be more likely for the Switch to replace the 3DS if it does poorly, or if it does well? Arguably, they’d only need to merge stationary with handheld if the Switch sells poorly, since then they’d at least attract the 3DS crowd without having to develop a whole new handheld. Likewise, if it does well, they can keep making money from two fronts.

    If they do end up developing a new separate handheld after the 3DS, I at least hope it’ll be as powerful as the Switch tablet. I want me some proper HD Pokémon and Fire Emblem characters that aren’t chibi.

  8. It’s a handheld that can be played on the tv. It’s not a home gaming system first. If that was true you wouldn’t be forcing all this handheld shit on us instead of releasing a console at least on par with the ps4 in 2017. Stop with the bs.

  9. I imagine it’ll be another year or two as the games dwindle. Same thing happened for the DS. Last good games were Black 2 and White 2, which were almost 2 years into the 3DS’s run at that point. It’s a fair bet Gen 7 will be ending on the same system it started on.

    I could understand them not making another handheld after this though, or at least maybe making one more designed for portability; longer battery than the home console, more durable, portable charger

    1. I just hope the switch gets HD pokemon and fire emblem for gods sake. I don’t care whether they make a successor or not as long as handheld exclusive franchises get games on the switch. Otherwise I fear we’ll have a wii u 2.0 on our hands.

  10. This means that they will continue making 3DS games for the remainder of the production cycle in progress. Once the established base of the Switch is comparable, they’ll focus exulsively and phase out the 3DS. Similar to how the DS wasn’t a gameboy replacement but then eventually was. So it could take a couple more years.

    Remember that there were secret great Gameboy games that came out after DS like Minish Cap and so on.

    Business as usual.

  11. That’s understandable since the 3DS is still doing really well. But I do see Switch as a Wii U replacement since Wii U has not been doing so well.

  12. They said this for the Wii U as well. Seeing as Splatoon and maybe Mario Kart 8 are appearing on the platform, along with the fact that they said last year that the NX, Wii U and 3DS will co-live, my hopes are that they’ll have cross platform online play.

    1. If Nintendo Account is the universal account system I’m hoping it is & they are waiting til the Switch comes out to use that to it’s fullest potential along with My Nintendo for cross buy, cross save, & cloud storage, who knows. Maybe there will be cross platform online play. They’d have to update the Wii U & 3DS, though. Hm. Maybe that’s why the 3DS, at least, has been getting so many updates the last few months & they are only so small & called stability updates so no one will go & try to hack the system to see if the updates have any hidden code. Just a theory, though.

  13. I hope not. If the Switch’s battery life is as terrible as we’ve heard, replacing the 3DS using Switch is a bad idea right now.

  14. The 3DS will need to be replaced eventually. Dropping it right this second may not be the best idea, but if the Switch IS successful, there’s no reason it can’t replace the 3DS when it’s time to do so. They can’t squeeze much else out of that thing, and one of the biggest reasons it remains popular as a platform is Pokemon. This statement is very much like the statement about the DS not being a replacement for the Game Boy devices, but a “third pillar”.. well that too was a cautionary statement, in case it flopped. It didn’t flop, it was a huge hit, and did indeed replace the GBA after a while. The Switch can still do the same with the 3DS.

  15. That’s bullshit and you know it, Kimishima…though I really hope it doesn’t. The DS line of consoles are just the perfect gaming portables. As neat as the Switch may look, I can’t fit that huge tablet in my pants pocket :(

    1. That & I’m a fan of the clam shell design. I can’t stand my screen being wide open for scratches & cracks.

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