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Nintendo President Says Consumers Will Have Chance To Try Nintendo Switch Before Release

The Wall Street Journal technology reporter Takashi Mochizuki is reporting that Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has said that consumers will get a chance to try out the Nintendo Switch before it launches in March 2017. This is clearly a good idea to let potential customers go hands on with the device much like Sony is allowing customers to do with the PlayStation VR system. Let’s just hope it’s not relegated to a few shopping malls.

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  1. I can’t think of a reason where I’d need to try it out before release. Just need to know about the games.

      1. I don’t think the controls will feel that different from any other modern controller and if they do I’d like to experience that fresh out of the box when I bring it home for the first time.

    1. TheLulzyAritst aka Entropic Void strikes again. Up there mad because there’s no anticipation for your bullshit dogshit indie game LOL

  2. You know, it would be really funny if someone connected the Joy-Cons to it, lifted it off the dock, and walked off. But I don’t think they’d be that stupid to allow that to happen. It’ll probably be attached to the demo unit as usual. Lol.

  3. I would love to try this console out, then later after satisfied give out a big shout.
    Though the retailers would probably kick me out.

    Grunty’s rhyming is part of my game suprsingly no one thinks this is lame.

    Still no word from the famous Dr. TRE. Thats not like him 6 days of Nintendo Switch and still nothing to really say? I hope he’s okay.

    1. He made a video after the Switch trailer debuted in the same day exposing the people who thought it was gonna be a dedicated home console with a mobile aspect. Maybe he’s taking a while to give his thoughts about it until he’s had a chance to get more about it, you do have a point though

        1. I can’t believe you haven’t hit a brick wall yet with those rhymes. xD I wouldn’t have been able to do it so many hours in a row, much less days.

      1. wow, you know more about doctre than anybody maybe even more than himself LOL. Mad love is in the air!

  4. Given Nintendo’s prior demos this will most certainly be a partnership with Best Buy again. Those lines gonna be long as hell to try out the new Zelda on Switch for like five minutes at a time max.

  5. But GAME are charging people £5 for 10 minutes to try the PSVR. Thay might charge to try the Nintendo Switch just to make some cash. Not good, not good at all.

  6. Be a great idea since the Big ‘N’ did a hands-on event at GameStop with the 3DS and it was successful. I’d love to try out the Nintendo Switch to see how it will do out in the field and if it’s worth the suggested price point.

  7. And with this system there’s really only one way they can go about it at Best Buy/GameStop/etc: Have a station with both the docked unit/Joycon controller and a locked tablet station.

    As great of a concept as taking any game with you is, there’s really no secure way to show that off to its fullest (i.e. “switching” around the Joycon slabs) without having constant Nintendo rep surveillance (which they can do at special preview demos). However, the idea that you can play the exact same games at home and on the go can be communicated by offering both form factors right next to each other. As long as the stations are playing the same games, people will get what it can do on a basic level.

  8. Please don’t be at one single store chain like with the Wii U Best Buy crap. I expect to see one at Wal-Mart, GameStop, & Best Buy!

  9. It’s hard to believe there’s some people who actually have to try it out before deciding whether or not to buy it. I myself am basically “semi poor”, but I still do everything I can to get every new Nintendo console that comes out. Without hesitation or doubts. After all, it’s NINTENDO. How can anyone who claims to be a gamer live without Nintendo’s great IP’s? Though there are some Nintendo IP’s that I care nothing about.

    1. It’s not that hard to believe. Especially not after what happened with the Wii U. There are several reasons why some people no longer bother with Nintendo even if they think they have good games. I could name some. But I wouldn’t want to ruin the positive mood we got going on right now. :P

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