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Nintendo Switch Won’t Be Sold For A Loss And They Expect 2 Million Units Shipped In March

Takashi Mochizuki, the Wall Street Journal technology reporter, has shared some information from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima about the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform. Mr. Kimishima said that the “company won’t make loss by selling it; but also listening to what consumers expect from us when setting price.” He also said that “current FY financial guidance assumes 2 million units of Switch to be shipped this fiscal year ending in March.” Kimishima also was extremely confident that after the full unveiling of Switch, consumers would understand that it would be different from the Nintendo 3DS.


43 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Won’t Be Sold For A Loss And They Expect 2 Million Units Shipped In March”

    1. What about the sonyans and the xbots? Will they be dealt with or are they too worthless to bother with?

      Also, translate this!

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||They will be dealt with once we have dealt with our own little problems…||

        ||And I can’t drink liquids of any kind…||

        1. Do you think we’ll FINALLY get a traditional metroid game on the switch? That teaser in fed force has to mean something….right?

  1. Too early to make predictions imo. We don’t even know what games it’ll have besides BotW and MAYBE mario due to nintendo’s recent statements. In other words, no portable skyrim just yet.

      1. Working on that. I want the game badly and will probably buy it soon, but if I’m going to enjoy such a massive game I want the data packs. And that’s my main obstacle at the moment. But yea. I want it.

        1. Then get the data packs, I would almost be willing to buy you the game if you could make room for the data packs. It’s a game you have to dedicate a small chunk of your life to, just like skyrim… I’m Telling you, Xenoblade X is the best, single player RPG Exploring Adventure Open World… And that’s coming from someone who played Ever-quest.
          You need to Give X a Chance!

          1. Let me clarify, which I guess I should have done first. I’ll buy the game, if I could ship my Wii U to you to get those data pack’s, I’d buy the game myself. Haha. Due to where I live (outside of major town, and having shitty options on top) it’s hard for me to get the data packs. I’ll give you an example, for a while to game I was paying 50$ a month for 5 gigs of LTE. Lasts maybe two weeks if o take it easy.

  2. I would like to see Skyrim, but I would also like to see Bethesda join Nintendo in general. Fallout 4 with DLC, etc would be cool.

  3. “confident that after the full unveiling of Switch, consumers would understand that it would be different from the Nintendo 3DS.”

    I’m glad that there are more details to look forward to; but who, after seeing that trailer, might confuse this with the 3DS?

    1. Maybe he meant something more along the lines of being confident consumers would be able to differentiate between their handheld business GB-GBA-DS-3DS and the new device that Switch is. There were people who thought that the Wii U GamePad was an add-on for the original Wii. With this though, I haven’t seen anybody truly confused to the point of thinking this is a new GamePad for Wii U or some (new)3DS add on or upgrade.

  4. I’m guessing that that last line about 3DS is more about how the Switch isn’t replacing it.

    Yeah, sure it isn’t Nintendo *rolls eyes*

  5. I love that Kimishima is confident about the Switch’s chances I just wish that Nintendo wouldn’t so secretive in regards to this device. We as potential Switch purchasers have the right to know more especially when this system is a mere five months away from releasing. I’m buying it day one without question I just think that Nintendo needs to generate more hype to get the people who are on the fences about the Switch more interested

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  7. Yep. Like I said on Miiverse, people be crazy if they think a home console experience on the go is going to be any less than 300 bucks. Any less & that would constitute a loss. Of course, this speculation depends fully on whether the Switch will at least be able to compete with the regular PS4 which is going for 300 bucks right now so Switch can easily be as powerful as PS4 if that damn dock does more than what those idiots at NoA would have us believe and still sell at 300.

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