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Mario Kart 8 Has Sold 8 Million Units Worldwide

Nintendo has confirmed that its immensely popular and super fun Mario Kart 8 has shifted 8 million units worldwide. That’s very impressive for a system that has just over 13 million install base. Super Smash Bros for Wii U has shifted 4.99 million copies and Splatoon has sold 4.57 million units. Super Mario Maker has sold 3.73 million copies at retail. Nintendo’s current handheld the Nintendo 3DS has sold over 61.57 million units globally since launch. With regards to software Pokémon X & Y has sold 15.64 million. Mario Kart 7 has sold 13.94 million. Super Smash Bros for 3DS is the most recent best-seller, with 8.35 million copies sold.

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21 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Has Sold 8 Million Units Worldwide”

    1. haha… I was thinking the same thing. How can you even have a Wii U and not have what is, at the very least, a top ten, but more realistically top 5 game for the system.

      Mario Kart Wii sold 36.8 million, so percentage wise, the Wii U version sold better as that 8 million represents something like 60% and the Wii version, only about 35% of the console sales. It was the second highest selling game though.

      It is still interesting to think that of all those Wii sales, that many consoles didn’t have Mario Kart to go along with them. Very surprised

      1. If the Switch Trailer is to be believed, and it looks like Mario Kart 8 will be getting a “Complete Edition” for the Switch, then that’s really smart of them. Mario Kart has become 1 of the, if not the highest selling game on a Nintendo system since the DS. It would be a good way to tempt people to get the Switch, especially if it is a Launch title.

        1. Of course… All about the games. Launch with your best titles from the Nintendo IP list and go from there. If it launches with a “standard” Mario title, MK, and Zelda alone, that is a way better launch line up than Wii U had. Throw in some third parties and solid release dates for something else and it will be great.

          With whatever we saw with Splatoon, that would be another great Launch title.

    2. The 5 million are people who don’t like Kart games, sold their console, or some of the 8 million are repeat buyers due to game lost, stolen, or broken.

      1. I bought Mario Kart 8 & I had to buy myself a brand new Wii U. Not to mention I had to buy 2 other Wii U’s for my siblings those many years back. Sadly they are all either broken or the Gamepad is broken. So 4 of those something million Wii U consoles sold are ones I paid for. With that said, some of those buyers could very well have bought one copy of the game for them & their friends & family to share between their own separate consoles.

    3. I admit it. I loved the game so much I’m responsible for buying 7 million of those copies in case my discs wore out n broke :(

    1. And the amount of people who criticized the battle mode (which at least for me is somewhat acceptable than smash tour)

  1. It’s sad that neither bayonetta 2 nor donkey kong: Tropical freeze aren’t in the list, those two some of the best titles in this generation, such a shame.

    1. Having not played it but having played it’s original, it’s a shame Xenoblade Chronicles X isn’t there, too. :/

  2. Mario kart 8 really did wonders for itself selling over 8 million copies on a system with only 13 million potential customers. It’s a shame it didn’t save the wii u or anything (and that its battle mode was lackluster).

  3. Mario Kart 8 has an attach rate that has simply never been seen before (excluding games that were primarily bundled with consoles). Absolutely absurd, but frankly totally deserved. You can see why they’re looking to put a remaster onto Switch.

  4. I am not surprised at all. to be honest mario kart was supposed to be the saviour of this system. for godness sake I bought the wii U for that game, xenoblade and Zelda. I was lucky I had Zombie U, mario wii U, injustice god amoung us and batman arkham city for very very cheap (less than a £10… each). If One pice was not bloody expensive (£69 minimum) I would have bought it as well.

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