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Wall Street Journal: Investors “Hated” The Nintendo Switch

While the Nintendo Switch reveal was seen as a success by Nintendo fans and the media in general there’s a part of society that wasn’t happy with it. Yes, it was those investors. They weren’t happy with the console and want Nintendo to focus its efforts on mobile platforms rather than a handheld home console.

To the annoyance of investors, Nintendo remains focused on consoles—and in a bad way. It revealed its new Switch console last week, which investors hated.

Investors keep hoping such disastrous quarterly results will eventually get management to see that Nintendo’s future is more in mobile than consoles.


194 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal: Investors “Hated” The Nintendo Switch”

  1. So do the investors work for Microsoft or something?

    Seriously though, I wonder if they are right fiscally? Fanboys are pumped for it, but does that mean Wii U sales? Just throwing it out there, I am usually pretty positive about this and don’t see it the same way, but you have to ask

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||High Command already said multiple times before, they rather self-destruct than losing themselves…||

            1. and that’s saying something, when a fan of a different gaming bases comes to defend…”keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer”. good call. I am also annoyed at this. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK DUDES?! YOU SO DA TIED TO YOUR CASH THAT YOU HAVE TO SAY BAD SHIT AT NINTENSO’S SUCCESS?!

              1. I hope you so called investors who said this, reads this…DON’T FUCK WITH THE FANS AS I AM ONE OF THEM, and I will do something about it, I had a very bad day yesterday, tip top pissed off to the max, couldn’t sleep well because of a certain even. DON’T FUCK WITH ME! And yes I’m being dead serious.

                  1. Dam…lost my cool, I just lost it. Finally we get some good news and the overwhelming hype of the system and these asswholes just tramples over the victory. No I was not ok earlier but I am now. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the “investors” liked the Wii U, or did they hate it too? Anyways, now I’m more calm and yes I did mean that, I can start spreading the word using my youtube. I want to show these ignorant asswholes that gamers will always be the real judges of their investment to the companies that go to them.

                    1. Glad you’re ok now. It is pretty aggravating that there are investors like this. Don’t let them get you too down. Nintendo most likely won’t listen to them.

                  1. for one get aggressive on spreading the word…meaning, help out and tell them “IT NOT A WII U DUMB FUCKS”, make sure they don’t get confused like they did with the wii u. Let people know its a new system and ready to go next year. That’s how I’m going to do it. laugh at me if you want, many are already doing it rather its bad or not.

        1. I mean, I’m a PC gamer. But I love Nintendo to death too. It’s not all black and white. There are no “sides”. You’re either a gamer, or you’re not.

          Nintendo needs to be a part of the industry, or there will be no innovation. No standards. I’m glad that Nintendo went through with the Switch and unveiled it to us even though their “investors” weren’t happy with it. This is our chance to show them that Nintendo doesn’t have to quit what they are doing and go all mobile just because they hit a bump in the road with the Wii U.

          Side note; most if not all PC gamers love Nintendo too because they actually do something different and there’s a reason to own a Nintendo console. They’re not just repackaged PCs. Needless to say, you have our full support.

    1. Fiscally, they may very well be right. In 2013 Supercell reported $829 million in revenue, and they only had two games out at the time. That’s what investors want. They want Nintendo to focus purely on mobile and publish their games on other home consoles.

      The thing is, these people only care about money. The majority of them don’t play games and don’t know or care about what gamers actually want. All they care about is how much they make.

      Nintendo mobile games could make a killing, but does that mean they’ll be amazing games? No. But once again, investors don’t care as long as they make money.

      1. Very true. And, as others pointed out on this article, they look at the short term… Maximize profits immediately and then get out. Nintendo would be dead in five years and sold to someone else.

      2. Since you said you are also an investor of Nintendo’s, it’s good to know you are more than just that and are one of us. A shame the rest of the investors aren’t more like you.

          1. So how would you recommend buying Nintendo stock? I’ve never bought stock before. I do have a retirement fund with Vanguard. Other than that, I have no experience with stocks and stuff.

                1. yeah no problem, I was thinking of calling myself an investor and go for the stock myself for extra bit of cash but not with this…I don’t want to be called these asswholes. Sorry Mr. Chip Cut Records, I don’t meant the investors who ARE extreme gamers and who cares for he people.

              1. So since I know very little about stocks, would you recommend I buy NTDOY or NTDOF? I read that NTDOY is 1/8 of a share of NTDOF. But other than that, I didn’t really understand what the articles ate talking about. I’m not looking to throw thousands of dollars into stock if that helps (I wish I had that kind of money). I would say maybe a few hundred, a grand at the most.

                    1. I responded to your original question, but I just realized it didn’t get posted. Sorry about that.

                      Buy whatever you feel comfortable with. It all depends on how much you have available. I noticed you said you’re only looking to do a grand max. If that’s what you want to do, go ahead. That’s actually probably a good idea for your first investment. I personally wouldn’t go in with anything less than $5000, but that’s just me. Remember that you’re basically making your money inaccessible when it’s invested.

                      1. Yeah, I plan on not touching whatever I put in for a very long time, barring Nintendo somehow going out of business. So one thousand is the most I can do at the moment, if even. Thanks for all the help as always.

                      2. I think they do have a limit on how to purchase the stocks for a minimum amount like say 500 to start up and then you can decide how much you want to put in…I bet the easier way is to call the stocks of the company and set it up how you want it by the repetitive on the phone with you.

      3. I am fairly pumped for it, but I am certainly not a fanboy. The investors are likely not gamers, so of course they wouldn’t care about a new console. They’d rather see a new phone or phone game from Nintendo. Lol.

        1. Yeah… fanboy has such a negative connotation at this point, I’d hate to fall into that category, but just fan or follower or whatever, devotee… I don’t, fanboy is something easier to roll with

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||Me and the Shin’en Tribe don’t quite agree with you…||

            ||Shin’en Tribe: We’ve been Nintendo developers for so long, we’re obviously Nintendo fanboys, we’ve grown up with these consoles, and we’ve got a great relationship with Nintendo. We believe that Nintendo games are so well designed – it’s an inspiration for ourselves to try to live up to and achieve that standard of quality with our games. The market situation also works out for us – our games work well on Nintendo consoles. We’re glad to be developing for Nintendo games and we hope to continue to do so in the future.||

            1. I understand… meant from the outside looking in. I don’t necessarily have a problem with it either, but that outside perception can hurt an argument/stance sometimes

              1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                ||Their logic is flawed as well, they are against so called “fanboys”, and yet they are fanboys towards fanboys, it’s amusing how easy it is to deny human logic…||

                ||Like this AlphaOmegaSin human male, had this video about fanboys and yet the ironic part is that he showed the exact same behaviour as those he hates…||

      4. The problem with investors is they are mostly concerned about short term gains. They care nothing for the longevity of the company. They care nothing for for the future of gaming nor do they like Nintendo taking chances on new ideas. They want to double thier investment not in five years but in five weeks. Thats why they want Nintendo to go all out on mobile. Incredible short term profit, but very poor staying power. Nintendo knows better, although it doesn’t hurt to dabble in mobile.

      5. these investors know nothing about gaming, the actually don’t care, they only care about power and money plus they hate innovation or should i say they hate innovation coming from nintendo, anyone else can innovate but not nintendo.

    2. Which shows that Investors don’t get it.Its a Console/Handheld Hybrid. They are trying to tap into both Console players and Handheld players. With the latter being where Nintendo dominates in every generation. To the Investors, they look at it as Glass half empty, rather than Glass half full.

    3. I really don’t think the Nintendo Switch is going to be that big of a flop to be honest. It’s pretty much what the Wii U should have been, and I believe this is the way console gaming is going at the moment. (More towards mobile gaming, and less towards just strictly gaming at home.) So I really think this is just a logical progression.

      I understand that mobile gaming is a huge success, but at the same time Nintendo is focusing their efforts on that in a way, while developing this for the more hardcore gaming fans/people who don’t just play games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Flappy Birds, or any other typical mobile game.

      I am going to be picking up the Switch either at launch or shortly after (depending on when Nintendo decides to release the console in March. My birthday is on March 13th, so if it is released before then…then I may just ask my father to gift me the system, but if it releases after the 13th of March, then I may just pick it up at release.)

      I can see some faults in the Switch, but I am not going to get my hopes or down at this point. Until I can see the specs and whatnot…I don’t want to go around thinking (Oh this will be as powerful as the Xbox 1 S, or the PS4 Pro) since we don’t really know all that much about this platform. I do hope it is powerful, but at the same time I am happy to just get to take Breath of the Wild on the go, and same with a bunch of other games. I am looking forward to Nintendo hopefully releasing a Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch.

      And since I believe that DeNA is supporting the platform…I believe we will see Nintendo in the very least porting their mobile games over to it. Which will mean I will hopefully get to play some Miitomo (I am a Windows fan as well, so I have a Windows phone. No Nintendo mobile games for me if DeNA doesn’t port Nintendo’s mobile games over to the Switch.)

                1. Luckily they are releasing mobile games. Sad that investors can’t be happy with that and want them to ditch consoles entirely. Maybe they shouldve revealed the release date of Super Mario Run to hold them over.

      1. A huge mobile crash ? Are you insane? As long as people have cell phones mobile will always be insanely popular and profitable.

          1. Tour delusional people will ALWAYS have cell phones SO they always have bite size games on them, it in no way shape or form reflects games in the early 80s.

            1. Ugh, learn to type if you want to participate in an argument, all your comments are a colossal pain to read, half of your sentences don’t make sense, you keep using the wrong words, you can’t fucking use commas, it’s damn tiring to just try and make sense of the cancer you spout.

    4. I guess there’s nothing wrong with hating on the system but I’m curious as to why they think it’ll flop when we barely have anything info about the thing yet.

      1. The concept alone is probably enough. They probably see hardware development in the mobile age as meaningless, or at least, an unnecessary expenditure when nintendo could just make games for mobile, eliminate the overhead of console r&d and basically print money from watered down versions of what made Nintendo what it is in the first place.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||This is proof that there is a conspiracy against us, High Command must deal with this disease that continues to spread…||

              1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                ||Obviously you are incapable of reading simple human language, your existence will no longer be acknowledged at all right after I finished this reply little human…||

              1. Hes just having fun online. I dont find it bad or embarrassing, plus hes a real smart guy. Now, if hes out there in real life acting like a robot, well thats a whole other thing lol

                1. If these anons stay on this site long enough, they’ll eventually come to the same conclusion we have about Quadraxis & that he’s just trying to have fun. If not, oh well because Quadraxis won’t change.

                  1. Youre right lol and its crazy, hes been doing this since around the time the Wii U was announced and he still hasnt slipped up. That pretty freaking impressive. I do understand them though, I found it odd when he first started posting, it eventually just grew on me. lol

                    1. He’s probably hasn’t slipped yet because he adds a touch of his actual personality into the character which does make it a bit easier to portray a different character. I did it all the time with many of my characters when I use to do a lot of role playing on Gaia. Basically, I thought how I myself would act if I was a different gender, if I was a villain, etc etc.

                      1. well, unless against me…he already called my “destruction” because I trolled big time, messed with that mind. So he slipped a few times but I will agree, even though that persona is there, he seems very smart…for a robot.

              2. This is just how he is, for as long as I’ve been on this site, going on 5 years now. It’s not even unorthodox to me anymore- plus under all the talk of High Command and XBots and his usual vocabulary, he makes good conversation.

                Just go with it, it’s not harming anything.

                1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                  ||Subject Marilyn Monroe was hired by a private sector to undermine the other subject’s authority, mainly concerning Sovjet matters…||

    5. What kind of morons are these investors? Do they not remember the success of the Wii? I truly believe that the Switch will mimic the Wii in terms of sales. Being a console/handheld hybrid is pretty revolutionary. Especially if games look amazing on both the handheld AND the TV screen. These investors must be related to Michael Pachter.

      1. Wrong!!! he wrote in his twitter account:
        “Have seen enough of Switch to be confident that Nintendo will get its mojo back. I am hopeful price is right and that specs compare to PS4”
        “If Nintendo gets the pricing on Switch right (my guess $200 – 250 including docking station and extra controller), likely a big success”
        “Nintendo Switch a good name, looks a lot better than I envisioned. Footage of basketball game implies more third party support than expected”
        “Nintendo just released a list of third party partners on their Japanese site. Thus far, it’s quite impressive!”

    6. They hate it… That means it’s going to be a success guys!

      Lol but seriously, next March is the time to support Nintendo and show their investors that once again they don’t know what they’re talking about. Riding trends is cool for some but if Nintendo and every other creative company just shifted to creating whatever investors considered to be the most lucrative trend of the decade then we’d never get any new trends or ideas taking off. Somebody has to create the unthought of future to push the industry forward. That includes the occasional flops. As long as you don’t resist everything that the world has accepted as the standard in your industry then you’ll be fine. They’ve become a lot more open minded, and IF they’ve got the online infrastructure, storage, and technical capabilities of the system in a decent spot, the innovation will push them over the edge. True it won’t be the most powerful, but as long as it isn’t too far behind it’s uniqueness will help it stand out- not hold it back.

      They could’ve just made another standard box to compete against the other two with similar specs and all the same 3rd party titles but then this gen would’ve boiled down to a battle of exclusives. And while Nintendo has incredible exclusives, so many people already own PS4s and Xbox Ones that it’d be hard for Nintendo to catch up. They had to do something different to stand out and make their machine worth buying rather you own a current gen console or not. Plus bringing their handheld-only consumers and console consumers together can only be good for the numbers. The thing to keep an eye on is if this is powerful enough to keep 3rd party devs around. If it is and you can play the latest AAA 3rd party games and Nintendo exclusives in HD on the same machine, on the go or on your big ass TV I can’t see it not doing well.

      But the investors already hate it. I mean, let’s not forget a while back one guy was upset that Nintendo was talking about games at the investor meeting, like that would be unheard of for a gaming company. As long as they aren’t super underpowered this time around they’ll be fine.

    7. What you have to understand is that investors don’t care about where Nintendo is in 10 years time. They want to make lots of money as quickly as is possible, and therefore would love to see Nintendo sell its soul to do it. And I do get nervous that someday that’ll happen, especially without Iwata at the helm.

      The sad thing is that unbeknownst to these total idiots, the Switch is actually going to make all of them who stick with Nintendo a ton of money that they don’t deserve.

      1. Then I’m glad that they’re not sticking with them lol they’ll miss out on benefiting from nintendo’s success.

      1. Owing 2 stock doesn’t make you an investor. The people this article is talking about are throwing a fortune at Nintendo in the hopes that they’ll get a return and as much as I dislike saying it and as much as I disagree with it, I don’t blame them for the way they feel after the wiiu.

        1. Technically, owning 2 stock does make you an investor. Most investors are not the big league fortune throwing people you think they are. Some are, sure, but how do you know Chip here isn’t one of them? There’s no need to throw baseless assumptions at people you don’t know.

        2. You would think that these investors would invest in other places though. I mean, if Nintendo has had dedicated consoles since the 80’s, and they (Nintendo) has yet to listen to them about going mobile, then they would invest their money were THEY think the money is at. Not try to convert a company thats had success in the dedicated console department to a department were they havent seen that success. Maybe its because im not an investor, but it just doesnt make any sense. It seems like too much of a risk and high chances of failure.

    8. It’s not so much that investors (me being one of them) want only mobile, it’s just that the decisions made by Nintendo since around 2010 with their hardware, marketing, pricing, sofware, etc. has been disastrous. They don’t learn from their mistakes either. Over and over, the gaming public has demanded a normal console with power on par with Sony and Microsoft using similar architecture so they can get visually impressive next gen Nintendo IP. Again, and again, Nintendo has chosen not to go that route. If the Wii U had come out in 2012 as just a Super Wii (no gamepad) with Xbox One power for $299 with a better looking/running ZombiU and 3D Mario and was easy to port games too, they’d be sitting real pretty.

      It’ll have been 4 years since PS4 came out yet we’re about to get a Nintendo console that won’t be more powerful. Who made that decision? Holiday 2017 will come and the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro will be blowing away the PS4 and Switch. Gamers are going to be getting their cutting edge graphics and performance from them. The Switch will not sell well guys. The only way it would is if it’s price matches it’s in dock performance. It’d have to be $199 for that to happen so it’s cheapr than PS4. But they’ll launch at $299 and be more expensive than PS4 and Xbox One which both have blu ray drives. Investors know this is not going to work so they are hoping a well fleshed out Mobile Mario game (and others) gets made and sells 10 times their best selling game ever. They know Nintendo IP on Mobile is worth potential billions and when they see Nintendo come out with these half assed measures and never seem to “get it” with their hardware, it gets very frustrating. I’m still going to jump back in for 1k shares if it gets to a lower price point I like for the chance they do deliver mobile and hit on amusement parks/movies/TV. I won’t be investing because of their putrid hardware decisions. If anything, that is an obstacle for them until someone in that company finally just stops the nonsense and give us a powerful console with regular controller that’s easy to port to.

      1. Right now it’s too late for Nintendo to have released a console on par with PS4/XB1. Like you said that’s what the Wii U should’ve been. I think the Switch is the best choice they could’ve made for right now. All of their development teams will be working on one device and it won’t be sold at a loss unlike the Wii U and 3DS. It has been confirmed to run Unreal Engine 4 so some third party games can be ported to the system not to mention Japanese third parties and public will love the thing. It’ll find success.

        Lastly they will be making mobile games on the side as well for extra cash.

        1. So you are saying forcing things some people dont want is a better choice. Its not. They can make a console with a normal conroller and sell it in between $250- $300. It would be a much better decision than this.

          1. They are selling a normal controller. We also don’t know if the accessory that connects the Joy-Cons into one will be bundled. If I had to guess I’m thinking it will be. The point is having all of their games in one place.

          2. How is Nintendo forcing this concept on you? You can play the Switch the way you want to. If you want that home console experience you can just leave the tablet-like portion of the system in the dock or take it out if you want that gaming on the go experience. You have no limits whatsoever to how you want to play it. It will be a far more accessible gaming system than either the PS4 and Xbox One and it’ll be a key advantage for the Switch going forward….now rather this ” advantage ” will pay off for Nintendo remains to be seen but so far in regards to the trailer, they seem to be on the right track

      2. If they made a console like the PS4/XB1 now there’s no guarantee that it would’ve been supported or even if people would’ve bought it this late after Sony and Microsoft.

      3. I love Nintendo and because of that I am a stockholder too. I own around 200 shares which I bought when Nintendo was at a low point of around 14.00 a share. Now being at around 28-32 dollars a share I definitely made double my investment. I wish I had invested more in the stock but it came so abruptly with Pokemon go and then the success of the mario run shown that I have not found another buying opportunity. I tell myself that if it hits below 25 dollars a share I will buy another 1000 dollars worth of stock so until then i say to wait it out. Either way I will have to buy some shares before Mario run is released so my advice is get the stock before December regardless of price.

      4. You’re a colossal moron if you think becoming a Sony and Microsoft clone will make Nintendo successful.
        Sony and Microsoft would have never lasted if they were gaming-only companies, each time they launch a console they have to spend years funneling money from their other divisions into their gaming ones just to keep them from complete bankruptcy; if Nintendo were to follow these idiots the Wii U’s “success” would have been several times more expensive than its failure was, and Nintendo doesn’t have the luxury of just selling PCs and TVs to make up for that.
        But have it your way, sell mobile games and a PS4 clone and see how you’ll have to inject all the money the former makes on the later to keep it afloat, that’ll sure please you, huh? Being stuck with a very profitable thing that you can’t actually profit from because you have to use it to fund your mistake.

      5. I can assure you the 3DS didn’t defeat the Vita with its specs.
        The reason why Wii U failed is both so easy to pinpoint and yet so far from what you claim it to be that you’re just confirming everything everyone here says about investors being dumb.
        The Wii U failed for the same reason the Vita failed: Because it had a dismal launch catalog and first year.
        Very few felt motivated to buy the damn thing for a New Super Mario game and a generic zombie game, and the following year was a total drought.
        It’s a very simple formula: No games = No adoption = No development = No further adoption = No further development; even a monkey can see this.
        The 3DS started out like this but turned around quickly enough, not because it was more powerful than the Vita, but because Nintendo supported it with enough good titles that made the investment in both adoption and development seem worthwhile and, if anything, its affordability was a factor that helped it survive in the meantime; so no, making Wii U more expensive by cramming it with higher specs would not have helped.
        Affordability is the key word here, Nintendo knows its better to have an outdated console than to run themselves into the ground with mad production costs, that’s how Sega self-destructed and Sonysoft are stuck selling consoles at a loss.

        1. That’s obviously false. The Wii had basically zero games at launch, and its catalog at its peak is only a fraction of the Xbox 360 and PS3 catalogs, and yet it was a monster success.

          Nintendo is searching for that next Wii-style innovation that will be a smash hit, when what they should be doing is taking the Wii and refining it, turning it into its own style of powerful console. In fact, the Switch controller on something as powerful as an Xbox One would be amazing. Hitting a 2013 hardware target in 2016 should be easy for Nintendo.

          Adding a tablet to a slightly more powerful Wii is basically the stupidest thing they could have done. It’s way too big to be a proper mobile experience, and it doesn’t have anywhere near the power to satisfy console gamers. Who the hell wants to carry a separate bag for their “mobile gaming console”? People want to put their mobile game system in their pocket. That’s why Nintendo’s mobile line works so well, and why the PS Vita failed. The Vita was too big, while the 2DS and 3DS hit that sweet spot that was both better to play on than a cell phone, and yet still very easy to carry around. And at home, you have a freaking TV, why would you play on a tablet instead?

          The Switch is going to bomb, hard. It’s a solution searching for a problem, just like Wii U was. The niche it fills is tiny (I want to game at home, but I don’t want to game in front of a TV or Monitor). And if you think these investors didn’t grow up playing Nintendo and Xbox and Playstation you’re an idiot. This isn’t the 90’s, where investors don’t understand what these game systems are all about. These investors are in their 40’s and 50’s and grew up when consoles first started booming. I would wager the vast majority of them have been gaming for 30+ years.

          1. Basically, the only people who will buy the Switch are people who want it for a specific game, like the new Zelda or the latest version of Smash Brothers. That’s it. People won’t buy it with the expectation that it will be their primary gaming system for the next several years, playing game after game on it like people do with a Play Station or Xbox, because it will be inherently bad at it due to weak performance.

            So when someone has to choose only 1 console, the one that’s going to get cut most often will be the Switch. Most people only choose one console, by the way. Nintendo’s market is basically Zelda, Smash Brothers, and Final Fantasy fans who can afford two consoles, whereas the other two consoles market is anybody who can afford a console and wants to game.

            1. That comparison is completely idiotic, the Wii wasn’t sold as a console, it was sold as a novelty, the vast majority of its sales didn’t come from gamers, but from trend-following sheeple.
              People didn’t care for the catalog when buying a Wii, they only cared for Wii Sports and perhaps Wii Fit.
              Nobody is buying a 3DS, a Vita, a Wii U, a PS4 or an XBONE to play minimalist motion games with their grandparents or to do aerobics, these consoles are being sold to a completely different demographic, a demographic that actually cares about constantly buying different games.
              God you’re stupid.

          2. Please don’t use phrases such as “slightly more powerful Wii” and “it doesn’t have anywhere near the power to satisfy console gamers.”

            I know that we’re talking about a tablet here and we’re pretty much guaranteed that this can’t possibly have anywhere near the amount of power that XB and PS have. But we don’t have any final specs yet. It’s not fair to immediately discount it as a weak, worthless console until we at least have all the information on it.

            Also, what exactly do you want Nintendo to do? For years people have been begging Nintendo to just make a powerful console that’s on par with PS and XB. What a lot of people don’t realize is that this isn’t possible. Have you ever taken a look at the amount of money Sony’s and Microsoft’s game divisions bring in? Typically those companies take a loss on their game divisions. When they do make a profit, it contributes little to the overall company. The reason they are able to stay in the gaming market is because they have other divisions to pick up the slack. Nintendo doesn’t have that luxury. That’s why they try to innovate. They can’t compete with Sony and MS on a power level. They don’t have the resources. They have to try to come up with new ways to experience gaming to make appeal to gamers in a different way.

    9. Screw the investors. They may provide money, but so do customers. And if Nintendo goes completely mobile, they’re gonna lose LOTS of customers. What then investors? Nintendo has made some bad decisions before. They don’t need you pushing them to make more. I don’t think Nintendo will listen to these idiots, but it is infuriating to know how stupid and greedy these investors are. Nintendo is supposed to worry about its customers and making amazing games for those customers. Not lining the pockets of these money grubbing assholes who have no knowledge of, and obviously don’t care about, video games. Mobile gaming is a bad joke. Sure, some people enjoy it. But any true gamer would choose console/PC games over mobile any day of the week. Imagine a future where you could only have mobile or console. One or the other. No true gamer would choose mobile. It’s not just about money. It’s about experiences and stories and excitement. Video games are an art form. And these investors are trying to turn the Sistene Chapel into coloring books. Shameful.

      1. Sistine Chapel into a coloring book! Great analogy to describe the difference between mobile & console/PC gaming!

      2. I don’t think mobile gaming in of itself is bad, the good ones have a quality that could be considered arcade styled fun that exist to little moments of fun. That said, Nintendo to go purely mobile sounds extremely ignorant of the larger picture.

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    11. A hybrid is a terrible idea. I dont wanna buy the screen. I dont wanna buy the joy controller. I want the pro controller and I have to buy that on to of the “console” and the things I dont want. They should of just gave us a proper console and sold a handheld for the f’ing people that wanred one. Its a fail.

      1. You don’t HAVE to take the tablet out of the dock though. Same way you don’t have to put it in the dock if you don’t want to.

        That’s one of the main points of Switch- it’s WHAT you want it to be, WHEN you want it to be. Unless certain games have multiplayer that force it to be off the dock, I don’t see a problem.

    12. Nobody should be counting the Switch out based on what we know right now. What I think (and hope) Nintendo is trying to do is court mobile gamers and bring them over to “traditional” platforms. I think it could be done, but it has to be handled correctly.

      The Switch is basically a tablet, albeit a more powerful one. I think we can expect it to have wi-fi capabilities, an internet browser, and access to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. This is just an assumption based on the principle of “why-the-hell-would-it-not”. The only things it’s missing then are apps. Now I don’t actually expect this to happen, but if Nintendo had some kind of App Store on the Switch that would allow people to download the same apps they have on their phones and tablets, this thing would take off. At the very least the Switch has to be able to somehow interact with Nintendo’s own mobile games, but I think the Switch should be able to actually play those games. With that approach Nintendo can say “Hey you know those mobile games you love? You can also play them on our new device, along with a bunch of other games.”

      Finally there are the obvious things Nintendo has to get right this time: Improved internet stability, Improved friends system, Voice and video chat, Improved account system, Battery life, Better UI, etc. Nintendo also needs some kind of subscription service similar to xbox live and psn where they can give away free games each month. They have a vast wealth of classic titles that people would be more than willing to subscribe for.

      I know some of these things are a stretch, but most of them are absolutely necessary.

        1. Oh I wasn’t suggesting they should charge for online play. That’s one of the things they definitely shouldn’t do. I just meant some kind of system that you subscribe to and you get free games every month, and maybe some other bonuses.

          1. I honestly want them to start charging for the online. PSN was an utter piece of shit back on the PS3, and only got better after they introduced Plus, and even better after they required plus for online play. Its still pretty crappy, but its leaps and bounds from what it was when it was free. I know its a lot to ask for, but they really need the revenue to make the online infrastructure good. The Wii online was abysmal, and the Wii U, although better, was still pretty shitty. If they required us to pay for it to become better, I would gladly pay for it.

      1. I think they could also reel in potential old fans who’ve been burned by them with a whole slew of VC titles. Imagine being able to play fire emblem path of radiance on the go! I’d buy the system day one if that ever happened!

    13. $199 Us dollars or its doa.
      Im not spending more than $250AUD for this because I have to buy a pro controller and I dont want the screen or the stupid joy con that comes with it.

        1. Most people don’t even buy gaming hardware. At this point we have no idea how most people will react to the Switch. Of course Nintendo specific echo chambers like fan sites have a positive outlook, who knows about the rest of them.

      1. I guess you won’t be buying the NS because there’s no way it’s gonna be $199 unless Nintendo will be willing to take a loss on it to which they already confirmed they won’t be and dude… don’t have to use the tablet portion of it unless you want to. Just leave in the dock like I’ll most likely be doing since I’m not really an handheld gamer either

        1. He won’t listen. He’s too stupid to let that sink into this thick, dumb skull. He’s been on about that bullshit for the last few days now!

        2. The value proposition gets much more difficult when the Switch is sitting on a shelf next to the PS4 Slim and XB1S. That’s why people want is to be cheaper like the Wii was at launch. Dedicated handheld gaming is dying like it or not. The tablet aspect isn’t a selling point for many. I fear the Switch may really be a Wii U 2. I hope I’m wrong.

    14. The Current Incarnation of the Stock Markets is one of the most Evil and Culturally Destructive forces on Earth.

      It is an institution of Human Beings who sit around, juggling numbers and making demands for no purpose other than to make those numbers bigger, with absolutely no moral or ideological stake in how or why those numbers get bigger. Their reward for doing so is unreasonable amounts of money … cash … federal trade notes. I don’t think anyone even remembers what a “Dollar” is supposed to represent.

      The invention of “Money” or “Trade Notes” was a Governmentally inforced standard of trade, to act as way to Barter with people who don’t need what you have to give, by giving them a “Note” in trade that represents the value of something real and tangible that you either sold, or performed a real physical act of beneficial physical change to the community or an individual to earn.

      When utilized correctly, it greatly facilitaes a large community to share its wealth of resources among itself and prosper together, and balance is maintained while benefitting all. You can only get back an equal amount of representative resources as you put in to earn.

      Not so with moden business practices and stock traders. It is inarguable to suggest that the actual, real life, physical benefits an individual sitting at a desk, shouting “Buy”, “Sell”, “Make More Money” in any way equals the intended value of the mountains of Dollars, meant to represent real world things, that are given to them in return … which they then exchange for actual physical rewards which took the actual effort and hard work of thousands of human beings many hours to create, and masses of physical resources. The whole thing defies the laws of physics. The Human Race can not EXIST in such a system indefinately.

      And Yet … people who ignore common sense physics and are looked upon as masters of earning absurd amounts of money in exchange for minimum effort are praised and envied and almost Worshiped, creating a culture of Humanity that believes it is Natural and Just to be given Everything in exchange for Nothing of real, tangible value in return … as if it is just inherantly OWED to them as a reward for simply existing.

      … these are the kind of people whom are upset that Nintendo is not Following the example of companies like KONAMI, whom happily abandon the creative and inspirational purposes they were founded upon, whose creations actually brought lasting joy to those who interacted with them, in favor of Gambling services which shamelessly prey upon the weaknesses of the unhealthy impulsive behavior of the kind of people who dump all their hard earned money into Pachinko Machines.

      … the same kind of faulty and self destructive behavior that drives individuals to dump hundreds, and even THOUSANDS of dollars into in-app-purchases within mobile games … which is EXACTLY the kinds of games these disgusting, horrible, heartless “Investors” want Nintendo to make, so they can continue to get wealthier in exchange for providing NO tangible benefit to the physical reality of human society whatsoever.

      The investors can go to hell. They Deserve NO ONES respect.

    15. This article reminds me of a quote from an investor at Nintendo’s 2014 meeting.

      “I do not understand video games and I even feel angry because, at Nintendo’s shareholders’ meetings, the shareholders always discuss things relating to video games or such childish topics as “what the future of video games should be,” while I, for one, was flabbergasted that Mr. Iwata continues to hold his position although he had said that he would resign if the company’s performance were bad. I hope that Nintendo’s shareholders’ meeting will become an opportunity where the shareholders discuss the company’s business operations from the viewpoints of capital gain and dividends.”

      These are the major investors in Nintendo.

      1. They have sponsors, though, and that’s how they ended up devoting a ton of time to making stuff to promote that godawful piece of feminazi propaganda “Ghostbusters” while they could have been making something far more interesting and profitable.

    16. man I really hope this is not true and the investor are just not impress yet with the switch (which I would understand). Going mobile is just the most ridiculous idea they could come up with.

      I also need to be convinced by the switch and after lack of support and work for the wii U. I feel that Nintendo needs to reconquer me as a customer. If Nintendo go mobile that the end of gaming for me and I will have to buy a PS5 (not going to buy a PS4!!!!) or just play on PC (wink wink hint hint to stupid investors). The day Nintendo go mobile will be a sad day in fact I could say it would be worse than Iwata-san’s death and not let forget it would be a sad point in the history.

      Unlike many other I love my wii and wii U, the reason is, there are different and are not customised PC. If I want to play PC game I go and buy a PC game not a PS4 or an Xbox one. More ad more I see there is not need for a PS4 and Xbox one cause I can get better experience on PC. For me gaming is PC and Wii U at this moment of time, the rest I am not interested at all.

      One last thing if they wanted a company which is success on mobile platform why not investing on one of them????

    17. If the public is amazed, duck the investors, they’ll get their money one way or the other.
      I’m a Nintendo fan to the bone, I’ll buy it anyway.

    18. These investors are buffoons who don’t understand anything but bottom lines. The minute Nintendo focuses on mobile is the minute that gaming will begin to fully die

    19. Will the comments on here spoke for me, when the Switch arrives the sells will raise then the investors still mad they’ll be.

      Hurry Nintendo and debut this Switch Im tired of investors crying like a b****!

    20. I mean, here’s the thing, from someone that has no particular bias, and currently owns all three consoles. Nintendo really didn’t show off anything about the Switch other than it’s gimmick. A gimmick that, to me at least, isn’t particularly appealing. I go from my house to my work, and if I’m going somewhere, it’s somewhere I specifically want to be, meaning I really don’t have any need or opportunity to play a console as a handheld, so I don’t really have any kind of incentive to have a console based solely on the fact that I can play it as a handheld. What I would be interested in knowing is hardware specs and what kind of software is going to be on it, what kind of features it has, which was not shown at all. So to someone like me, it just feels like another gimmick system, which hasn’t been a good experience in the past.

      1. That’s fair enough. I think most people on here are just mad because a lot of people are hating on this thing without knowing anything about it beyond the 3 minute video we were shown. Although to be fair there are plenty of people who deem this a day one buy without knowing much about it either. I’m in the same boat as you. Waiting for more info.

      2. In many cases, depending on the distance from tv to toilet, you couldn’t play the Wii U while taking a dump. You should have been able to, but one wall or 20 ft distance and the gamepad is unplayable. Can’t be upstairs if Wii U downstairs, can’t play out on the deck or on the porch, etc….

        I don’t understand why that isn’t more understood, that it simply doesn’t lock you to the TV, which the Wii U still did. The Wii U failed in its portability even within the house.

        1. That is my point though, I don’t need a console with dump accessibility. If that is the only selling point the system has, and otherwise is underwhelming in comparison to other consoles, then I would have to pass.

          1. You of course are assuming it is underwhelming from the others, which is not yet known. And if not “as powerful” the degree of difference is also unknown and might not be as noticeable as thought before.

            To be able to have the console anywhere is a big selling point for a lot of people.

            1. My argument is not that it will be underwhelming, it’s that Nintendo has not given me a reason to be excited over it yet. It being portable is not enough to entice me, I need more details before any type of judgment can be made.

              1. Fair enough. I only buy nintendo consoles, so for me, I am just buying the next video game console I will be playing in the future. The different options for playing are a bonus, and if the 3rd party games come then that will be even better.

      3. I’m the opposite in the gimmick department as I find it very appealing. There are certain games that I honestly could care less if I see it on a big or little screen like racing games, for instance, and as long as they are at least in HD & aren’t low quality, I’m good with the small screen. As for the rest that you said, I agree. It’d be nice to know if this thing will be able to compete with the competition, not just in power but in 3rd party portability, or whether it’s just gonna get it’s ass handed to it again like the Wii U did. The thing that will ultimately get me to buy the Switch, though, is a way better account system than what Wii U had where it was locked to the console along with your save data & digital purchases and needing an outdated system transfer to even move the shit to a new console to replace the one that is old & before it breaks down, losing all of your save data in the process. If that is there, I’ll buy the Switch regardless of everything else. If it doesn’t get any games I want, I got a PS4 as my backup. Or if it gets any gimped games. lol

    21. Investors. The Cardinal sinners of business. All they care about is their own back pockets. It’s the same with every single one of their kind in the world, and every business they hold shares in. Not one of them ever have cared about other people, and never will.

      1. You are over-exaggerating when you say “every single one of their kind.” We have a few investors in here that are fans of Nintendo & disagree with this crap. Never condemn all for the few or the many. That’s how we end up with holocausts.

    22. First off, if history has informed us about anything with investors, they are always way off when it comes to innovative technology. The investors were the ones who once claimed television was nothing but a fad and would never replace radio. They also once put down the VHS, saying people prefer watching shows on time not whenever they want. I could endlessly go on.

      To me, investors are like network board of directors: they hardly have a clue to what the people want. Basically here’s what they go by: currently people are mobile gaming, so that’s allegedly where the money is. After all, they’re going by the advent of Pokemon GO, and the upcoming Super Mario Run. But in the reality check of it, PGO has sort of fizzled as of late on the way of popularity, and though Super Mario Run might appeal to the Nintendo fans, having the character just endlessly running through obstacles will get old fast.

      The truth is, as gamers (regardless of whom you are) love innovative games and software and hardware. In truth, from the trailer so far, the Nintendo Switch does have potential. Especially with the portable/console hybrid factor going on. Because despite the Wii U falling short, one thing it had going for it was the fact you could play your games without being fettered to the television. Rolling with that concept, the Nintendo Switch upgrades it to where you can go anywhere with the system. The only drawbacks I see are possibly short battery life and limited memory, but other than that, looking forward to the system’s release. No matter what the so-called investors say about it.

      1. Agree with all of this, except in part that the Wii U was flawed in that to not play on the tv you still had to be close to the console. It is something that with the Switch is my biggest thing is that I can play anywhere around my house or yard.

    23. I like the Switch, but let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s got an uphill battle. Investors don’t have rose-colored glasses like most of us. They see what Sony and MS have coming. They see that mobile isn’t going anywhere. The Switch is probably not as powerful as a launch XB1, so the only way third party devs will offer real support is if it sells 10-15 million units in it’s first year. If it doesn’t they can blame the lack of power and sales to pull support, just like they did with Wii U.

      The Wii U demonstrated that Nintendo IPs aren’t enough to carry a system. Zelda could have changed that, but not by much. They won’t be able to carry the Switch either.

      Nintendo still has problems. The Switch can only fix them if it’s handled perfectly on every front. There’s almost no room for error. I think we were all excited to see what Nintendo had up their sleeves to return to relevance, and upon seeing the Switch for the first time, I wanted to buy it. Now that the high is gone, I’m firmly in the “wait and see” camp. I really just want BotW, which I will get on my Wii U.

    24. If the investors aren’t happy, it’s because they’re short-sighted, which makes them bad investors. If they think mobile is the best market for games, they really need to think a little harder about it. Mobile is great on the short term, but holds little value in the long-term.

    25. The investors with this mentality need to sell their stock & get the fuck away from Nintendo. But it’s all good. They’ll change their damn tune if the Switch is successful & makes them millions. That & thankfully Nintendo has no intention of listening to these imbeciles. Then again, they sound greedy since they want Nintendo to go full mobile so they probably won’t be happy with millions & probably want billions. As for the investors that don’t want this & are happy with the direction Nintendo are in, stay with Nintendo for as long as possible til the bad ones leave.

    26. The obsession over quarters is beyond stupid and most economists know it. The investors are unhappy with Apples performance too because it can;t beat previous quarters, still being the most profitable tech company is not enough!
      They are greedy, impatient, and do not know what they are talking about.

    27. Mr. Shlomo Shekel really wants to kill off Nintendo entirely and rub his hands.
      Yes, bring us crippled, mobile Gameloft titles instead of pure, quality AAA Nintendo titles.

      These pests must be cleansed from Earth.

    28. Never a human will obtain inmortality. Never. We will all be in a tomb or wharever you want to be put in depending on your last will.

    29. Nintendo Investor: ”I don’t understand videogames”

      Not surprised they hated it, they want Nintendo to go mobile-only since that makes more money, look at Pokémon GO and mark my words, it will make more money than any other Pokémon game ever has, including Sun & Moon, sure, mobile is easy money but going mobile-only is suicide in the long term, the mobile market is fluctuating all the freaking time, Nintendo needs to be on mobile but also in the console market, and other places as well, they can’t put all their eggs in one basket but investors are:
      1) Stupid, and 2) Not concerned about the well-being of the company, just about making easy money, if Nintendo doesn’t generate quick bucks for them they’ll just invest their money somewhere else

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    31. NINTENDO is MANDATED to privately show products to investors, the investors didn’t like the Switch very much, which is a RED FLAG that the Switch is NOT WORTH PURCHASING, NINTENDO will still launch the irky, problematic Switch to bait as many gullible fans into wasting as much money as possible on the irky, problematic Switch, THE KEY IS TO LEARN HOW THE INVESTORS REACT TO NINTENDO, before wasting your OWN money!!!

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