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Source Gaming: Project Sonic 2017 Will Have A New Character & A New Gameplay “Component”

The team at Source Gaming have struck again with some valuable information that the staff have translated from Japanese to English. This time, however, it’s Sonic news that comes from a special meet and greet event that was held in Japan. One of the attendees was a Twitter user by the name of BlueStorm_SONIC, who had posted a few Japanese tweets with replies by SEGA. It’s likely that, since he had made a Facebook post about attending the party and interacting with Sonic fans there, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka was the one answering questions. Source Gaming translated BlueStorm’s tweets, revealing new details on Project Sonic 2017. The game will be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2017. We’ve included the tweets below, so feel free to check them out, and feel free to let us know in the comments what your reactions are.

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  1. Before anyone complains about how sonic has “too many friends” remember that people like me actually like them and the fact that, unlike mario, sonic at least attempts a story.

    I can understand not wanting a story at all but surely if they make it optional like freedom planet things will be ok?

    1. inb4 it’s boom sonic that’s the “new character”…I’d not put it past sega to do something like this.

    2. I’m sorry but I just can’t stomach a blue hedgehog and his two-tailed fox friend saving a Final Fantasy princess or yacking about saving the world from evil, it feels way too CareBears; copying Mario’s idea of having minimalistic, cartoonish plots is the best thing the Sonic franchise has ever done, with the stories getting much, much better from Colors onward.

      1. I’m sorry but I completely disagree with you. SO what if he’s a blue hedgehog and the premise is cartoon y? The adventure games, despite their flaws, had WAY better stories than the simpleton comedic garbage we’ve been getting since colors. Yeah, colors sure did “”save”” the series lol.

      2. Copying somebody else’s project. Is like your lazy

        You will never make it in with good projects you’re just making up ideas that could match over to Mario.

        That is a sucky move it will never work if it did people see it or see Mario world.

        Project pieces of it. It’s like puzzles putting in an sonics world will be seeing the four of Mario.

        And that’ll be a stupid move. People want a gift for this and I believe Sonic Boom was copied from Mario or some sort of person that wandered into world.

        I keep thinking it’s a soldier Walker. Sonic walking like a soldier jumping like a bandit cope from PlayStation one.

        That really destroyed sonics world.

        Copying somebody else’s project would just mess you up and the game up there is no need to copy someone else’s project go your own separate way. Trust me it will never work how you say it will just make you a loser and you’ll feel downfall you have that thing inside your stomach same template what I done. Your game will end up like Sonic Boom like a trash garbage that was copied from somebody else’s project it’s like you’re copying average kid.

        1. That includes a character.

          You have something ball up inside of you that you be a fat check.

          Trust me it will there was some present it did this and messed up big time.

          So if you go for this role you find yourself with Sonic Boom. Just look at the ratings

          And you should know copying somebody else’s character will make him greater and you a loser how you take the glory.

          The deaf world will know and they will laugh at your face.

          When you die everyone will know the artist was better than you.
          So don’t make a foolish mistake what you do wrong.

          The real truth is up there in the real artist that died will no and he will call you big fat loser and he will get what you stow for him and returning back to his glory all that glory will go to him not you be sitting on the grass say I should never do that.

          Anyway don’t take the bad wrote go your own Road or you will be sorry.

          Anyone to want to take a mafic of a lazy road will call your fat banana or pumpkin.

          And I know it will hurt how you want to go that road.

          1. It is too late there is no chance of saving it. Sonic Boom died on that one.

            I call that zone game over.

            And I believe people used a copy someone else’s project just to make something better it didn’t work.

            It just made you weak sad how people like to me lazy roads.

    3. I don’t mind Sonic having friends, I just don’t want him having ALL the friends. It was great when it was just Tails and Knuckles. But when you start to have 12 playable characters in a game, it starts to get a little crowded. Keep it to the holy trinity and we’re good.

      1. The fund will end as we keep seeing the original characters we Won’t able to see no more new characters on the way that will really destroy sonic.

        No more new foals no more bad guys what would that do nothing it would just make it worse

        For sonics repetition of new arising for adventures.

  2. Your forecast for this news release is:



    2% – “Hmm… sounds intriguing even though their track records with new gameplay and character announcements have been concerning in the past….”

    1. I agree that people overreact to anything sonic these days in a pretty negative light…hopefully mania proves them all wrong and turns out amazing like I’m hoping it will.

    2. It’s too bad Sega doesn’t come Checking out my new characters.

      There was somebody that I talk to and I told him even if you make a baby character it would never come greater than minds.

      And if I did spotted onto the character

      I would just say hey so he made a baby character it’s just a normal baby is not

      Greater then minds.

      And plus it can’t be it has a different power source cannot copy.

      You have Jab your way in to a copy and that pushed a your way in to the law.

      i no. However I see you making these characters is just. It’s making me turn my head the other way and say lame. in my.

      And I’m going to do it again when I see this next character.

      Nothing is fun without my characters and their fun to play with in the gameDid I make and play with.

  3. Sega just has no clue, how to make these Sonic games popular like glue, now they sell with few, all because they fail to lesson to bring us another Sonic Adventure Two. Now Im feeling blue. I better cover up before I get sick with the flu and cant go to work and have to stay at home and watch Payperview.

      1. I’d rather a game more like the first Adventure. Sonic Adventure 2 is great, but once you go up into space, it goes straight downhill. The story starts to not really make any sense and stages like Crazy Gadget and Cannon’s Core completely ruin the game. And nearly all the treasure hunting missions are just straight up tedious and annoying. The first Adventure’s story is told from every playable character’s perspective and the plot was very simple and easy to understand. Knuckle’s emerald hunting was also not anywhere near as bad. He didn’t have cheesy rap music on every stage either. Adventure 1 also had hub worlds to run around through and even find power ups and for whatever reason was just completely removed from the second game. Another thing is that the dark side of Adventure 2 is more or less just copy paste hero side. Every character, even that pretty much useless one Big, all had drastically different gameplay.

        I always used to prefer the second game over the first, but after going back through it several years later, it’s flaws were so painfully obvious I don’t know know how I didn’t see it before. The Chao Garden along with Sonic and Shadow’s levels are basically the only redeeming thing about it now in my opinion.

        1. On the contrary, I thought everything got better once they ended up in space. The levels were more fun for me and I liked the story and music better. While I do miss things like hub worlds and having an upgraded radar I still don’t think they’re bad enough to ruin the game. I guess I can just look past their flaws.

          Additionally, I’d be interested as to how you came to dislike adventure 2. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but I’m curious as to whether people like projared or game grumps affected your views on the games as a whole.

          1. They didn’t affect my views. As I said, I started realizing after going back and playing it. The Adventure games have aged terribly. After playing stuff like Colors and Generations, the flaws in Adventure’s gameplay become much more obvious. From a gameplay perspective, I’d say Generations completely destroys Adventure. Even though I prefer the first game, that game is also with its own issues like it’s bad camera and clunky controls. I don’t really dislike Adventure 2 either, I just think it’s nowhere near as good as I thought it was.

    1. I believe Sega is not doing very well they seem to be falling behind the race is getting slow.

      They don’t remember how fun it used to be the actions are simply not working for them.

      Sat on toaster wall it sounds like black chili dogs what he loves to eat and for the sonic movie really think it will fall As well I think sonic will finally have to die. The actors are simply not the work my Yes fails Adam Sandler Shealy dogs go to 4:00 Chili dogs on the side mmm good

  4. I just hope that the new character is like Light Gaia/Chip in regards to how they’re handled. New, important character that is loved but doesn’t stay around. As much as I unironically love Silver, his inclusion as a mainstay character is really pushing it and we don’t need another character like him storywise

    1. Yeah. We got enough Sonic clones as it is. We don’t need another one. Give another Sonic character a chance to have a clone this time! Preferably Tails.

  5. People,

    SONIC’S FRIENDS ARE NOT HORRIBLE! Neither are Sonic Adventure games.

    There are videos and articles justifying how all these things can be good if done right. Trying watching/reading some of them.

    However, the “new gameplay component” worries me a little. Hopefully its not some obnoxious new parkour with item widgets and shuffling those around (and this is me being really vague).

    All 3D Sonic has to do is jump, spindash, bounce, grind, and homing attack.

    1. You have to admit that the Adventure games did age pretty terribly, though. Plus, a lot of segments were extremely tedious and even awful at times.

      1. While it’s true they’ve aged badly, I can still look past a game’s flaws if it has enjoyable content worth digging through all the crap…and man, those sonic/shadow stages and the chao garden automatically make it the best 3d sonic game for me despite everything else being bad/not as good.

    2. Translate

      It is how Sega makes the game.

      They go bad road they fall in the battle.

      They copy a project they go the bed road.

      They copy a character they go the bad road.

      They pick up text that they’re not supposed to they go the bad road

      It’s how they played the game.

      And how they lose the game.

      It’s how they find things and how they mess up things.

      It could be in China. or the United States any where they played the game.

      If they don’t do the job right there just going to screw up.

      Mess up the game like Sonic Boom.

    1. Her character and mindset doesn’t fit in with the Sonic games.

      What would even do? Rally the other freedom fighters (more western characters)? Plan stealth and strategically, when Sonic can take out Eggman in seconds? Nag a character that’s already awesome by default and weigh him down with orders? Partially rule a non-existant monarchy?

  6. A new character is fine. Just please… No more Sonic clones! Give someone else, preferably Tails, a clone this time! No. More. Hedgehogs!

    1. Seriously. Nintendo stopped at Wario for a Mario clone! It’s sad when Sonic has more clones than Mario who’s been around longer. (Dr Mario doesn’t count because it’s just regular Mario in a doctor’s outfit.)

      1. To be fair though, Sonic’s clones are varied enough that they aren’t “exact” clones- Shadow is a genetic experiment that can manipulate Chaos energy, Silver has telekinesis (which makes him my favorite as I have a soft spot for telekinetic characters), and Metal Sonic was built by Eggman specifically to annihilate Sonic. Amy is just Amy.

        I agree- no more hedgehogs. We need new animals.

        1. True but still. Like you said, give another animal a shot at being turned into an anthropomorphic creature. As for Shadow, he may have been a genetic experiment but he is still vastly too similar to Sonic and this is coming from a Shadow fan who loved his standalone game on the GCN. Least Silver has telekinesis & can fly which gives him something that makes him unique to Sonic in more than just coloring & speed.

          1. In fact, it’s why I loved that game so much in spite of the hate it has gotten is because it allowed Shadow to set himself apart from Sonic. Guess they’ll have to find a new way to do it. Especially if not all the Sonic games are gonna be set in a world similar to Shadow the Hedgehog’s world. For me, it worked because they were in a world more similar to our own & less like the worlds we normally see Sonic & them from. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t as bothered by Shadow using guns & stuff.

            1. BABY MARIO
              BABY BOWSER
              BABY LUIGI
              BLUE TOAD
              YELLOW TOAD
              CAPATAIN TOAD
              PAPER MARIO
              PAPER PEACH
              PAPER LUIGI
              PAPER BOWSER
              METAL MARIO
              F***ING PINK GOLD PEACH.

              1. I’m talking about clones in the criteria that it’s a separate character with way too similar abilities. The baby & paper versions you mention are from the past & an alternate reality respectively. They are still Mario, Luigi, Bowser, & Peach. As for Metal Mario, same thing. It’s just regular Mario after hitting a Metal Block. I’m gonna safely assume Pink Gold Peach is roughly the same thing: just Peach after hitting a pink gold metal block. As for the Toads, they definitely fit the criteria I’m using.

            2. Shadow the Hedgehog got hate because the gameplay was pretty terrible. At least imo. Story isn’t that great. Unnecessary swearing. Shadow controls like a tank in vehicles. His ability to punch and kick is basically useless. Spin dash is also almost pointless. And when he grinds, it’s like he’s riding on a big block of butter. The homing attack is awful too. And the guns! Shadow is the ultimate life form with so many abilities he could use, and they make his main source of attacking guns… Lmao. This isn’t me trying to say you’re wrong for liking it though. Shadow was by far the best character in SA2 imo and STH took him and ruined his character. SEGA never even really tried to redeem him after that either. He’s just… here now. As a Sonic character.

              1. ||Shadow The Hedgehog was the equivalent to Nuts and Bolts, adding guns to a genetically enhanced hedgehog that served no purpose other than trying to attract Xbots…||

              2. Truthfully, in retrospect, Shadow the Hedgehog was essentially Sonic the Hedgehog’s Other M for me. I enjoyed the game immensely but I also accept the fact they were bad entries in their respective franchises. Anyway, in the case of Shadow himself, he should have gotten roughly the powers that Silver the Hedgehog uses and then some. With that said, Silver shouldn’t even exist in the form he’s currently in. I know I might anger Silver fans but it’s how I feel. Silver pretty much STOLE powers that would have been perfect for Shadow to add to the fact he’s called the “Ultimate Life Form.”

      1. Have they already done a fox…….. Wait. Tails is a fox. Screw it! Give us another Fox character. Preferably a red one as red foxes are my favorite fox breed! @.@ But yeah. A species they haven’t done yet would be nice. Maybe they could use a mystical animal like a unicorn or pegasus as a basis as they have more than enough real world animals in the game as is.

    1. Or as I suggested above, give fantasy animals a turn! A phoenix, dragon, pegasus, unicorn, etc would be nice!

      1. That could actually work out very well, depending on this character’s role. Like, what does this character do? What can he/she do? Is there something uniquely special about them? I mean, you wouldn’t cast a praying mantis as the god of a realm of giants, or a unicorn as an average joe when all those around him are hamsters who can do everything he can. The creature has to fit the role.

  7. What do you know another new character already know this has to be the honey the cat. Or the original character from Sonic Boom.

    They should know I have two new characters in a making a third one they look just perfect.

    I even got collections of them here In my own signature. These characters post be powerful supposed to be the next thing

    You can find out the next character that I’m created by me and I’m working on him.

    The problem supposed to give sonic of bad beating of his life he belongs to eggman

    Don’t worry visit anytime no wouldn’t notice you’re there there is no minimum number.

    Hank don’t even know you’re there. Have a lovely day viewing my characters anytime you’re here.

    I hear people say we need new characters so these are minor new characters.

  8. If it’s not that character it points to another character that was bound to sonic adventure.

    Is not it keeps telling me it’s that honey cat.

    Anyway I got to finish this new character.

    Just can’t wait to get to cha cha.

    Karate cha cha bye

  9. Maybe they are just bringing back an older mechanic like…

    Time travel from CD
    Tornado flight from SA1
    Battle mech from Sa2
    Treasure hunt from Sa2
    Pealout from CD

    Probably not but
    Guns from Shadow The Hedgehog?

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