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Rumour: Nintendo Switch Prototype Powered By USB-C

Laura Dale, the reporter over at Let’s Play Video Games, is reporting that the Nintendo Switch prototype is powered by the versatile USB-C. However, the same source says that it can not be charged while the system is propped up on its kickstand. Whether or not this is just the prototype remains to be seen, but USB-C would be a good move from Nintendo.

According to our source at Nintendo, as well as a source close to the production of the reveal trailer for the Switch, the hardware model shown in the reveal featured a USB-C port for power, situated in the centre of the bottom edge of the tablet. This port will be able to be used to charge the handheld while away from the Switch Dock.

Additionally, both sources have made it clear that the position of the USB-C port on the handheld means you will not be able to charge it while the system is propped up on its kickstand.



    1. No, this is great!!! I already phone and tablet that uses USB C, it is the future. Even apple is abandoning their proprietary cords in favor of USB C. If its true then is great news.

          1. If the USB port is on the bottom of the system you can’t have it on the ground if you want to charge. Two objects can’t be in the same place at once.

            1. then if that’s the case, there should be a way it stays powered while in that dock, I find it hard to believe that it will not charge if it’s in the dock stand specially if your playing on tv. This is interesting news indeed. Now I’m curious on how it will sustain on while docked.

              1. If the dock charges it via the same USB port then it would be able to charge in the dock because the dock will be underneath it. When it is on a table there is a table underneath and no room for USB port to be plugged in.
                The dock will most likely use connectors to charge like the 3DS and Wii U charging dock/stations do.

  1. “Additionally, both sources have made it clear that the position of the USB-C port on the handheld means you will not be able to charge it while the system is propped up on its kickstand.”… Until a 3rd party makes a “to go” dock anyway.

  2. This is exactly what I figured. We can’t clearly see the bottom of the device in the trailer and there’s obviously no charging port anywhere else on the system.

    Awesome that it’ll have a USB-C port though. More and more it’s sounding like Nintendo packed this thing with the best possible components.

  3. like please go look at this Why are you using that persons name? they are nobody? they are looking at pictures and making guesses and you are reposting their speculation as news. make your own speculation. argg I just want to know whats actually going on, not what your internet buddies think is going on.

    1. First off, the article clearly states that this is a rumor. It says so right in the title. Second, she claims to have a source at Nintendo. Why are you saying that she guesses based on pictures? She is the same person who leaked the Switch reveal before Nintendo announced it. She has credibility.

  4. Grunty surely is getting old
    Since USB-c to me has never been told. OH well at least I was bold on answering a question about a device Nintendo never sold.

  5. This is definately a “wait and see” detail, as all the hardware we saw in the teaser is clearly not quite the production versions. The Casing and appearance of logos on everything from the Joy-Cons to the tablet, and even the Dock and Pro controller screamed “prototype” to me, and the phrasing of this report echoes that.

    Though I’ve no doubt what we saw is 97% accurate to what the final designs will look like, I suspect subtle changes in the Consumer Version.

    For example, sculpting of the plastic casings of all components, the surface texture, color, material quality and appearance of the plastic may change (likely more glossy, because it looks more trendy and impressive in ad photos, and the semi-transparency in the pro controllers likely will be absent … at least in the first run). The exact position of the game card slot, headphone jack and charging port may change.

    The exact variety and appearance of the thumb sticks almost always look different from the prototypes, and I highly doubt the + and- buttons will look like that in the final version. They will almost certainly become ordinary round buttons, and likely be in slightly different positions as well.

    I guess we will find out for sure when we see the FINAL hardware for the first time on January 12th.

    (I certainly HOPE they are smart enough to put the charging port where you can plug it in while in “Table Top” mode on the stand. Why else would you put it down unless you intend to play for an extended period, and if the 3 Hour battery rumor is accurate, that is when you MOST would want it plugged in.)

  6. You CAN charge from USB-C. Tha dock includes a pop-up USB-C male connector, that also allows for thunderbolt 3-like capabilities (i.e an external graphics card option, over NVLink, for example).

    Get your tech facts straight.

    1. This is how Nintendo’s patented powered docking station will work. AMD XConnect already proved that. And not only this, did you know Samsung already created VR for their phone with the connection to USB-C?

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