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Nintendo Prepared To Up Production For Switch Launch If There Is Strong Demand

It looks like Nintendo is testing the waters for the Switch launch in March. While they announced that they launching their upcoming console with two million units, they are prepared to bump up this figure. According to the Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki, Nintendo can produce more consoles at launch if demand seems strong enough. While their exact criteria for “demand” is not clear, it looks like they are playing the launch by ear.





  1. Also kind of depends on the price… Which hasn’t been revealed yet… Which is also based on what consumers are ready to spend…? And Nintendo won’t be selling console for a loss… Just tell us what you can sell the Switch for.

    1. I believe that it could be sold with the joy-cons, dock, power supply and HDMI cable for $249.99 without being sold at a loss. They may price it at $299.99, but I think that would be a mistake. At $249.99 as long as everything ends up as I suspect, we’d be buying three of them.

      I base my selling price on the fact that is IS essentially the Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 is Nintendo’s clothes. Nvidia sells the Shield Tablet (which is 1200p btw) and has done so for a while now for $199.99 without a loss per unit. The dock is just that, a dock that only has a power jack, USB jacks, an HDMI jack and a connection between tablet and the dock. So, the Switch is a higher power, lower lcd screen resolution Shield Tablet with a dock and joy-cons. $249.99 is doable, but possibly $299.99

      1. I am so excited. If it sells for anything between $249.99 and $299.99 I think that will be an excellent price, and I’ll definitely get it day 1.

  2. Its going to Double by January for sure, just wait for the Nintendo Direct and people are going to get crazy, i know i will!

  3. The only way you can see the sales be insane is simply sell the console with lots and lots of games. OR it will sale the same as Wii U and that will be lame. Then who’s the Blame?

  4. Show off some of those new IP’s and projects to show how flashy and awesome the new system is and I’ll consider buying one. Honestly, Nintendo’s gotta pull out all the cards this round. I expect big new game’s. Not just the rehashed ones people know are coming.

    Switch on the lights.

    (Light bulb moment)

  5. Well I hope that they open pre-orders up after the January Direct. That would be a good way to know where demand is going to be. Maybe offer a sweet pre’order incentive deal too. That could motivate buyers to jump in early.

  6. I want one.
    Just so I can go up to strangers and say “hey you, wanna play with me? you can use my joy-con.”
    Though I’m gonna sue Nintendo the first time I get maced.

  7. If Switch releases in the middle of March, I hope there is enough time between the full reveal in January & til the release to actually increase the number of Switch’s releasing from 2m to at least 7m. If Switch takes off like Wii, 10m the first month of release would be a nice sweet spot.

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