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Eurogamer Says Nintendo Will End Wii U Production This Friday

It seems as though Wii U production is being ended this week due to sluggish sales of the platform. Eurogamer has heard from its sources that the Kyoto based company will end Wii U production this Friday, which is saddening to hear. Nintendo had shipped 13.36 million Wii U consoles as of September 30th. For comparisons sake the GameCube sold 21 million, Nintendo 64 sold 32 million and the Wii sold 101 million.


Thanks MasterPikachu6 for the tip!


107 thoughts on “Eurogamer Says Nintendo Will End Wii U Production This Friday”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Old news, these creatures are becoming the next Xbot Creature of which its name shall not be uttered anymore…||

    1. I doubt it. In the end it’s still a mass produced console with more than 10 million units floating around. Not to mention the piles of used consoles that gamestops have in their storage rooms. If anything it’s going to gradually drop in price like the gamecube.

      1. I’ve seen a few gcn sittin in pawn shops for like $40. And for some reason I feel like its still too expensive lol. Mainly because a Wii goes for like $20 and it plays both, wii and gamecube games.

        1. I used to work at a used game store, and Gamecubes were the hardest sell, for that reason, a Wii would do pretty much everything it did and was a better purchase. I would usually price Gamecubes for about $20 and it was still hard to push.

          1. Yeah I believe it, I only ever bought a gamecube (after I sold mine that I got at launch) because I missed the little handle lol. Plus the little cube was just adorable and it looked good next to my other consoles.

            1. I got a GameCube twice. It was my first Nintendo console and it is my favorite. Lots of good memories on that little thing. If the Nintendo Switch can successfully manage to get decent third party support, it will almost certainly replace the GameCube as my favorite. I definitely like that it can be taken anywhere. Although, I probably will not take it everywhere all the time though. And I assume a lot of people will also leave it in the dock and just use it normally. Which is why it’s important for it to still actually get supported with both big AAA third party games and Nintendo exclusives. I’d hate for a console with this much potential to go to waste and end up like the Wii U.

      2. Yeah, the console itself will be cheap. You’ll see a spike in price before it settles down since the initial news will drive demand from “collectors” (not the hardcore ones). The Saturn is still REALLY easy to get a hold of. Of course, the problem with the Saturn is that its best games are truly freakin’ rare. I could sell my collection of about 11-12 games for roughly $2,000 if I wanted to, highlighted, of course, by the ever-rising cost of Panzer Dragoon Saga. Wii U games might be expensive in the future, but the console will be cheap.

    1. more like “Sure! I love the Wii!”
      “no, I said the Wii U”
      “oh… wasn’t that the portable addition to the Wii?”
      *kills self*

        1. Even Nintendo has low expectations. 2 million units by the end of March? The PS4 sold over 10 million in a day.


              1. *sigh* I remember the days when I pretended to go Super Saiyan and had fun doing it. I think I was like 14 or 15. :o Maybe I was 13? Whatever the case, it was a long time ago since I can’t recall the actual age. lol

                1. AND YOU’RE FORGETTING SOMETHING, Nintendo’s got their own game up to bat with the third parties the Switch will be bringing. THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD! With that, plus third parties and possibly a Mario Kart 8 port, YOU’LL BE EATING YOUR WORDS, YOU UGLY LITTLE FREAK!

                      1. Either I’m hallucinating or you’re lacking intelligence because I could’ve sworn we were talking about Nintendo. I don’t care for Xbix, but at least they know how to make a controller unlike Nintendo. You peons will never understand my ideals.

              1. Key word: hype

                How long will the hype last? No long I’ll tell you that because they plan on not saying any more about the Switch until January. The Switch may sell a ton of units during its launch, but what about after that?

                1. Still sells, idiot. As it’ll get it’s own, lone Zelda game, down the road of the Switch’s lifespan. So, Breath of the Wild isn’t the only Zelda, idiot. Plus, Sakurai would obviously make a new Super Smash Bros. for it too. SO GO AWAY! Now then, with Mario Kart 8, anew Mario game, Breath of the Wild, and a new Splatoon? THE SWITCH WILL HAVE SOME HEAVY HITTERS! LOUSY EXCUSE FOR A GAMER!

                      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                        ||I see you hate the Xbox, good, I need more warriors against the abominations…||

                      2. That Anubis cocksucker is talking about the Switch possibly having rehashes but he loves the PS4…..the system that damn near had every PS3 exclusive on it REHASHED….smh lol. I swear his trolling techniques are beyond atrocious

                        1. I’m not defending anyone, but every console has a certain amount of rehash. When rehash becomesyour primary source of games, and it’s all you get, it becomes a problem. I don’t own a PS4, but I’m guessing along with its rehash, it’s getting a lot of 3rd party support.

                          Switch needs that, or all the Mario, Kirby, Yoshi and DK won’t be able to save it. Not unless the start making software we give a shit about.

                          Now, I’m somewhat hopeful, and I’m looking for reasons to believe in the switch, but I’m not a blind fanboy anymore, and they will have to show me something to get excited about. They are off to a good start., but they need to keep it up.

                          1. I agree. I’m also hopeful that the Switch will succeed even though I’m keeping my expectations in check but some of my faith is restored because now Nintendo’s home console and handheld software development divisions can now focus on one device meaning there’s gonna be a constant flow of 1st party and 2nd party titles plus a lot of the Japanese 3rd party publishers/developers who was only making games for the 3DS will certainly be making games for the Switch. If Nintendo can court more western 3rd party publishers/developers to make games for the Switch but also keep the current ones they already have on board to makes games for it on a consistent basis, I can definitely see this thing being a huge phenomenon. Only time will tell

        2. “due to sluggish sales of the platform”

          Also due to Nintendo doing their level best to kill their own console. I’ve never seen a gaming company (or any company for that matter) do so much to sabotage their own product. It’s shameful, craven, and should leave a bad taste in all Wii U owners’ mouth. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun with it, but there could have been so much more.

          I’ve got BotW coming for my Wii U as well as a slew of Wii U VC games to get. After that, I’m not positive I’ll be buying any more Nintendo products. I’m skeptical of the Switch, Nintendo’s ability to stand by it, and third parties’ willingness to support a Nintendo console.

          1. I agree but they really had no choice. The Wii U was failing so at whatever point they decided to shift to their next console to make sure it wouldn’t be another failure. We’ll see in January what games are coming to Switch.

            1. They made a choice to build a machine that wouldn’t hold 3rd party support. And made a choice launch it before they could even make software for it. They really fucked up with the WiiU, as much as I like several of the games on it. Pulling the plug at this point hopefully marks the end of their hubris brought on by the Wii.

              1. That’s true, and Nintendo could have made the best out of a bad situation (price drop like 3DS, subsidize 3rd party ports, etc). Nothing was set in stone after a year. The fact that they stone-cold dropped the Wii U is, in my view, a continuation of hubris, not the end of it. It’s like selling a handheld without a charger. Who does that? How do you get away with it?

                The concept of Switch is also more evidence of hubris. The Switch is, at best, slightly more powerful than the 3 year old XB1.

        3. Nintendo has really backed themselves into a hole with their consoles, let me explain.

          In a decade or so we’ll be expected to pay for wii mote and gamepad add ons to enjoy virtual console on the current hardware.

          Games that require specialized controls are going to become more and more rare.

          Ex. Super Mario Sunshine because of the gamecube triggers.
          Ex. Skyward Sword thanks to the strict motion control gameplay
          Ex. Various DS titles that require you to blow into the mic or close the screens on each other to progress.

          Nintendo needs to get some kind of system down where all previous games/controllers are connectable through some way shape or form (Usb) (bluetooth) it doesn’t matter.

          Let’s face it, Nintendo games do well for nostalgic purposes and if you can’t modernize that element to continue with the growing technological world, they will lose a large portion of their following.

          1. At first glance, I didn’t know what the fuck you were saying, but yeah, you’re right…i think…
            I would love to play my favorite Nintendo games in any Era. That’s why I have bought and kept every Nintendo system. Except my Wii. Thank God I could sell that piece of shit.

            And I wish people would stop bringing up Skyward Sword. I love that game and can’t play it. :/


        4. Dont cry Nintendo Fans just remeber the fun with Wii U we always had. Dont be down, with your face looking toward the ground.

          Yes it is hurtful to see this console go, but at least the games came out even if they arrived slow.

          From Pikmin 3 which was fun to me gsthering red and yellow and watching them follow.

          Splatoon shooter is really nice
          battling players giving me experience and advice.

          From 4 player mode 3D World
          with Mario and his crew beating Bowser in a swirl.
          From a revenge with Boswer to lash
          while he takes his anger out on Super Smash.

          From Neo Geo a game killing germs
          yet stll a lesson to learn, how those graphics functioned off one core something that people often ignore.

          Wii U although sold few, I dug the fun and games I have on que.

          Hopefully the fun wont end with Nintendo Switch as I take it to the airport and play it yes Gruntilda the witch.

          From Breath of Wild to Splatoons and Mario Kart how that sound? While the fans I play agaisnt wont get me too loud.

          RIP to the Wii U excuse me while I leave and get some tissue.

        5. Wiiu will actually now raise in price since the switch is not backwards compatible with pysical wiiu games or wii. Also people are actually trading ps4 and xbines for wiiu consoles because of his games and that is hackeable.

        6. Very sad, but unfortunately a smart move.
          Why continue production for a product that never sells? You’re practically losing money without gaining any, because to this very day more than 50% of the people in this universe still have no idea what a Wii U does or what it even is.
          The Switch looks like it’s going to be a 100x better regardless.
          -New console
          -New name
          -New games
          -New functionalities

          Switch pretty much has everything that the Wii U should have “had” and should have “been”.

          1. “Why continue production for a product that never sells?”

            And why doesn’t/didn’t it sell? Because Nintendo has done about everything in their power to discourage customers from buying it.

            “Switch pretty much has everything that the Wii U should have “had” and should have “been”.”

            Yeah, back in November 2012. March 2017? Not so much. The Switch is going to have a hard time even if Nintendo actually supports this one. Let’s hope they don’t turn their back on it after a year like the Wii U.

            “to this very day more than 50% of the people in this universe still have no idea what a Wii U does or what it even is.”

            Who’s fault is that?

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            1. Not really, I just don’t trust theorists. Unless it’s official it’s no more than Mexicans saying that they are in America “Legally” But in lamemans term’s (COMPLETE BULLSHIT)

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          1. I’ll be so fucking glad when I never have to say that line again! Til then, I’m gonna enjoy every minute of it! :D

            Fawk U, U! xD

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