Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Now Being Advertised In-Stores

Even though the Nintendo Switch just got announced, its release date is right around the corner. EB Games Australia has even started advertising the console in their stores, sticking a poster over some unsold Wii U consoles in the process. Will you be pre-ordering Nintendo’s upcoming system? Tell us below.




      1. Has Sonic in username, tells everybody to “shut up” yep def a 7 year old nothing to see here.

      2. Why are you being so hostile towards some one who is just simply re-stating information from the article that was posted? You are being very rude and you should apologize to Darknova3529.

  1. ||We give you a glimpse of the devastation my race will unleash upon yours…Let this be a warning to the world…And to my Nintendite brethren out there, I say this: no more hiding…No more suffering…You have lived in the shadows in shame and fear for too long…Come out…Join me…Fight together in a swarm of our kind…A new tomorrow, that starts TODAY||

    1. Is this that bogus account again or is this real commander? Something seems a little off here. The wording doesn’t sound quite the same. Or maybe I’m just imagining things.

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    1. I haven’t been able to get a pre-order in Canada as EB games here doesn’t know how many they will be recieving from Nintendo yet and doesn’t know the price yet. I would really like to pre-order it somewhere soon though :)

  2. I’m sorry but this still looks like a “child’s toy” on the shelf. The game console looks like a bitch compared to Xbot and PlayStation.

    You man children should be embarrassed when you go to pick yours up at the store.
    Get ready to hear giggling behind you back.

    Sasori Obinna Mii

    1. …and the PS4/Xbox Ones aren’t toys?!? They’re just under powered gaming pc’s in a plastic shell. There’s nothing special about them at all and you’re not somehow special because you own one. They add absolutely nothing to the experience that you can’t already get and get better on a good gaming computer other than their exclusives, which is why I own them. Outside of that, they’re what parents buy their kids for Christmas…toys.

      Maybe the giggling you’re hearing is about you?!?

    2. Bitch please. This is probably one of the smallest and slickest form factors out. Point, I’ll buy this console because I have the money. I have, and always have, bought all of each generations consoles. Why? Because I have the money. I’ve bought and given away, numerous DS systems to other adults. If this system is good enough I’m buying more than one. One for my home and one for my bitches house. That’s the way a man games. Take your shit somewhere else.

      1. Your delusions of grandeur amuse me..
        I am 100 percent certain I have more assets than you had in the last few years combined so sit down and shut the fuck up child.. This is not a dick measuring contest.. This is about Nintendo and their Far East bullshit traditions of male domination of females and the treating of adults like children..
        They could make a dildo and paint it retro Famicom colors and you man children would play Switch–U sports or Mii Switch with it and not see how ridiculous you looks because it has a shiner red Nintendo sticker on it..


    3. are you on drugs a cuting edge system that does EVERYTHNG looks like a toy and a dualshock with a nighty night blue light and taty looking fusherprice plastic looks cool

      fanboy go away

      1. Why are you always talking about drugs and meth you fucking addict..
        Go drown in your own arm sauce… you know you want some

  3. I look forward to every new console release, but I seem more jazzed about the Switch release as I keep coming up with cool new places that I can take console quality gaming easily. I’ve been known to take my Xbox One to hotels, but this goes way beyond that. My latest idea is taking the Switch with me to Halloween Horror next year for while we’re waiting in those long lines.

  4. I live in Brazil, the pre – orders for Nintendo Switch here are at $895,00 US dolars, please Nintendo come back!!!

  5. Aesthetically, its a good looking machine. Personally I’d like the switch logo to be sized down quite a bit on the hub.
    Regardless, its a day one for me.

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