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Here’s The North American Pokémon Sun And Moon Trailer

The Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer – A World Beyond has aired in North America, and Nintendo has also uploaded a clip of it to their YouTube Channel. The trailer is 30 seconds long, with screens showing Alolan Vulpix and some battle footage. You can check it out below:


  1. Speaking of Pokemon, did anyone else get fucking screwed yesterday out of a Genesect code card because the GameStop they go to got enough stock to only last HALF!?!?!? A!?!?!? FUCKING!?!?!? DAY!?!?!?

    Leave it to GameFucks to eventually botch up something so fucking simple, and fucking cheap, as having plenty of stock of a fucking code card! It seems Pokemon as a whole is the ONLY thing this company has been able to do right! A chance to have every single fucking Pokemon in a gen, both ones in-game & those only released through events, thanks to the release of every mythical Pokemon for one full year and it’s ruined all because of one! And it’s after I dodged a bullet with Volcanion! If I don’t get a Genesect by some fucking miracle before Sun & Moon release, I’m canceling my god damn preorder! I’ll wait til I can get these games used because GameFucks aren’t getting another penny from me EVER again! Hoping for a restock isn’t gonna happen because of the “while supplies last” bullshit! I was worried this would happen eventually with the ones being released at GameStop! *sees nothing but red right now* I also blame The Pokemon Company! I’m not a witch or anything but a fucking curse on them both just the same! I guess I’ll try the GTS on Omega Ruby again & see if I can get lucky & find a Genesect on there for a Pokemon I have and can easily get another one of… If not, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!

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