Video: Jeron Moore – Producer Of The Zelda And Pokémon Concerts Interview

The producer of the Legend of Zelda and Pokémon concerts, Jeron Moore, was recently interviewed by Zelda Informer, covering a wide range of questions asked by fans. In the clip Jeron talks about how certain pieces of music are chosen:

“We have our own favourites and we kind of know what will work for the orchestra and what won’t, and what will lend itself better for it. We also like to get the input from whoever we are working with. We worked very closely with Koji Kondo to establish what really, even through today with Master Quest, still a core part of that show. There is a reason it is still a core part of that show, because it was very carefully designed. The same goes for Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions.”

“Junichi Masuda had a lot of feedback and thought some of our original choices were very interesting and was willing to hear what we wanted to do with it. When he did, he gave us the thumbs up. We try to make it a very collaborative process while also staying true to our passion for bringing to the table, the stage, the orchestra.”

Jeron also talks about his favourite Zelda title, “I have my favourites per console generation but I think I have to put Link to The Past at the very top. Twilight Princess is a close second.”

You can check out the full interview in the clip below:


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