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NES Classic Edition Is Getting A Wireless Controller

One of the most common complaints against the NES Classic Edition is related to the short length of the controller’s cord. Nyko is addressing this concern with its own wireless controller, Miniboss, allowing you to play up to 30 feet away from the console. The manufacturer’s cord-free gamepad can now be pre-ordered for $19.99, ahead of its launch on November 11, which is also when the NES Classic Edition will be available.


28 thoughts on “NES Classic Edition Is Getting A Wireless Controller”

  1. Why oh why can’t anyone invent a controller that bypasses the Wii remote completely and syncs directly with the console? Can’t they just cram some of the guts of the Wiimote in there, so that the console THINKS it’s a Wiimote and just syncs it like one? Sorry, but I don’t like draining two sets of batteries at once for no good reason.

  2. Technology is spelled wrong on the box in English! How embarrassing! They spelled it technolgy! Someone is going to lose their job at nyko for failing to proofread the box 😂

    1. I’ve bought 3 Nyko rechargeable batteries/ charge stations for Wiimotes and I can confirm that they are indeed trash. Also bought a Nyko Wand+ which hardly worked. There’s no way I’m ever giving Nyko a single penny.

  3. I don’t trust NYKO for game controllers anymore. I had a Wiimote by them that worked for like 2 months and then just decided to quit. The batteries still drained inside it though. :/

  4. Ahh another controller whose buttons are designed to cramp your hands. Maybe the b and the a button should line up perfectly with the natyral positon of your thumb?

  5. I’ve got to give them credit for “Getting” the whole retro-nostalgia feel with the design of both the controller and epecially the packaging. It really looks like I could have bought this in 1991.

    … probably feels as awful to use as a 3rd party pad from back then too, so I think I’ll pass though.

    1. They probably just think since the NES Classic is so portable you can just move the console closer and have it not be a problem. No doubt if Nintendo doesn’t make an extension for it, fans and 3rd party creators will.

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  7. I’m seeing a lot of trash talk about Nyko here but lemme tell you:

    The GameCube controller is one of the best controllers ever made, and the Nyko Airflow was absolutely the best GameCube controller ever made. So that means that Nyko is responsible for one of if not the best controllers ever made. Fight me.

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