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Nintendo UK Offers 3DS To First Fan Who Can Track Down Three Pokémon Themed Buses

Pokémon GO looks like it was only the beginning. Nintendo U.K has announced an interesting competition today that will have fans chasing busses around the country. Today has seen Pokémon Sun and Moon advertising appearing on buses across the U.K. However, Nintendo is offering fans a special chance to win a 3DS XL and a copy of the game, if they can photograph all three variations. Each advert showcases a different Alolan form; Raichu, Marowak and Vulpix. Can you find them all?

9 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Offers 3DS To First Fan Who Can Track Down Three Pokémon Themed Buses”

  1. As Quadraxis once said, and Ian McKellan’s Magneto said before him, I’ll let the pawns go first with Sun & Moon. I’ll wait til GameFreak either quits half assing shit by adding the 3D effect to the entire game and adding PokeBank functionality (aka quit being such amateurish developers because there are a bunch of indie developers that could probably do a hell of a lot better than them) or I’ll wait til they release a Mythical Pokemon that I can only get on Sun & Moon. Yeah. The little incident with nearly missing Genesect, Keldeo being a day late to be released over Nintendo Network in America, no 3D functionality in Sun/Moon, nearly missing Volcanion because they released him in the middle of the damn month has set me back a bit with Pokemon, and above all else, wasting my fucking time with a special Pikachu that I can’t even fucking take with me when I leave Omega Ruby behind! A great shame considering mega evolutions got me to come back to Pokemon with X/Y and got me back into liking Pikachu with Cosplay Pikachu & her cute little black heart shaped tail-end of her tail… Oh well. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. Maybe I won’t have to pay as much for my copy of Sun & Moon when I finally do buy a copy of both games.

      1. Not unless he’s one of those fucktarded, cowardly guys that suicide bombs the thing. Then again, he’ll be going to a prison far worse than anything humans could ever create.

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