US: Rhythm Heaven Fever And Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Coming Tomorrow

Thursday is the day when the North American eShop update goes live. We now know two of the games that will be featured in the lineup and they are Rhythm Heaven Fever and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles both for the Wii U Virtual Console. Here’s the description for both titles.

Swarms of undead creatures and mutated terrors rule the streets, pestilent hordes born of Umbrella’s botched biowarfare research. Gather your firepower, choose various routes and pathways, and prepare to face the horror as you uncover the dark truth that could take Umbrella down forever.

Perfect your rhythm with over 50 minigames and remixes in this quirky, charming rhythm game. Catchy music and crazy scenarios will teach players to feel the beat. It’s easy to learn, tough to master…but aim for accurate performances, as players will be rewarded with medals and bonus content.

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  1. A shame the HD releases of the Resident Evil games didn’t come with the new story events that were exclusive to the Umbrella & Darkside Chronicles games. It would have been fun to play an extended version of Wesker escaping the Spencer Mansion and even taking on the Russian sector of Umbrella & an extended version of Leon & Krauser’s mission that took place before the events of Resident Evil 4. Oh well. Maybe they’ll devote a future Resident Evil game entirely to those events some day.

  2. I had idea I bring a good chime to the Nintendo fans with these rhymes.

    Because they seem to like my games, I got to apporach better and not be so lame.

    Now hurry up Sicar and unveil this Switch, Im, tired of waiting like an old grumpy witch.
    Seems though we have to wait for Nintendo’s pitch
    in order to find out what the hell inside makes it tick.

    Is it weaker than the Xbox 1 or more powerful than what has begun.
    Only Nintendo knows how this thing works,
    while Grunty and the rest just reads Emily’s rumored comments while the Microsoft fans perk.

    Can Nintendo really sell this like the Wii,
    Or will it be another fail and they go pee.
    This I gotta see.

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